Stiftung Warentest

This is hardly surprising, make far more than 2,000 but the complexity Tariff combinations of insurance an almost impenetrable contribution and performance thicket. For more information see this site: Bernie Sanders. Stiftung Warentest published the results of the private health insurance comparison 2012 in the in-house magazine of financial test. This appears now for over 20 years. It is published monthly with an average sold circulation almost a quarter of a million copies. Over 200,000 of them are delivered to subscribers and sold far beyond 40,000 for 4.50 on newsstands. Stiftung Warentest chooses a new private health insurance test winner, this is not only in the financial and insurance world strong attention, but is considered as a reference value by consumers and insurance brokers. Especially in the area of private health insurance (PKV), dealing with the serious issue of health and in which the power quality for the uninitiated is almost impenetrable, that considered to be the expert and objective test result of the Stiftung Warentest important indication as to the price / performance ratio of individual policies.

The insured person can so an analysiertes sound and expect carefully prepared test result. The annual winner is determined according to criteria is in line with the interests of consumers. An important indication arises, what society with solid performances as well as low rates can come up. Of course, the results are only partially included in press releases and media reports. Who attaches importance to details, must buy the test booklet – or work allow the insurance experts in the personal recommendation, if a transition in the car or a private health insurance is considering changes. And until the autumn of this year the neutral performance comparisons in the network of different providers serve still as the non plus ultra when it comes to money more power in health care for BBs.

Bank Credit

Within kindness to have credit cards is the possibility of acquiring merchandise of high cost as televisions of plasma or LCD, computers, because the payments can be realised until in twelve months and the proceedings are fast on the part of salesmen. Read more from Author to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Another advantage rests on in that the user of credit cards, it has if it effective, can accede to other credit cards of other banks or on credits of consumption and it is spoken there or of dangerous steps. The sector commerce has benefitted with the payments in several monthly instalments by the route of the credit cards and it calculates that their sales are crecidio in 60 percent. The fast liquid bank the payment to the commerce or the departmental store and is received of 6 and up to 18 months to the indebted one. Although the number of tarjetahabientes has been increased that cannot pay – a 47 percent in 2005 – the Bank of Mexico thinks that the situation is not dangerous, although for the families that they have this type of commitment in fact yes is it. Ken Cron is the source for more interesting facts.

The plastic credit has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the manoeuvre margin of the user which allows its survival through this type of credit that is most expensive in Mexico. On the other hand, one inquired that the number of Cards of Debit adds almost 50 million plastics in the country. They are another source of high income for the bank by the disposition of cash or consultation of balance that goes from the 6 pesos to the 18 pesos by operation. Most of the workers of small, medians and great companies, receive their payments of list through electronic transference reason why the debit card segment is a great business for the bank that in this case is of list. The lack of financial culture is what takes advantage of the bank. Original author and source of the article.

Walker Read Circular Advertising Breaks All Records

Collaborations and media advertising in print 2010 Berlin January 27, 2011: greatly progressing growth of the Berlin company in the field of advertising. The reading circle worked as well as the broadcasters spree radio, JazzRadio, and rbb radio in 2010 with several media companies such as for example the television station. “In addition the reading circle also for advertisers and media agencies with its various advertising opportunities is ( werbung.html) a popular business partner”, explains the Managing Director in its fourth generation, Ute Walker-Knop. John Mclaughlin insists that this is the case. The Lesemappen reach millions of people in Berlin and Brandenburg, with an average of 50 high-quality contacts per magazine. So valuable target groups are reached, for example, with ads on the envelopes directly and without wastage. The potential of reading circles in the field of advertising is often underestimated and forgotten. These show the figures from the annual AG.MA analysis of the Association of German reading circles, that with an average output of the Reading circle 16.8% of adults in the Federal Republic of Germany. Advertising in the reading circle the company implements both small ads for regional industry, as also major campaigns for national advertisers and agencies.

