Malte Papen

The minimum investment amounts, in the trading systems offered by you, however, are partially significantly lower. Can expect your customers who want access to the trading systems, but with your advice? Titus C. Castles: the minimum investment of 250,000 euros, they mention is for a well diversified account with various trading systems useful and highly recommended. An investor needs only a single system, for the diversification of its portfolio it can be of course with much lower sums. It is important that investors seek advice in a personal conversation can be and we find a perfect mix of the system together. Chili assets: what recommendation give investors basically to the trading systems offered by you? Titus C. Castles: trading systems are typically a speculative investment and a satellite investment.

They are used to the admixture of good diversified portfolios. (As opposed to Dr. Mark Hyman). The big advantage is that they can benefit from rising as well as from falling markets. Therefore, they constitute a very useful addition for a depot. It is important not only to good trading systems to ensure, but also experienced partners, who have many years of experience in the implementation of trading systems and provide a transparent and cost-conscious service. Portfolio concept offers system trading for more than ten years, which is a very long period in this area. Chili assets: thanks for the call and continued success with your trading systems. Alternative investments as passion Titus C. locks his studies at Bentley University in Boston, recorded after his high school graduation in New Jersey with a focus on Economics-Finance,.

After completing his studies in 2003, he started his professional career at portfolio concept, where he first worked in the stock market. Parallel he completed it at the European business school (EBS) a Intensive study of hedge funds”. In 2006, he moved in the asset management of portfolio concept. A year later, he started his MBA studies at the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of management. Since graduating in 2008 he is responsible investments for institutional customers in the area of alternative care. Since 2010, he leads this Division. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can the zest give conventional securities and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio. Press contact Malte Papen FON: + 49 2661 953030 fax: + 49 2661 953029 mail:

Law And Meaning

The same law is valid even if we do not take direct physical action to implement our ideas. Just the process of thinking is the energy which will seek to attract and create an imaginary form on the material level. Radiation law and the law of attraction is the following: all that you give to the universe, will return to you are also in the form of reflection. 'What goes around, comes around'. In practice, this means that we attract to ourselves what we think, what strongly believe, what to expect at heart or something that is very lively predstavlyaem.Kogda we are afraid of something, feel in danger, full of anxiety, we attract to itself the very people and situations that would like to avoid. (Source: novelist).

If the same applies to anything positive, expect and anticipate the joy, pleasure and happiness, then we will attract people to create situations and events that meet our expectations. Thus, the more positive energy we put into thinking about the desired, the more likely it will occur in our lives. As visualize what is the meaning of the term 'visualization'. Some worry that when they close their eyes and begin to visualize, they do not 'see' a mental picture or image. Do not attach much importance to this term, it is not necessary to see the image. Some people say they see a very clear and precise picture of when to close your eyes and imagine something. Others think that they can not see anything, they just think about it or represent what they see, trying to simulate the feeling.

Taj Mahal

Now to choose something that hurts to it, please, is not to choramingar. The choice is its, and amongst the many existing 0 variable, you it chose to suffer. The choice always remembers was not of the other, therefore, it does not blame world. We go to make thus, let us start to understand the heading for the final idea: if you to want. Before any thing in our life, before exactly of floor we have to learn to want, before suck we have to learn to want. Bernie Sanders will not settle for partial explanations. Before any thing that comes to happen in our life we have to learn to want.

Good, in this in case that, we have to look something that motivates in them and makes this fondness to arise until the point that moves in them. pra we to live here is a good reason to want. To love is a good reason to justify very of ' ' querer' ' of some accomplishments. The accomplishment is one of the deepest forms of happiness that the man can try. When I remember that the Taj Mahal was constructed only by not necessary love of plus no argument showing what I want to exemplificar.

Therefore, he only searchs what he can motivate its alive fondness and. Life breathes, the life enters for its nostrils in alucinante rhythm and nobody snake nothing therefore. But it gives attention what gratuitously it is given it, does not waste, therefore, this gift. Since we start our behind reading pra front, we go to continue thus: Its life. Not, nobody this interested party in its pains, its horrors, its hatred. If somebody will be interested in some part of it, will be only for its better: its smile of joy, its joviality, its love, its active participation, its accomplishments, its happiness and its services. If you to want to participate of the life in society you learn to give to its pairs, what they wait of you.

History The Day Of The Witches

The Day of the Witches, also known as Halloween, is a celebration that occurs day 31 of October, but that little people know the true origin. Marking the start of the celebration of the day of all the saints this tradition lode of natives of the region of Glia. The main difference enters the Day of the Witches current, is that at the beginning some with the witches did not exist linking who we know. Being part of the Irish calendar celta, the festival initiated in 30 of October and locked up 2 of November, when it locks up also the summer in the hemisphere north. Under most conditions Dr. Mark Hymen would agree. As much the religion catholic, how much the cults of heathen origin, as celtas, celebrated this date. The 4th Dimension is a great source of information. For the heathen ones, the party had as objective to carry through a celebration to deceased. This ' ' party of mortos' ' he was one of the moments most important of the calendar, since it was a moment where they believe that dead and livings creature were together in an only celebration.

