Being Helpful

I would like to help you, but … I often use this move, like a soft way to break the begging. This allows one to understand that you like his idea (of course, this phrase should be used only if you like the idea really like it.) There are times when I impose the joint work in which I can not take part. Then I use this method to gently decline. ‘Your ideas are absolutely beautiful, but I can not take part in the discussion, because I have other more important commitments. ”

Allow me first to consider this request and then give you the answer. This phrase is more like a ‘can’, than a strict ‘no’. If you are interested to help, but do not want to just say ‘yes’, use it. Often come across great ideas in the implementation of which want to participate. But at the same time, I want to put a little harmony, to think at first.

This time need to weigh the pros and cons, and be confident that a solution to help – it was true. If asking really needs your help, it will be happy to give you some time to think. Set a date or period of time during which he will get your answer. If you do not end up wondering what you ask for help, use the methods of 5.6 or 7, to deny. This does not meet my needs, but I’ll have you in mind for future. If the alleged assistance was not quite what you would like to do, frankly, that this problem does not meet your needs. On the other hand, the debate on the grounds of your failure in this case may be delayed. Try to understand who asks that there is nothing wrong with that, you deny, you just want to spend your time on something else. At the same time saying that you’ll have it in mind, you would like signaliziruete that are open for future, more interesting features and offers. I’m not the best person that you want. Why do not you go to someone else? If you are asked to help in some way, as you yourself are not strong enough, just let them know that you are not a person who needs who asks. If possible, recommend someone who you think can handle the request, or someone who recommend another person, or group of people. I always try to give alternative contact, asking to not feel caught up in gridlock. This method of asking for help to send in the right direction to solve his problem. No, I can not. This is the simplest and most direct way to refuse. You are building yourself the barriers that prevent us to refuse to help. As I said above, these barriers – our invention. Do not think too much about exactly how you say ‘no’ and just say ‘no’. You will be surprised when it turns out that the reaction is not asking for even half as bad as you imagine. Learn to say ‘no’ to a request that does not meet your needs, and once you discover how easy it is to be done. Y You will have more time for yourself, for work and for those things that are truly important to you. Now I know how to refuse and I am happy that I learned to do it.

The Experiment

The boys, along with counselors trying to creatively approach to each task and solve it on their own – this is the competitive moment in the life of any camp. This teaches children think more broadly than "Yes or No", "right or wrong." Experience. Having the opportunity every day to contemplate a lot of people who live their lives in their own way, the child has a chance to collect a large database of human relations, expressed in the experiment. For more information see this site: Bernie Sanders. Frequent topics of conversation are the issues of friendship, responsibility, love and human relationships in a general sense. And, sitting in their rooms boys perceive the world through communication, they are deprived of everyday life in the city. Foreign languages. If you have chosen linguistic camp, the goal of most of them is the removal of "language barrier" – a phenomenon that when a child knows and can not speak. In many schools, children learn the language well, but does not teach that to him then do it.

"Theory without practice is blind, and practice without theory is stupid" in our program, we just give the opportunity for children in an environment where not placed assessment, do not say you're wrong, to communicate in another language, to feel how it is healthy and that has absolutely nothing to fear. How we achieve this in the program will be discussed in the article "Project work in a foreign language "Thus, only a few days your child brings a huge store of knowledge, emotions, impressions and memories. Your job is to sit down and only a few hours to give it his attention, listening, it will be fastening properties point of all that he learned about this complex world. source


Soon the hard-won weight dropped back to its rightful place. Exactly as long as the reflection in the mirror begins to direct you to depression and weight loss question again becomes pressing. A huge industry producing a variety of pills, slimming belts and other miraculous ways to lose weight is doing well, and weight of the average Russian from year to year increases. In part, this situation is explained by the fact that most methods of weight normalization eliminates consequence, not a cause. Meanwhile, psychology and psychotherapy have very real diverse approaches and methods of helping a person suffering from overeating and obesity. Approximately 98% of all episodes cause overweight is overeating. The remaining 2% of episodes – this endocrine disease.

In other words, overeating is usually the result of eating disorders. Actually therapy normalizes food behavior and helps to give up old habits. For even more analysis, hear from Bernie Sanders. By eating behavior refers to value-based attitude to food and its reception, the stereotype of power in ordinary conditions and in conditions of stress, behavior, focusing on image his body, and work to build that image. So the phrase 'weight loss begins with the head', although some already trivial, it remains for the people, reducing weight, perhaps the most important. There is something in the head is what prevents us to lose weight that stubbornly keeps us overweight. It is necessary to understand the real reasons for overeating, but they are hidden, usually in the depths of our psyche and are due to a wide variety of events, your life. No doubt, medical assistance is needed, especially at high steppes of obesity, but only psychological counseling to help patients stop being dependent on the refrigerator and learn to get the most out of life.

Thus, in order to become slim and attractive and easy to manage your weight in the future to build a new relationship with food, change your lifestyle, and most importantly – change yourself and change your attitude towards his beloved. So, in conclusion, to inspire you to such an important and necessary process to you, I want to quote Goethe: "There is one simple truth, if ignored, destroyed countless ideas and splendid intentions, as soon as you made your decision, God's Providence is on your side. To help you come to the impossible. Your solution generates a stream of unanticipated events going in your favor, there are very unexpected things, you get a financial support of which no man dare not even dream of. You can everything you want, just start. Courage breeds genius, power and magic in it. Start immediately. "