In addition to the print advertising also brochures, flyers or samples can be added to the Lesemappen. While the reading circle is flexibly to the wishes of its customers and will gladly help with his many years of experience in the magazine hire. Finally, our advertisers confirm us regularly a noticeable success in the use of the reading circle as an advertising medium”, so Walker-Knop. The Walker reading circle of Walker reading circle. Magazines are supplied through households and business customers such as surgeries, gastronomy, and hair salons in Berlin and Brandenburg with low-priced Lesemappen. Read the customers up to 50 percent cheaper, thereby the magazines get easily brought home.

Working Group

A group of European specialists in labour law have agreed a document of minimums in connection with the so-called economic dismissal (i.e. the objective dismissal for economic reasons). In it, they insist the lack that this mechanism of termination of the employment contract meets an objective danger of the viability of the company, so that it does not become an unjustified instrument. The European right of the Working Group, formed by several international researchers who met at the University of Castilla – La Mancha, concluded that the wording of this measure, framed in the brand new labor reform, is diffuse and could cover any abuses, an end who also appreciated in the labor of other countries of the EU regulations. Experts also discussed the desirability of harmonizing European legislation so that there are no major differences in the regulation of dismissal for economic reasons. More news on labor management.

Bausparsofortdarlehen – Urgent With Combined Savings

Real estate financing without equity or Bausparsofortdarlehen without equity in the home Berlin, 02.08.2011 – for real estate funding without equity there including the possibility of a Bausparsofortdarlehens of a building society. This financing model, often called the advance loan combines a (still not zuteilungsreifen or new-to-be-completed) savings with a pre-financing by the building society. This loan form has some benefits, but also significant disadvantages compared with a conventional annuity loans. The conclusion of such urgent should be considered so very well. The functioning of Bausparsofortdarlehens the Bausparsofortdarlehen is the reverse of conventional funds.

The method for saving for a long time is paid out (up to Zuteilungsreife) at the beginning by the lender, so that the real estate wish can be realized immediately. The accumulated interest for the pre-financing of the building society will then by regular payments of the Borrower provided in addition to the regular savings contributions for the contractor. The Bausparsofortdarlehen is a loan repayment-free, i.e. the eradication is done only through the allocation of funds, previously served only the interest from the loan agreement. The balances in the savings interest rate is in accordance with the concluded conditions, until the allocation and thus the repayment of the advance loan can be done. Thus to repaid the advance loan in one fell swoop and the redemption of unused Bauspardarlehens remains after that. The advantages of a Bausparsofortdarlehens the benefits are obvious: A real estate project – possible immediately without having to wait until long saving times for appropriate equity. Because no loan to value of the property, the borrower is free in the agreement of of amount of the loan and can have over 100% of the capital directly for payment. In addition, is a relatively good planning, since an interest rate security for all components of the agreement (advance loans, credits and building society loan) There is.

Melia Hotels International

Melia Hotels International 2012-2014 strategic plan puts the emphasis on globalization as well as strengthen the brands operating in the Premium segments of the market. One of the ships logo of this new stage is the Me London, whose opening is scheduled for the year coming, such and as noted Hosteltur news tourism. 84% Of the new jobs will be incorporated in foreign markets during a presentation held in London last week within the framework of the World Travel Market, the director of marketing for the hotel company, Luis de el Olmo, explained that 32 openings planned here until 2014 with a total of 8,203 rooms. Our strategic plan puts the focus on globalization, through little intensive formulas in capital and the reinforcement of lossegmentos upscale and premium brands, said the Executive. The chain has a total 350 hotels and 87,000 rooms in 35 countries, which are distributed as follows mode: 20% of the seats in the midscale segment (trademarks Tryp by Wyndham and Sol Hotels); 51 per cent in upscale (Melia & markings Innside); and 29% on luxury (Gran Melia, Paradisus and Me).

