Not it is as we die and nor as we are born, it is not the record number of deaths, nor the cold table, and the deed of division, is not to cross the hands and to be soon pro funeral It is not what it attacks the body and it hinders air to enter in the pulmes, and what for the heart It is not the queimao and immediately afterwards the dark one, cries is not it and the farewell, the aroma of the rose I smell and it of candle, nor when we know what it is inevitable, when falls rain, and the time recoups They are the marks in the body, the tired scars in the skin, sights, and the white hair, the wrinkled skin, the stonewashed tattooing, the tooth that fell It is the life lost youth, the love not lived, and the hope if esvaindo, on the luck and the tragedy, between it I silence and the verb, on it I hug and the smile, bed and sheet, of the happiness the disillusionment, on being the face the face, as to dance music, and to run in rain, as to learn to live and to learn to die. As to breathe, to create courage pra to search, to fail and not to give up, to pardon when it is more easy to disappear, to live the life, to pay for it the installments for existing, running advantages its arms and to feel that this was valid the penalty here Of as of my life, and of as we learn to forget and not to think, of as this it is necessary to survive until when God to want Of as that it gave sensible to all the other seconds: D. On not knowing, trying to discover, following in front and remaining alive, trains and private tickets, dreams and pillows, prazere repentance, dying without having lived. On having without in fact possessing, on thinking at the same time about giving up, the company of the distracted colloquy, and the calm in the complicated hours more Not it is what it comes written in the tablet, nor the photograph in the old picture, is the memory of the smile prettiest, in face young the untied hair, of sobrancelhas, in the meiguice of the look of the perfume, of the laugh and the sun, was valid the penalty with certainty..