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It notes also the source of information used masvoces.org. , that the environmental NGOs criticized the President of the USA George Bush, had blocked any progress on global warming, with the help of Canada, Greenpeace and said that the G8 has an attitude of limited liability, the challenge of climate change, and that agreements reached in this regard evidence that those countries give back to the world once more. It is noteworthy that, Oxfam International for his part, regretted that the G8 countries have not realized its objectives to reduce the emission of gases responsible for global warming in its agreement on climate change. Disappointing is that some members of the G-8, including the world leader in pollution, the United States.UU, not yet signed specific objectives, not even an indicative target of stabilization of global warming during Summit held this in Germany. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Author. This means that it will not work to maintain the the process of global warming below 2 C, implying that climate change will devastate poor countries and seriously compromising the fight against poverty, such as Antonio Hill, responsible for climate change policy advisor of the organization said.

The bases of the agreement announced by the G8 set work together in the process opened by United Nations and complete until 2009 the negotiations for the agreement post Kyoto which will apply from 2012 within the multilateral framework of the United Nations; take into account the commitments of the European Union, Japan and Canada to cut gas emissions by 50% until 2050; establish clippings of substantial emissions for all members of the G-8 without specifying concrete U.S. gas emission reduction targets.USA and Russia; and absence of a unanimous agreement in relation to limiting global warming to below 2c. After completion of this Summit the poorest people of the world will continue to have to deal with to serious risks as a result of climate change, such as more severe periods of drought every time, floods and famines.

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Cancun will fail if these countries are not committed to deep reductions in national without compensation and the provision of adequate public funding that excludes the World Bank. Friends of the Earth International also requests that you unintentionally available to countries in developing public funds to grow in a sustainable way and adapt to the effects of climate change that are already hurting livelihoods and families in developing countries. The International Federation requests that this money comes from public sources, not carbon markets. Friends of the Earth International believes that, due to the fact that the price of carbon is essentially unpredictable, this approach would not provide needed reliable funds to developing countries. Similarly, carbon trading also helps to reduce emissions. Granma.cubaweb.cu, reports that television network Telesur needs to try that until 10 December coming, delegations from 94 countries to reach agreements on reforestation, adaptation, financing and technology transfer, something considered quite possible, reports the AIN. Although ruled out in advance the possibility of achieving a binding agreement on emissions of harmful gases, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, showed optimism to make that appointment they turnover decisions unprecedented, multinational television network reported. The previous Summit (COP 15) in Copenhagen, Denmark, culminated in failure to not be a binding global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG Venezuela bet on finding initiatives so that global warming doesn’t 1.5 degrees in the next 10 years, according to Alejandro Hitcher, holder for the environment it should be noted, that the Summit takes place when expected to increase carbon emissions after the end of the recession, and analyses show that the promises are not enough to keep the increase in average global temperature within the limits of what the majority of Nations say wanting to. Original author and source of the article.