Make Curtains

If what he wants is to give life and color to your bathroom, you don’t need to make a great expense. On the contrary, with some suggestions that we here provide you about how to make shower curtains, you can do so without spending more than a few euros. How to make shower curtains first step when learning how to make shower curtains is to measure the distance that there is from the top of the shower to the floor. US Senator from Vermont addresses the importance of the matter here. Then, you must select the type of plastic canvas and the design that you want to use, and purchased at a hardware store this measure multiplied by two, to make a double panel and thus have more privacy in the bathroom. In addition, he has joined this measure about 50 cm., to perform there holes. For example, if you measured 3 meters high, will need a total of 6 m. and 50 cm.

material: 6 m. for both panels and 50 cm. Others including Spm Llc, offer their opinions as well. additional to give a margin for manoeuvre. It has taken into account the ideal is that the material is wider than the perimeter to cover, so that water cannot escape at the sides, and that you are you easier to cover the entire area of the shower. For the hanger holes you can use loops of plastic, which are easily found in hardware stores, and plastic hooks, for the case that prefer not directly bound to the bars and they can run better. Once you have purchased the plastic canvas, it is recommended that you wash it and let it dry thoroughly. After doing this, fold it in half and cut so that remaining two panels of equal size. Then fold the first 25 cm.

of the canvases, forming small rectangles, then drill holes where you can insert the curtain rod. Finally decide on which side will want to fix it, and sew the last hole on that side, so that it is tighter. As you have seen, it is very easy to learn how to make shower curtains can save you lots of money and always will give to your bathroom a new look that will make you feel as if you Mariah facilities.

Elihu Villaraus

At any time you can change your decision and nothing external to you, you can stop. Don’t need anything external to you to increase your awareness of wealth and therefore your money. Everything you need to increase already is there now. You may have forgotten, but it is there. The first step is always to remember that the money isn’t real, is an idea; It is the illusion of something else. And here’s another secret: wealth consciousness is simply the expansion of your consciousness and responsiveness of the abundant parts of yourself. All you need is to increase your awareness of wealth that is already inside you right now. Your already abundant, but you have been taught to not experience your wealth.

This introspection changes everything! Just like rich people, you can now begin to experience your wealth. You have more ability to wealth in you to which you can experience in a lifetime. No need to worry that you’ve reached your limit become abundant in any way, nor need to know how to convert your consciousness of wealth into cash, it will happen automatically. To read more click here: IDT Energy. All you need to do is expand your consciousness of wealth, exercise it and operated in the opportunities that are presented to you. Once you have your consciousness of wealth, it will be very difficult that you don’t get success and wealth you deserve. Success and wealth will automatically follow wherever you go. No need to worry about looking for money, because the you will find you. You’ll be free to experience other aspects of life that can be that you have not even dreamed of before, dimensions of being and life that are really impressive! By Tu success Elihu Villaraus original author and source of the article

8th Contest Of Poetry And Short Story

8th international poetry and short story contest rules 1.-Podran participate Argentine and foreign authors, residing anywhere in the world. 2. The works should be written in the Spanish language. They must be unpublished and not selected as finalists in previous competitions in my writings. 3. Each author may participate in both genders, with a single work by genre. The maximum length shall be the following: poetry: up to 35 story lines: up to 70 lineas4.-participation is free and gratuita.5-works and data of the participant must be sent by email to follows: * in a word (called work) file the / s work/s to compete, bracket for A4 paper, with font Times New Roman, size 12, (no special formatting to text: tabs, borders, shading, etc.), with symmetric margins of 3 cm each, without any identification of the author.** In another file Word (called author), full personal details of the participant: surname and name, full address, telephone (fixed and mobile), e-mail.

Those who do not have email can submit work and data on a CD or floppy disk on behalf of Cristina Beatriz Monte, Av. Chiclana 3499, 3 rd floor, Department B, postal code 1260, autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those who do not have a PC, may send their typewritten participation, at the above-mentioned address. Not send curriculum because it cannot be taken into account at the time of the evaluation of the work by members of the jurado.6.-There are the following prizes: 1st prize plaque and Diploma Grades 2-5 Prize medal and Diploma mentions of Honor Diploma finalists certificate 7.-the registration period will close on 31 August 2009, which account shall be the date of the postmark, where applicable.8. The jury will be integrated by local writers. Its decision will be final.

