Marten Zotner SolarCount

The separate bi-directional security interface (BISI) of SolarConsult AG is presented. Our automatic disconnection for own generation facilities to the public low-voltage network, according to DIN VDE 0126-1-1, has completed all tests and thus the Berufsgenossenschaft energy textile “achieved by the demanding requirements for the clearance electric!”, explains Marten Zotner SolarConsult AG, satisfied. Half a year of intensive development and all the experiences of the past seven years in photovoltaic market are incorporated into this product. As much emphasis on ease of installation, such as on the innovative electronic concept, which aims to ensure an economical and long-lasting operation of the bi-directional security interface (BISI). The product is a real price alternative to market existing products according to SolarConsult and resolves, according to SolarCount philosophy, thus another piece of niche monopoly on. The available exclusively as an external device BISI”is also in integrate each inverter.

We are here quite frankly the questions to the manufacturer”, so Marten Zotner. The device is suitable for photovoltaic systems, wind power plants and cogeneration. “BISI”, located in the Europe-wide protected product line with the name SolarCount “is classified, has the SolarConsult AG a small piece in the photovoltaic market history, because the device already in use, and probably already is September in larger quantities available. Thus the innovative system provider from Freiberg, who steadily improved his portfolio the major market participants, through their own products, is also a BISI “concept work, one step ahead. Recently had the SolarConsult AG with a new module of the premium class and earlier this year with the improved 2.0 and SolarCount online, manufacturer-independent monitoring for solar systems SolarCount “, headlines. SolarConsult AG Rainer Seidler

Adept Consult AG With A New Structure On The Board – Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi

Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi focuses on sales and new markets Frankfurt, March 24, 2012, with a restructuring of the Executive Board supported the adept AG consult their growth strategy, which is focused on increased sales activity and the development of new markets. To do this, Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi leaves the Board of Directors of the company for four years and focuses on the new opportunities and challenges, caused mainly by the introduction of payments in Germany. As provider and consultant for information logistics and business intelligence, expected the adept a huge demand for solutions for the E-balance consult AG cross-industry and forecasted tremendous growth opportunities in the coming years. In the future make Klaus Beck-Dede as CEO and Arne-Steffen Dehler as COO with a dual leadership Board of the adept consult AG. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Diamond Comic Distributors. While Klaus Beck-Dede will be responsible for corporate strategy, as well as the scope of service & market first and foremost, whereas Arne-Steffen Dehler is primarily control the scope of delivery.

With I can use my new focus even more energy, to promote the growth of the company in the sectors in which we were active only on the edge. While banks and insurance companies are still our most important clients, but with the introduction of the E-account balance, our solutions and our expertise to companies in other industries are very attractive”, Dr. Sousan Shah Zeidi reported that since 2005, consult AG is partner of the adept. Before joining the Board in March 2008 she was consult resources, finance and administration in a leading position in adept head of human. The company would like to on female leaders continue also after the departure of Dr. Shah Zeidi from the Executive Board and be an attractive employer for women. To consult AG, for example, various flexible work schedules for employees in the boardroom offers the adept.

Dr. Shah Zeidi now assumes a new task, is for us a clear statement for growth and successful integration of female executives in an industry that is currently more dominated by men in management”, explains Klaus Beck-Dede. We hope that this more women are motivated to undertake such responsible duties. Also we would like to encourage other companies in our industry, to fill important positions with employees.” The adept consult AG is a supplier of solutions for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automation of processes, adept helps its customers consult to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. The customizable and powerful software solutions, which is the risk of projects by existing “” Sustainably reduce functionalities can be, added the company to comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance “and asset management”. The adept consult AG include Allianz, Credit Suisse, the DWS, the AmpegGerling and the Wustenrot numerous clients include building society. Contact: adept consult AG Klaus Beck-Dede (Board of Directors) Mainzer Landstrasse 191 60327 Frankfurt Tel: 069-3660070


The variety of services and gratuitous products in the Internet is almost that infinite. Every day new business-oriented chances appear, and each time more the gratuitous offers if they expand. The traditional one in the Internet is to be of favour. People, companies, entities or institutions are, offering content, services and products of some forms. To bet in the digital market she is not necessary to invest at least some cents. The gratuitous tools are there, to the disposal of its creativity and who to want. She is not necessary to spend to hear musics, to buy CDs is thing of the past. Prescription book is unnecessary, therefore all the prescriptions of the world are in the Internet.

Messages saw cellular, to the times, torpedo web rpido and of favour. Michael Chabon usually is spot on. Films, nothing of landlords, that film this to a click. Games, rooms of beat papo, entertainment in general, instructions for development of manual works step by step, tips, sites, blogs and other opesgratuitas, used also for commercial ends, and very more than let us can imagine, are there, of favour. If to the end of each day we fossemos to calculate everything what we use gratuitously in the Internet, the ciphers would not be small. Here, novelist expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We would give account of how much we earn and in how much we leave to spend. However, we cannot explore everything wildly what it is our disposal. Next to as much it offers, exist the perigos. Nor everything is trustworthy.

Moreover, who paid a counts the end? We cannot believe that everything is being offered only because the people are legal and want to share things. We must, before more nothing, to know that everything that is explored deformed gratuitous has a service ' ' plus' ' , or still, a business to be explored by backwards of the gratuitousness, invariably with a lucrative end, either atrelado the advertising or searchs for profiles, consumers in potential. In this abundance of content and gratuitous services we need to be intent, therefore of some form we will be paying (giving something in exchange) for the use. We can perceive this process clearly when we make use of antivirus ' ' free' ' , every day we receive offers from products of the supplying company. When we participate of the nets of relationship, gratuitous email, blogs of use gratuitous, supply our profile, that serves for identification of niches, to mapear our behavior and the propagation of advertising. These are small examples that they always show to have a cost for backwards of what in &#039 is offered to them; ' gratuitamente' ' that of some form we will be paying for that use. It is possible to say that the gratuitous one in the Internet is in such a way the service of the consumer how much of the marks. for who opts to making use of gratuitous tools, as sites or blogs, in detriment to the paid ones, will have as difference the limited resources, the impossibility of personalization and lack of security. But nothing it hinders that if it can make use in differentiated way, original keeping only some caution and primando for some cares. The creativity is the strategical point. The trend is that everything that is available in the Internet has its version gratuitous, then the more creativity and care we will have in the use, more income-producing it will be, one remembers, somebody, or of some form this paying this account.