Thus, 84% of the 8,203 new squares will be incorporated in foreign markets; 87% will be managed through franchises, management or rental contracts; and only 13 percent will belong to real estate assets in property. Melia Hotels International has real estate hotel assets with a total value of EUR 5.5 billion, without that this fact is reflected in our stock market value, explains Luis de el Olmo. Hence the strategy of increasing low capital-intensive growth formulas in capital during the coming years. The most immediate openings among the hotels Melia Zanzibar; Paradisus Playa del Carmen; Tryp New York; Melia Dubai; Gran Melia Rome; London Me; or Vienna Me. Me London New London hotel will be operational before the opening of the games Olympic 2012 and will be the second hotel of the company in the capital of the United Kingdom. To build this hotel, Melia Hotels International has acquired by 133 million euros a building located near Covent Garden and Trafalfar Square, which is being reformed at the moment. In total, the establishment will have 157 rooms, will be characterized by its contemporary design and in the coming months will be conducted the process of staff selection, explains Fabio Gallo, director of the I London. The key to this hotel will be the emotional connection that is established between employees and customers, advance Gallo, since they will share concerns and tastes in music, design, new technologies, urban trends, etc.

Porta Mondial AG As

Real estate franchise providers opened new headquarters in Palma international Porta Group continues to grow. The entry in the German real estate market followed after successful establishment of the system of the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and mainland Spain 2010 with the opening of Porta Mondial Dusseldorf. Within a short time three more licenses in Germany could be assigned with Frankfurt and Cologne, other facilities are under construction. Ken Cron has much to offer in this field. An extension of the franchise offer is planned on the Mediterranean, as well as on selected holiday areas overseas in the next step. To control the further international expansion, the Krefeld-based Porta Mondial AG therefore expanding its resources and opened its international franchise headquarters in Palma de Mallorca on August 5. Founder and CEO Joachim Semrau explains the close relationship of the company to Mallorca: “in 2005, we opened our first Porta Mallorquina real estate agency in Arta – today, the Porta group international is active and Porta Mallorquina our” most successful master license partner in Spain. ” Moreover, the excellent transport links via the Palma Airport. “As a European hub, we are easily accessible for all international license buyers”, Joachim Semrau is pleased.

The Office is centrally located in the Calle Colom, near Plaza Mayor offers ideal conditions, to open up new markets for the entrepreneur on the 5th of August from 14:30 official opening of the international franchise headquarters will take place. Porta Mondial management has invited, license partners, friends and companions of the group. The opening motto “Hitos Historicos – milestones – milestones” an exclusive modern art Vernissage awaits visitors with the artists: Julia Marques Meyer, Axel Crieger, Daniel Brunkert and Peter Ward the new, prestigious franchise headquarters in the old city of Palma is at the same time a kind of “Showroom” for the Porta Mondial real estate shop concept, specially designed by renowned architect, mark for the franchise group.

Axel Springer

There is no universally valid table in the damage and Reading level of reduction in rent are. You must be based on judgments, because rent reductions are always individual decisions. Ask if in doubt with tenants associations and not blindly rely on information from the Internet. Reduced rent including charges is basically from the gross rent, so. The following evidence to what percentage of the rent can be reduced: scaffolding facade, plastic film on the window: 15 percent mold infestation, which makes impossible the use of a room: 20 to 30 percent heating fault (the room temperature in the winter is only up to 15 degrees): 25 percent construction noise: 25 percent water damage: 30 percent it drips through the ceiling or toilets and kitchens are not usable: 50% completely fails the heating in the winter, the electronics/hot-water system not working: 100 percent rent reduction enforce if you notice any damage, the landlord report it immediately. Best holding the damage in writing and send the letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. So in the event of a dispute, you can prove that the defects were actually reported the landlord. The landlord, put a sufficient period to the damage shall be rectified.