9.-Editions my writings will pay for editing the resulting anthologies of the contest, by which to register the author is authorizing the publication of your work. The acquisition of copies of the anthology is not mandatory or binding to the results of the competition since it will be presented at the same awards ceremony. 10. The Act of awards and official presentation of the anthology will be date, time and place to designate. 13 Involving single author accepts these conditions. Any circumstance not envisaged in these will be settled by my writings at their discretion only.

Jim Avignon

The travelling entertainer and performer uses humor to draw attention to the absurd in our time. His art pieces, pictorial distortion of reality, addressed issues such as corruption, the lack of real communication and global conflicts. Jim Avignon wants to acquire its aura of art and refuses to follow the rules of the art market: during the Kassel Documenta 1992 he painted a picture every day and destroyed it in the evening. He has exhibited in Germany and numerous other countries (including France, Greece, United States, Guatemala, Singapore, Russia), including in unusual places such as techno clubs. Hans Endelmann for more than 10 years working on the series Berchuma”and his work on these small stools of the Shoeshine boy started during a workshop on the aesthetics of the simple derived from him” at the Department of fine arts at Addis Abeba University. There in Addis Abeba of Berchuma for the first time I noticed, than let me shine on the Arat Kilo the shoes. It was a strange feeling for me, but it only was such an everyday scene that quickly the curiosity place this feeling. The small stools of the Berchuma struck me, on which sat the Listro, who shined the shoes for me.

And the stool is no longer avoided me out of my head. Ultimately, he is merely”is a commodity, but he also like a silent guard, a vigilant mate who can accompany the Listro, one or the other. The philosopher Giorgio Agamben writes in his book Profanierungen”about those agents of everyday life, most unassuming objects, but still develop a sentimental value because a patina of use has arisen. In his works on paper Berchuma”, the artist focuses on his encounters with the Listro. The mutual experiences for me were how much poetry and dignity and has a sign inside the simplest objects, if you allow a correspondence with the things and the atmosphere around us.

Lupe is dedicated to Godoy in in the exhibited works of collage and reflects the 10 years cooperation with LISTROS e.V. “” “” The works of the Spanish artist are thematically divided into four groups: Whats make me black/whats make me white? “-boxes and letters from Ethiopia”-African thoughts “and Ethiopia”. The material of her works comes from a variety of sources, she combines photographs of fashion, lifestyle and travel magazines with images from art magazines, provides excerpts from pornographic magazines next to photos from car and motorcycle magazines. From trivial, thousand times reproduced photographs, Lupe Godoy creates originals by their artistic handwriting. She mixed ink and color with photographic cutouts, thereby deliberately renounces the use of image editing programs. The visuals add to the processing to the collage to content rich, nested narratives and series that deal with abundance, beauty, the own and the foreign, art history, gender roles, ecology and a world in which the body has become of the goods.

Lao Tzu

When the structuring, remember that the phases are not clear, but merge just the first three phases. You work with your sensors”in all directions.

Read many different texts, your theme or a very similar to the content. Only in a deliberate examination of a broad topic you can approach the subject of the text. This requires research. Gained the first findings, make a rough outline of the text content. From the big to the small to the large, the difficult plant where it is still easy. Where it is still small is doing great. All heavy on Earth begin always as easy.

