Kitchen: Space And Light

To realize a comfortable atmosphere requires thoughtful coverage of food, so we can create a particular perception of the kitchen and furniture, as its component. Recall that the possibility of lighting systems are very wide, so space can be represented in different images even without a rearrangement of the furniture. Light stimulates the brain and helps restore the body, and in the kitchen depends on him strength of your eyes. By choosing lighting for the kitchen should be treated very seriously. Inside the cabinets have a good background lighting.

Ceiling lighting fixtures should be on broad shades to light emanating from them did not hit in the eye. Be sure to supplement general lighting the kitchen, putting lights under overhead cabinets beside, beneath which are the working surface. Then the lights will illuminate the work surface. Position of the workplace depends on where and how it located in relation to the window. In addition there are two fundamentally important points: light finishing work surfaces forms only part of kitchen lighting, night lighting of the kitchen should be as close to daylight, so you should avoid sharp contrast the differences between each surface separately and putting food in general. When the premises, for example, corner kitchen combined c living room or dining room with, the studio, each of the zones should have its intensity and direction of flow of light.

Light in the kitchen should be bright, focused on work surfaces (sink, table, stove, etc.). For general illumination is sufficient light over the dining table. For the living area fit a little dim light. Dining area requires a powerful, but the scattered light flux. To enhance the illumination of the kitchen, you can use the coating materials are well reflecting the light and bright furniture. These include glass, polished ceramic tiles, mirrors, plastic, coated metal. Please note that black does not reflect (as opposed to white) sunlight. Therefore, the lighter material, the more light it can reflect.