Mythical Kozma

Typically, when it comes to simulation, people are guided by the statement of Erasmus: "… every nature odious fake, and best of all is that which is not distorted by either science or art …." Well, with great philosopher, is certainly worth to agree. But these days are not uncommon situation where the use is up, formal imitation of "nature" becomes the only possible solution to an extraordinary problem. Particularly common with those faced by people of creative professions – architects and designers. And it allows them to create a simulated real masterpieces, especially since some of them are very ancient history … "I like a wallpaper …" Mythical Kozma bars, the author of the line was saved thanks to a good, though grammatically incorrect, pun intended. Nevertheless, the wallpaper on which our hero gazing at the beginning of XIX century, in fact, could be a designer "Highlight" of the premises. And just because of what is …

an imitation! Indeed, despite the fact that, formally, the first paper wallpaper appeared in China has for two centuries BC, the triumphal procession, they started only the Enlightenment in Europe. And precisely because it allowed high quality and relatively inexpensive to imitate the expensive and rare fabrics (silk and gobelin). The fact that in the XVII century, learned at an industrial scale to do so called "fake silk. In fact, it was the composition of sub-standard silk thread, "artistic" pasted on primed paper. The quality of simulation was very high: it is enough to say that such Wallpapers were decorated with the Louvre and the palace of Cardinal de Richelieu.

Regaining The Authority Over Our Children

When I speak of authority, I do not mean screams or blows given to the children of unfairly, but the way to lead our children based on rules and limits in house. I think that children must have rules and boundaries from home. When the parents do not put rules at home there are problems with the children in every place where they are going. One of the problems is in the school, already that if children don’t obey rules from home because you don’t have them, nor follow them where if there are. Then if children do not obey their parents, they do not obey teachers. Hence the importance of recovering the authority and good governance than on our children we must have. From the moment that a child does not have buckled the laces of your shoes, because he doesn’t want to, from there who already exercises control and decisions is the child, thing that we must not allow him.

Our children of 7 and 8 years old can now capture the rules and go putting them for work. The problem is that if we as adults and parents not saw in our House rules at home, hardly We can put them in the new home. There must be reasonable rules, from the moment we say that they must not leave terrain since they are exposed to the danger of an accident or be abducted by some unknown. Another rule could be that they should not ride with strangers, and this to avoid an accident. The rule of homework before going to play it is very important that the child knows, since doing so backwards might already not to do it because you will be tired.

Authority is put rules and limits to the kids because we love them and we want to protect them from all dangers. The authority is not to harm them or hurt them, on the contrary, the authority is for sheltering them and keep them safe and healthy. You can that anyone thinks that you have authority over their children because you can do with them what you want, this is not authority. Life in the home with children is not so easy, because many of us had perhaps not a model to see how ruled or because we never went to a school for parents, which if there are today. Driving to our children in the right direction, has to do with the agreement between the couple. To agree on the rules that should be placed is essential and I think I is the key to success for a home with authority. When we do our home have authority then feels warm, there is a beautiful, harmonious atmosphere. Life is different for our kids and they lead you safely, wherever they want to go. I hope that this comment will serve to implement it now in your home and your children feel burdened by these rules but that somehow know them that, although they do not like is for the sake of them. By Profe. Ramiro Ruiz Rojas P.D. If you want more articles like this: subscribe free to primary teacher by Email the original author and source of the article.


A person cannot directly choose their circumstances, but if you can choose your thoughts and indirectly and with security – give way to their circumstances. James Allen generalities, basic background and opinions. Management and the Department of human resources of any company should not ever neglect which represents active maintain motivation inside workers, which should be very taken intoaccount and use appropriate incentives, which favour not only ensure an organizational behavior conducive to the achievement of its objectives, but that guarantees an organizational climate conducive to productivity and competitiveness of the company on the stage where acts. Author may not feel the same. In the specific case of the Venezuelan business sector, we believe that this has been very careless and we have seen them, not only in our research on this topic related, determining that workers are both identified with its functions, performance, commitment and above all, with the leadership that guides them. Unfortunately, are many companies, especially manifested a discontent in this regard, listed several factors which are neglected, for example: ill-defined functions, performance, often requires more than what the charge should cover, lack of integration of computers, participatory, democratic leadership, motivation, charisma, many times, misunderstanding, poor treatment, absence of discipline, adding that the company’s objectives not well established, many of them emerged from the improvisation that is very common in our business environment, which leaves much to be said, all this by the lack of a leadership that is fully identified with the relevance and scope of the administrative systems required today, with new approaches that have emerged from the modern managerial actions. Add to this absence of the Department of human resources and the same management of performance recognition, your needs, training, development, little participation in the intakes of decisions that favor changes and help to meet the challenges arising from external variables, especially those coming from the State with his actions that lead to generate stress in relation to employment, unemployment and by supuestoa the low wages that will reward them their work, considering the high cost of living that has affected the quality of life of the worker.