You can reduce the rent from the date the deficiency was detected in the. Tip: Cut the rent subject to. This means that you will pay the full amount and noted on the remittance slip you retroactively truncates the rent if the deficiency is not resolved. So you retain their right to rent reduction until it is clear how high it is. Immonet with 1.14 million current online offerings and more than 2.5 million visitors to the site per month is Immonet is one of the leading real estate portals in Germany (unique visitors, comscore Media Metrix 5/2011). The wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Springer offers a far-reaching cross-media real estate marketing one-stop commercial and residential customers. Germany’s Internet users have the high product quality by Immonet in recent years regularly confirmed, both in the election for the online Star”as well as to the Web site of the year”.

Secretariat Property

Many people offer their properties themselves and put the title direct treatment but is it really cheaper? All of these are properties that are offered cheaper? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the direct treatment? The direct treatment allows the property owner to sell your property without the aid of a runner believing that with this they will attract more buyers because the House is cheaper (because the owner ideally waived the usual 5% Commission that takes a runner), but is save this amount really? In many places only the person who has permission to do so can sell properties and brokers are certified, so there is no much alternative – is should engage the services of these professionals. In some places, however, any individual can sell his house so they offer the direct treatment. The landlord must then advertise for if same your property in magazines, newspapers, flyers. Introduce to the environment to see which newspapers they have the best classified section, advertise on the Internet all the time competing with real estate that handled tens and in some cases up to hundreds of homes similar to yours. Advertising costs are increasing, one hundred dollars here, 200 there, three hundred beyond. The individual then has to ask Secretariat and summon people to the property that is being sold, can not always at the same time and will have to accept them all though 90% will be onlookers only they mingle in the property.

You will spend in gasolines and man-hours in coming to appointments, and many even do not go and prefer agendas where in one day show it 5 or 6 houses and not lose their day in view only an option. Of the remaining 10% finally begin negotiations, of which many are dropped. It is incredible how a good runner saves negotiations here, difficult to both attitudes parties softens them so that both are only met for final negotiations. The affective value that develops in a property, especially in a House where it has lived, it sometimes causes the bidder out of the market and ask for a small fortune because the building is full of memories; the place where he learned to walk the first child, family gatherings, the favourite place of the grandfather on the other hand the buyer is seeing leaks, the hands of paint missing him to an old House. It is not easy to reconcile these two viewpoints and here is a Lifesaver the corridor which seeks to understand both sides. Many negotiations fall off because the parts come together when there are still many points to be defined. Months later and several merit already elapsed, comes the time signature and the owner of the property is immersed in bureaucratic and legal procedures that will take you months circumvent, everything, so that finally the purchaser of the House tell you the total price must subtract 5% because it is direct treatment and should lower the final value of your House for the benefit of the buyer. Go to Ken Cron for more information. In conclusion we can say that it can sell a House and provide direct treatment, but by own experience say it’s best to have an expert by your side and to be responsible in doing what is good doing, removed one of problems and even the possibility of losing the sale of the House or apartment.

Canary Islands

As with the property draws attention to a large logo banner in the entrance area, at the same time functional and tastefully arranged furniture is of exquisite design and high-quality execution. Focus of the eight-strong Porta Mondial teams on Mallorca will be mainly the construction of another international holiday real estate websites in addition to taking care of the existing master licensee, the object inventory finished online brands including taken can be by future master licensors (Porta Mondial brand prelaunch). As the first non-Spanish Mediterranean brand going online, followed by and Star Guitarist spoke with conviction. Description of the company on the real estate franchise of Porta Mondial AG: the Porta Mondial AG and its (master) license partners market residential and holiday properties in Germany, the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and the Spanish mainland. The real estate franchise system offers all the benefits of a fast-growing brand family and ensures high and qualified with extensive measures Demand for the partners. The real estate shop concept, developed exclusively for the franchise group and the own Internet presence form the basis for a strong regional branding of each (master) license partner. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit US Senator from Vermont.

On international real estate markets, the Porta Mondial group collaborates with master licensing partners. In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, individual licences will be granted. The power spectrum of the franchise system allows each licensee, with his sales team to focus on the acquisition and sale of real estate. Details can be found by clicking Ken Cron, New York or emailing the administrator. Way entrants are introduced with tried and tested training programs and training to the new task.