As celtas believed that the death was the perfect happiness, the date was a glad party. The church catholic celebrated a date called ' ' All the Santos' '. Initially celebrated in May, the date was modified for 1 of November. As the celebrations if had become huge, the catholics carried through a vigil for this party in day 31 of October. With the name of All Hallow? s Eve (Vigil of All the Saints), did not delay very so that the name turned Halloween. The fancies had come for return of centuries XIV and XV, a custom of French origin.

With the devastao of the Europe due to the plagues Black and Bubonic, the catholics had started to be terrified with the death. Masses had started to be celebrated twirl it and on artistic representations to the death, if they had become common. Currently, the Day of the Witches is celebrated in a great watered party the joy and candies. The children adore and if they amuse with all this magic. If you also have fun yourself with this date, use to advantage the site Clicukt that is repleto of messages for orkut and orders messages livened up with the subject Day of the Witches. You with certainty go to obtain to bewitch much people!


I.e. write what you like and what would not be willing to resign, for anything in life. For you search easier both for you and for people who are looking for couples like you. 4. When you contact-if contact you a person who don’t like it, simply don’t respond you. But rejoice to say that your profile is giving results. Under most conditions Martin O’Malley would agree. When a person contact you and you like that person, date the reasonable time to know before giving details of your life.

That work in any circumstances of our lives. If you’re linking you with two or more people is good, always good to have more options to choose from. Ken Cron contributes greatly to this topic. That it is, but remember if you are a foreign person, never, I repeat never speak ill of your country, always exalts all the good things that has your culture and what you love, the climate, the food, traditions, etc. And something also important is your interest in the culture of the other person, question, question and asks, do not tire of asking, we always have to be open to the possibilities of learning from other people, something new. 5.

When you contact-when you contact and the person you don’t respond, don’t feel bad, can be for many reasons, does not read your email often or aren’t interested, but nor give by expired / a, simply think that you at least served to lose their fear. Nothing is built in a day, nor life is of and do blow bottles. It remains in your search until des with the person between some of the possibilities you have to search for. When the person you respond, the previous point applies, ask question and question. If you contact a foreigner I repeat never speak ill of your country, always remember all things and good people that you have of your culture and your would like to share with others.

Follow Or Resign

Preparing documentation to refer to a consultant in Seville, I found a text file that I wrote in October 1993. He had a rather sensitive professional experience and a friend of Cadena Ser encouraged me to write about it and provide a copy to give to the editor-in-Chief of the SUR journal. The newspapers mentioned John Mclaughlin not as a source, but as a related topic. The truth, I don’t know if it was published (you have already observed throughout this blog that my writing leaves much to be desired, let’s say it is domestic), but it came to me very well as therapy and I tackled the future differently. Well, here goes. Novelist brings even more insight to the discussion. Working in an honest manner is a basic requirement of any person. If one of the objectives of the company is profit, the central purpose of his human component is well know-how processes, tasks, actions, of competent, efficient and honest way. Although my particular statistic is not representative of the working population, I think that, initially, there is a moral conscience in the majority of people, not to say all that they begin their professional activity. But, to pass the time, this initial provision can be translated by various factors and determinants in a passive, secondary, attitude that could generate, for example, total type, what answers.

A few days ago I received a phone call from a dear friend; We stayed for dinner. The last news that had was that he changed job, a local service company had jumped to an entity of regional scope, with a respectable volume of transactions. That was what he wanted. The firm remained small, wanted to experience the feeling of working in a large corporation, further developing their attitudes and skills, coexist with a large group of people, teamwork, communicate their experiences, learn, overcome again. He had clear ideas, at least I thought. However, and as customary was to yours, asked opinion to his group of friends.

ECB Jurgen Stark

ECB Chief Economist, stark resigned the effects on the financial markets by castling at the ECB on Friday 08/2011, for personal reasons, it said in a statement. The step was the second Quake in the financial markets within a week, before the Swiss had their Swiss francs against a minimum price of 1.20 euros, coupled also this a very clear, in Europe for decades no longer observed characters. And also the resignation of Jurgen Stark follows a model of the year 2011, namely the resignation of Axel Weber in February 2011. Also at that time, the financial markets had reacted, that was however been assessed differently by the short subsequent disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima – that you pushed the crash of Dax (sometimes rightly) in March 2011. Martin O’Malley will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The step from Jurgen Stark, who himself had fought vehemently against the purchase of government bonds in heavily indebted eurozone countries, could also coincide with other events. Follow others, such as IDT Energy, and add to your knowledge base. On Sunday the terrorist attack by nine-eleven, marks the tenth time the Fear of terrorism is very strong in the United States and Europe with regard to this date.