January 26, 2009.-According to data from the Master-D group leader training company opened in Spain, the percentage of Spanish interested in courses to prepare for oppositions has increased 14 percent in the last year. Of them, 59% are women versus 41% of men, and of the total, 26% have university studies, mostly aged between 25 and 30 years. Some contend that Ultra Wellness Center shows great expertise in this. We believe that this increase is mainly due to the economic situation being experienced by the country since the population seeks more than ever security in employment and labour comfort says Raul Gonzalez Tristan, responsible for the teaching team of the company. In fact, a very high percentage of people who are preparing exams with us or are interested in courses, not currently works. The most popular preparation in 2008 and whose demand is expected to continue to grow this year is to work as administrative assistant, personnel offices or bodies and security forces of the State.

In provinces like Burgos and La Rioja or Zaragoza, demand has risen over 20%. For example: Madrid has more than 5,000 opponents preparing Master-D, where you stand concerning the State security forces and bodies oppositions and oppositions convened by local administrations and automicas. Is expected that this year the demands of 2009, be overcome though this will much depend on how the economic situation evolves, but if the situation is prolonged in time forecasts determine an increase of 20 per cent of the requests for information to prepare for oppositions, says Raul Gonzalez. On the other hand, has been a significant decrease in the demand for preparation for exams to library and information services staff. Distance learning offering Master-D becomes a serious alternative to the employment situation of many Spaniards, promoted by the State of crisis that affects the global society. Original author and source of the article.

Underdevelopment As A Way Of Thinking .

"Adversity has the effect of awakening the talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have remained asleep." (Horace) Adversity has many other effects, as well as mentioned in the previous sentence. It is precisely the purpose of some of those circumstances Adverse life, which is not much here going into detail, who made one of the authors will meet with the disappointing message on your TV: it had suspended the satellite television service for nonpayment. This, after a grueling week of work in which, among other things, lie on the couch or bed to watch on TV any program or movie is now one of the most common and precious break. Surprisingly, it turned out that some channels were not blocked and continue getting something like a kind of comfort and / or punishment, penance for not complying with the obligations. Bernie Sanders wanted to know more. One of these channels was the channel of the congress, showing that, in addition to the "reality shows" of meetings parliamentary debate interesting tables and appearances by officials before various commissions. Maybe it was a lucky weekend in which, to be no session in the chambers, were dedicated to the repetitions of the most outstanding events in the week. It is precisely the combination of three programs broadcast in the "illustrator" weekend, obtained the reflections of this article: 1) The Director of PEMEX's appearance before the commission investigating the alleged illicit enrichment of former President Vicente Fox, 2) report by the representative of the Federal Superior Audit on programs and related public entities Social Development and 3) the summary of discussions related to energy reform, particularly related to the fiscal regime for PEMEX and destination oil revenues. .

European Constitution

Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence clear protective measures for victims and the implications for the sons and daughters of the IOOC, but in the education sector falls a bit short. It must explain how you are dealing with violence in the curriculum, training and planning preventive measures. It must address this issue in the development of the Education Act. There is no doubt that gender violence is related to sexism and that the family is an axis of learning these sexist attitudes that lead to violence. Martin O’Malley: the source for more info. We can not ignore this issue and consider it as something that affects us, or perform specific actions on specific days, or one hour of tutoring. Others including Former Maryland Governor, offer their opinions as well. We need to create comprehensive programs that analyze the sexism in society to sensitize the education community from human rights and advance the culture of peace. Analyzing Women’s Rights in the European Constitution, there is a rejection of the mainstreaming of gender in her and a perpetuation of the dominant ideas. Equal To educate you must know the prior beliefs of the concept that students have on the Equality of Men and Women, and from these ideas taken to establish programs that strengthen and ensure the positive ideas, or move, demolish, or replace preconceived ideas about inequality among both genders.

All current methodology is based on understanding the situation of students in the previous ideas were offered, and on them, work programmed knowledge. To work on attitudes and behavior, enhance the values is essential to know whether the students of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, has gender stereotypes, what kind and brings ideas, and now there is no job that we ensure these ideas. Only by knowing what they think, what they believe, and how they work, it may provide an explicit curriculum, to eliminate existing discrimination. When compulsory education to age 16, all citizens and all citizens of Spain have a temporary space for purchasing this concept and change the current social discrimination. The fact of the compulsory education until the age of 16 years, leaves the privileged school for training in gender sensitivity to all people of the country, and teach much desired equality between the sexes.

The enhance gender equality, avoid many situations of gender violence and deaths. Many situations of domestic violence are rooted in viewing women as property of men, almost no rights. And this happens not only in economically depressed areas or culturally, but in all environments, because the ideas of patriarchal society and androgen has made no distinction of classes.

