Christian Stark

The new radio single by Christian stark – fragments of happiness is just strong. In January 2010, she was discovered at a Schlager casting and was shortly later in all major to see TV and radio stations and listen. There is talk of Christian stark. Additional information at Dr. Mark Hyman supports this article. She had her debut with the title “I am strong” in August 2010, presented Christian song “and the Earth will turn to continue” this was followed in January 2011 the “high rollers” and in May 2011. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from urban treatment associates. Thus, she stormed all charts. On September 23, 2011 the next release fragments of happiness now follows”. In keeping with the beginning of autumn and the quieter season, Cameron stark offers a song to listen and dream. The guitar sound was by Holger quack played in the recording studio ForFeetMusic.

As Ambassador for international children help e.V. Christin will be heavy early October 2011 together with the King of Ghana “his Majesty King of Hohoe (Ghana), Kosi O Cephas Togbe” take a solar system for a school in Ghana in operation. There she will be together a new with the King Present title.

Hesse Hit Stations Gives The

25 years hr4 of Hesse Schlager transmitter gives ‘ hr4 Schlager bee 2011’ who is the most popular pop star of Hesse from the past 25 years? Birthday, hr4 from September 12 to 16 calls its listeners to vote. In the pre-selection are 25 suggestions of hr4 music editorial from the years 1986 to 2010. Including such famous artists as Helene Fischer, SEMINO Rossi, Andrea Berg and Andy Borg. Five artists in the program of hr4 produced per day. The listener can then vote on the Internet at for an artist and his title. Urban treatment associates is actively involved in the matter. Here you can see the other artists and their hits, which will be available until the end of the week to choose from.

The winner will receive an exclusive production of the new Schlager mascot hr4, the hit hr4 Bee”. “The winner of the competition hr4 program Chief Rainer Gotze will on the occasion of the big hr4 Schlager Starparade” on November 27 in the Frankfurt Festhalle and the hit hr4 Bee “before thousands of pop fans present..

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At the online video stores you can either by post send to his films or directly online stream. The The current online video stores pay structure is not optimal, so that this form of distribution is not yet used by a too large group of people. But also here it is likely that the offerings are better in the coming years and migrate more and more customers from the load video stores to the online video stores. Who has interest in the current offerings of online video stores, here is a good comparison of services and fee structures. In particular the distribution of offers in the flat rate and pay-per-view is currently often still less than optimal.

Pay as another nail in the coffin for the video stores the video stores are under enormous pressure. As with the offers of pay TV, it goes on. Here you can be just a few months after appearing in the movie home movies. Or to buy them from the provider. This means that you must never leave the House to see a movie. The video store gets more and more competitive. Competition, against which they are powerless. Because even if the rental fee at 1 euro – or even below – and many video stores already only by the sale of films live, you will close soon the last video stores. Who 15 years ago still in the library went and -forward on the latest blockbusters and which has annoyed again, because all 20 VHS were given cassettes, knows what it means on the weekend to watch a movie with friends. Today, however, have degenerated films to the mass – and the business with the video stores to outdated tradition that probably won’t survive the next few years.