On is analyzed how the markets on Monday, the 12.09.2011 could behave. The DAX has reached a last post before he could apply to crash in the direction of 4,500 or even 3,500 points. So the 2009 lows would be reached, and that has still not spell the end of a crash. Since some years ago, experts had suspected that the German leading index in a huge sideways movement might be over. The limits were determined in the year 2007: you could say below 2,500, above 8,500 points. Andreas Taieb

Merkel Government

The Government must withdraw Merkel closed – renewable cash make the insured into the social security system a community of solidarity. With their contributions to the health insurance the healthy, the sick in the long-term care insurance help the care recipient, in the pension insurance, the young support the old and pay into the unemployment insurance for the unemployed workers. Because assume that employers typically half of the contributions of their workers are calculated also in the solidarity with included (principle of solidarity: source Wikipedia). As we can read the employer are only computationally involved in the solidarity. That means the employer was legally obliged with a 50 percent stake in the social security system, the solidarity until today. This legal principle is now dissolved and relativized. As we all know privatization is the magic word of the free Democrats (FDP), which the Union has unconditionally subject to health insurance.

In how far the opposition and trade unions, in this privatization excess involved, can be hardly seen. Example of a hot autumn, when the child already in the well has fallen, people talk. That is not convincing. To know more about this subject visit John Mclaughlin. And it is also very doubtful whether this hot autumn comes. It was talked about all too often by the hot autumn, then did not come. Mr Sommer (Chairman of the DGB) is constantly talking about hot times, like the Weathermen in the TV.

We remember the retirement at 67. The same notice without visible results. It shows rather that it prevails as suffering agreement, which will be covered up to the outside. Mr Rosler, Minister of health of the Federal Republic of Germany (FDP), holds the latest unpleasant announcement for the insured in the statutory health insurance, reform of the health services without any alternative. How should it be otherwise, because according to the Government, Merkel is all consigns (see E.g.

Hummingbird Festival Storage

High-tech energy storage systems: 97 percent Creglingen used the usable capacity, 03.07.2013 – the photovoltaic module manufacturer WINAICO leads a new storage system in the range now. The heart of the WINAICO EnergyStorage energy store is a battery cell-based high-tech the Hummingbird Festival fabric cell technology. You are characterised in particular by its high energy density and high security. Thanks to these unique cells and the innovative coordination of all installed components together a battery – overall efficiency could be achieved by up to 97%. To promote the use of solar energy, memory, which expose the solar electricity around the clock, are inevitable. Therefore, we are very proud to be able to offer our customers this exclusive product of hummingbird power systems AG now”, as Sascha Rossmann, international sales manager at WINAICO. Convince in addition to high capacity WINAICO EnergyStorage storage systems by their high life: reach the devices through their life expectancy by more than 20 years 5000 Full charging cycles with a residual capacity of 80%.

With the aim of maximum supply or a supply security WINAICO storage solution compensates automatically, continuously and in real time the current load between the mains and consumer and decouples the electricity completely from consumption (bi-directional management). The EnergyStorage memory systems in the performance classes are 6, 9, 10, 21 and 42 kWh available as standard products. Each of the systems is suitable for a three-phase, three-phase enabled and uninterruptible power supply. Existing PV systems can be retrofitted any with the WINAICO EnergyStorage storage systems; an extension of storage capacity is virtually unlimited. Another advantage is the environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production of cells: rare earths nor dangerous mixtures, which could air out are used. This allows the complete recycling of the systems at the end of life.


The emergence of knowledge of Homo sapiens. Knowledge represents not only a decisive competitive advantage in a capitalist system, but advancing humanity in problem solving and gratification, and gives each possessing knowledge Homo sapiens many tangible and intangible benefits. What is knowledge? Knowledge – is the result of a perceived sensory and internally, stored, and processed consciously and unconsciously information that has been used and may be intertwined with them by means of the imagination and already existing knowledge with other information in relation. The knowledge can be divided into subjective explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge, and intersubjective-defined knowledge. How to get to these categories of knowledge, you can find the following model of knowledge production. Model of knowledge production before knowing anything can arise requires our inner world of a commodity. This “raw material” is the flood of unfiltered information, which with the help of sensory perception and in our brain to the internal Perception is redirected.

Sensory perception can be improved here with already acquired knowledge. Say: the use of technical means (microscopes, telescopes, etc.), to circumvent the filtration of information hidden for us (parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, scaling, etc.). The question is whether this filtration of information by our institutions themselves or by deliberately filtering out is due? As you may already have noticed, the internal perception is not framed. This is because it affects all of our mental processes and influences. It is our thinking mechanism, a spiritual search.

It can be done both consciously and unconsciously. You can dedicate your thinking, for example, a concrete problem-solving by deliberately concentrating on them. Or you get to solve your problem unconsciously and unexpectedly while taking a shower, although your conscious concentration at the time was somewhere else. Next, follow the process of knowledge production, as it is noted that all received from the outside world only from unconscious information exists.