Call Abroad

Call abroad from your mobile phone through your usual carrier using our usual mobile phone operator can be very expensive, since the rates are usually high. On the other hand, many telephone operators made special offers to make international calls in which we can get rather more affordable rates. We must always verify rates before you call to not take us unpleasant surprises when the Bill comes. It wouldn’t be the first time that thousands of uros are billed in error and we remind you that telephony operators are very reluctant to rectify their errors and return the wrong invoiced amounts. Normally, the sending of text messages to overseas is charged at a fixed rate depending on destination; check with the phone operator.

Use a prefix of access the most common method of making calls abroad free, or more cheaply per minute than the usual telephony operator, is to dial a prefix just before dial the international number is you want to call. The same that happens with the phone at home, there are providers of independent telecommunications offering services to make cheap international calls. Some offer bonuses of minutes, reducing the cost of each call to the total minutes to pay the monthly fee, offering minutes between other networks as part of the contract. This works because the access number that mark is a national number (Spanish) and, therefore, is allowed to include it in the contract. We must be careful, that Yes, since many of the telecommunications providers that offer cheap international calls announce incredible bargains on rates per minute, in fact taking many hidden costs: look well on the costs of connection, the high price, administration fees and penalties if we do not use the service for some time and the credit expiry dates. Telephone more or less the same way as any other posted or bono-descuento cards, these cards work well for clients who pay at the moment. You can buy bonds specifically to make international calls, which will save us money on the usual operator rates. Again, we should take care with hidden fees and make sure you read the small print before you rush a decision.

To call a mobile local (Spanish) is abroad if our friend is abroad, we are in Spain and we need to reach you as it may be, we can call your mobile phone (if you have configured roaming receiving calls) and the rate we will pay for the call will be the same as if he were in Spain. On the other hand, while we are abroad, we must pay for calls received so our friend can not appreciate receiving calls that cost 0.50 min approx. (fees vary although they tend to be always very expensive), so called only if it is urgent or if a text message will not be enough. If we are abroad with a friend and we lose him strolling through the city, if we need to call you to know where you are, we have to pay according to our roaming rates operator and our friend will also have to pay to be able to answer the call. So better if we try with all our desire to not lose track of the friend. We recommend Orbitel Spain offer superb tariffs on international calls to make calls from Latin America to Spain at the best price.

Fritz Perls

The Jungian analysts, seconded the idea that the things and situations converge synchronously in life to bring the necessary message accurate learning and essential resources. The best and most accurate of mirrors, is the relationship, is the only link that my worst and my best aspects can reflect closely. The synchrony of individuals occurs when he is respected to another, are allowed to keep their individuality and in turn is so generous that dispenses with particular space that cedes to the other for the sake of the common good, if this is not provided by both parties the relationship not germinates. Learn more on the subject from Martin O’Malley. Much of the analysis of situations of couple with problems is to focus attention to speak of himself rather than the problems faced by the other or analyze how is, the goal is to allow a meeting between the two to see and analyze what each one does, says or thinks that it affects the other largely. It should no longer blame each other and take responsibility for the happiness of her own life. He anchored to a situation of complaint continuing does not lead to anything positive and tight relationships. Dr. Mark Hyman has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Fritz Perls said that 80 percent of what we perceive is projection of ourselves of our essence, good and the remaining 20% also. When it is investigated in the complaints that makes a person, the usual thing that happens is that it is displaying its own part of its essence not recognized by himself in that complaint and which does not give you permission to leave and live with the rest of their qualities. When one falls in love, in the initial stage of infatuation sees idealized other, and don’t see it in its entirety, projected our idealized desires; Hence, when you finish this stage that does not usually last more than 6 months, we usually say that the other person has changed, and is not so generally, if not that we were not able to see all of the essence of the person if not our idealized desires.