The The

At the online video stores you can either by post send to his films or directly online stream. The The current online video stores pay structure is not optimal, so that this form of distribution is not yet used by a too large group of people. But also here it is likely that the offerings are better in the coming years and migrate more and more customers from the load video stores to the online video stores. Who has interest in the current offerings of online video stores, here is a good comparison of services and fee structures. In particular the distribution of offers in the flat rate and pay-per-view is currently often still less than optimal.

Pay as another nail in the coffin for the video stores the video stores are under enormous pressure. As with the offers of pay TV, it goes on. Here you can be just a few months after appearing in the movie home movies. Or to buy them from the provider. This means that you must never leave the House to see a movie. The video store gets more and more competitive. Competition, against which they are powerless. Because even if the rental fee at 1 euro – or even below – and many video stores already only by the sale of films live, you will close soon the last video stores. Who 15 years ago still in the library went and -forward on the latest blockbusters and which has annoyed again, because all 20 VHS were given cassettes, knows what it means on the weekend to watch a movie with friends. Today, however, have degenerated films to the mass – and the business with the video stores to outdated tradition that probably won’t survive the next few years.

Photoshop Business

And without any problems, and at a higher price, because he used to simply bulk for next to nothing honey handed. Here's a cautionary tale here about how it is sometimes useful around sometimes look around in search of profitable ideas. But let's move on to the main topic of this article. Namely, the generation of business ideas. I shall warn those who are too accustomed to over the period of Soviet power to the ball that finished business plans to give you will not, I can not even get offended and do not try to manipulate me in such a way. I give only as much information as necessary to ensure that you have brains slightly stirred. And then really you yourself somehow.

Can say so. I give you a fishing rod to catch fish, you were always well fed, but not the actual fish. Idea of how to easily create their favorite thing, if you're good to write poetry (and prose can be) and you know how little work in Photoshop, I told already in the article "How to create your own business without the risk and costly." I will not repeat, you can yourself find this information. Another working idea is to help novice motorists in choosing the right car selection of the best insurance, and others associated with the purchase and maintenance of vehicle services. This idea is described in detail in the article "How do I earn $ 5000 for his talents." With this article I have linked an interesting story.

Quality Music

Music now expands at the same time that the world is globalizing. Extends in all directions, in forms, in length. It reaches unimaginable levels, concepts are changed, they mutate, and they grow in meanings. Perhaps all this makes the music meets its purposes princiapales. Is which the essential objective of the music? When we become that question for the first time, we’ll realize that we are lost. Why we call classics to previous topics that were not forgotten? Because an era, they classified because they fulfilled their purpose in the story or by the two.

When we we have as many questions as we can now, then reaffirm that we are lost indeed. Because in reality we know that we are not sure to where goes the music, if it is an art, a weapon, a tool, and when you lose your name. It is then time to review concepts and redesign the music of the future. There is a phrase that says: all music is already invented. That is why it will be that now man the ingenia is less to develop something of quality. If we start to think about the amount of notes, stamps, words that generate infinite combinations of possibilities we desmentiriamos.

The real problem is that the world increasingly more globalized subjected people to some parameters more static behavior, an attitude more selfish and self-centered and for this purpose: relies on the power of attraction and conviction who have money and material comforts. Then is when justify our lack of enthusiasm and effort to the environment that affects us: commercial music, stations and the people who buy the CDs. If we want to do a quality music, we have to leave the House, see world, interpret what nature tells us, studying the cultures of different regions and retroalimentarnos of the music of the past. Because no matter how many times we lose but many times we find the direction and if we know where we come from we will know where we are going.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon

Cancun will fail if these countries are not committed to deep reductions in national without compensation and the provision of adequate public funding that excludes the World Bank. Friends of the Earth International also requests that you unintentionally available to countries in developing public funds to grow in a sustainable way and adapt to the effects of climate change that are already hurting livelihoods and families in developing countries. The International Federation requests that this money comes from public sources, not carbon markets. Friends of the Earth International believes that, due to the fact that the price of carbon is essentially unpredictable, this approach would not provide needed reliable funds to developing countries. Similarly, carbon trading also helps to reduce emissions., reports that television network Telesur needs to try that until 10 December coming, delegations from 94 countries to reach agreements on reforestation, adaptation, financing and technology transfer, something considered quite possible, reports the AIN. Although ruled out in advance the possibility of achieving a binding agreement on emissions of harmful gases, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, showed optimism to make that appointment they turnover decisions unprecedented, multinational television network reported. The previous Summit (COP 15) in Copenhagen, Denmark, culminated in failure to not be a binding global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG Venezuela bet on finding initiatives so that global warming doesn’t 1.5 degrees in the next 10 years, according to Alejandro Hitcher, holder for the environment it should be noted, that the Summit takes place when expected to increase carbon emissions after the end of the recession, and analyses show that the promises are not enough to keep the increase in average global temperature within the limits of what the majority of Nations say wanting to. Original author and source of the article.