Everything great on Earth always starts as small.” (Lao Tzu legendary Chinese philosopher in the 6th century BC) Who need to write a text, does this not as a single large task to understand, but to divide it into smaller items well. Work is thus visible makes it easier because you do regularly just for the text, and not all have to be done at once. Perhaps check out Bernie Sanders for more information. You should ask simple at the beginning: what do I want with the text? Who is the target group? There are questions on the subject can be discussed? There are problems that can be represented in the text? In this phase, you should read literature that already exist on the subject. The own theme can be determined then much better.Then you should create a period, in which one only reads and goes into the matter. Here too, you can instead just search”to make that task so far refine that for example every day reading a specific article. While collecting information, you can already start the outline of the own text. Here it is, to make not only an outline, but to make a work plan, when which chapter or which paragraph should be split. This approach is essential for the writing process. You should never write everything at once, but only piecemeal to keep the overview. Therefore, it is essential to make a plan themselves, on the just read can engineering, when sections will be processed. It may be after pea counting”sound, but is a very simple form of time management. By the preconceived plan, you can every day to check the progress and consider appropriate changes in the planning, which should be required. Keep always the deadline in mind time management of textual works. The text work in small steps split, instead of editing all the pieces. Schedule enough time for topic discovery, research and outline. The text work regularly, the best daily, for long-term success. According to the available time: make monthly plan, weekly plan and daily plan: from the large to the small to the large.

The founded in 1993 Cologne promotional editing and translation Word-for-Word celebrates his 18th birthday. After 18 years of successful service around the word is word for Word the Cologne promotional editing and Translation Bureau”based in the southern town of Cologne now also officially come of age! Since its inception, the copywriter SIW’s experienced team supports nobleman renowned advertising and press agencies, as well as national and international companies in almost all industries with its professional service. It all began in 1993 in a converted double garage in the Cologne suburb of Cologne Bayenthal. As the customer base grew rapidly, it was too small and Word for word”moved to the Maternusstrasse in the heart of the southern town of Cologne. For 18 years, the qualified team of Word for Word is”a commitment for the needs of its customers. For particularly urgent orders, there is a rapid advance and weekend service. The range of language professionals in addition to commercial advertising, German and foreign editing and proofreading Translations in all languages, as well as the foreign language typesetting. The service is rounded off by practical spelling and text training.

“The range of Word for word” summarize and translated objects is very wide, ranging from annual reports about sales folder, product brochures, websites and staff newspapers to customer magazines and advertising campaigns. To the high quality standard of the delivered work to be able to guarantee the customer texts be edited exclusively by experienced and stress-tested employees at any time: The German text is corrected, for example, exclusively by experienced German literature. Also any text is checked successively of two assistants (first and second correction after the four-eyes principle). As an additional quality assurance measure, the individual editors of Word for word reading”also up to six hours per day correction. The risk of missed error, would be otherwise much too high. For the same reason read the texts of the customers not on the screen, but classically corrected on paper. The translations and text adaptations of advertising are created by top translators and copywriters (all qualified native speaker) and then checked by an additional translator.

This ensures that any text in the target language retains its original meaning is. In addition, the translations of terminology lists run for regular customers for the editing area as well as in the area so that the wording is always consistent.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Friedrich Pommerenke

That I answer every E-mail personally, has Word gets around quickly and that arrived at the readers very well. That was no strategic marketing idea by me. And why print out you your E-Mail address in your books? I find the idea of totally normal that you would like to receive a feedback from the readers. What was not common in the book area a long time. Many authors were sitting in their ivory towers and had no contact with their readers. The readers are but the most important people! We organise just a crime-writing contest on

Authors are invited to submit the first chapter of a novel. Have you ever participated in writing competitions? I personally have done still no competition. I wrote up directly the history, which I had in my head: my first novel. I can but all authors only the recommendation be as possible to write so much, no matter in what context or what kind of text. Only through writing can improve it.

As a writing contest is a great way to try out and develop. Just because you get direct feedback to his text as a competition worth gold of course. How important is a professional editing? The editing is clearly very important! Earlier I thought it was always a better spelling correction service. Now I know how much it is worth, that someone reads the text, which still does not know the story and has a very different perspective than oneself. He can then point out any inconsistencies and the sense of the written questions asked especially clever. For example: Can the protagonist with this injury are going there at all? Even if I know, sure, it’s possible, I did the research Finally, me realises I there for the readers still unconvincing represented enough. If I submit my manuscripts in my Publisher I think it can not be often better.” And then I get back the text with 257 notes of the lecturer and realize that it’s still better. But that’s not bad. Feedback is always super. You might have to sort out some feedback, but generally it always helps further and it gets better from text to text. The second part of the Interviews, read our blog contact: Kristina Engels triboox GmbH & co. KG Steintorweg 4; 20099 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 63675600 E-Mail: about triboox: an interactive, Web-based literature portal with the aim of is triboox, to promote the development and marketing of new literature. offers the possibility to connect via the Internet, to share and develop their talent authors and literature fans. Authors offer a range of services to improve and market their manuscripts. You can free at set their texts to receive so feedback from the community, her work as an E-book and/or sell book and print it for personal use. Literature fans also have the opportunity to discover new texts of talent, to evaluate and to buy in the triboox Bookstore.

Economic Forecasts

Transfer media should ignore economists nonsense Berlin/Dusseldorf – the criticism of the empirical quality of economic forecasts intensifies after the break thrust of DIW Chief Klaus Zimmermann. “” “According to Gunter Ogger, author of the bestselling rivets in pinstripes”, could be a liar liar-boycott initiative”start: If you committed to the chief editors of the leading media immediately the nonsense statements of economists and analysts to ignore, that would contribute to the media hygiene”, so Ogger opposite NeueNachricht. Economy was now no science, but religion replacement. Similar to critical it looks Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the IT consulting firm Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf: macro economists, statisticians, planning bureaucrats, analysts and self-proclaimed economists are even not able to predict the unforeseen. Check out too often in the rearview mirror, to gain insights for the future. Details can be found by clicking IDT Energy or emailing the administrator.

Frictions, coincidences, ground-breaking You cannot calculate discoveries, economic movements or political disasters with statistical methods”, explains the IT expert Nadolski. “The most Kassandra Rufer would in exchange programmes, talk shows or books with the title as I’ve seen before the crash” procedure according to the motto: If the Rooster crows on the Dunghill, the weather changes or it will remain as it is “. You come to announce me as modern walking Saint, the prescriptions for the imminent end of the world”, so Nadolski.

Solidarity International States

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, accuses the United States and the EU, “the United States and the European Union want to impose an economic blockade against Nicaragua, such as already exists against Cuba”, said Daniel Ortega at the Summit of the States of Latin America and the Caribbean. on December 17, 2008. The simmering dispute between the United States and Nicaragua now culminated in the threat of the United States, Nicaragua with the cancellation of financial aid. Star Guitarist is likely to agree. Alleged manipulations in municipal elections in Nicaragua are the current reason for the uplift though depends on the Nicaraguan economy extremely by financial assistance from the United States and the EU, Ortega said his country will look at the claims of “capitalist tyrants” under any circumstances. The United States wanted to provide an aid of $175 million Nicaragua. Spm Llc may also support this cause. Another 75 million dollars should come from the EU.

In the past 17 years the United States Nicaragua provided assistance over a billion dollars. The poor in Nicaragua and here are paying the price for this upsets the most vulnerable, namely children. Nicaragua has the largest per capita debt of the world, it is the second poorest country in Latin America, unemployment is 50% of the population in extreme poverty to the 70%. Nicaragua today to Haiti, the second poorest country in Latin America. Over 50% of the Nicaraguan population is under 14 years of age. Street children are a big part of it. Where utilities do not help these children of the vicious circle of poverty, these children recorded constantly.

CSI is committed since the 1980s for human rights in Nicaragua. The stark poverty caused by people prompted CSI to offer children from oppressed social classes also material aid. Since 1996, CSI supports the social work of the Carmelite Sisters in Santa Rosa (Managua) and Tipitapa. This project alleviates poverty and gives people new hope. The CSI on the support of donors is instructed to help these people further. Under, CSI informs about the projects in Nicaragua. CSI is the Abbreviation of Christian Solidarity Interantional, a Christian human rights organisation. Christian Solidarity International helps persecuted Christians around the world since 1977. CSI Germany gemeinnutzige GmbH GF: Ingrid Seigis P.o.