Free Online Games

Generally usually they are short games. This must to that they go directed to smallest, to the children. They do not tolerate to do the same all along. They like to change. What they liked yesterday, today no longer interests to them. For that reason the games offer the possibility of submerging to them in different worlds by brief periods from time. They enter and they leave constantly. They are games free, the parents do not have to buy faces consoles so that their children amuse themselves.

All require to be connected to Internet to be able to play. As they are ” title=” juegos” > games for boys there are many are educative. Others are of races of cars, of sports, to dress the personages, of fights, competitions, I devise, comparison. It is not necessary to pay a monthly subscription to comprise of the community, with only acceding to the site one can begin to amuse itself. These sites usually have a great variety of games divided by categories, reason why S.A. to begin to play one, this is boring, it is only necessary to close it and abrir another one. The purpose of both is the same. They look for that the boys amuse themselves, who they entertain, that can learn values through the games, that can solve single situations and that have their personal space. Because then the unique option must be the expensive consoles? Those people who cannot buy a console, do not have right to amuse themselves? If instead of to read you prefer to play, I recommend east site to you: title=” juegator” > juegator.


The workers know that the auricular protector is necessary but that its use cause discomfort and bother. A related site: Former Maryland Governor mentions similar findings. 6- In the welding team, to each three workers one (1) temporarily after feel some effect negative of the noise the hours of working. This sample plus a type of problem generated in the execution of the task. In the jateamento team, the number of employees that feels negative effect temporarily after due the noise the hours of working is inferior to the one of the welding team. This can really have certain direction because in the measurements it was evidenced that the noise generated in the activity of welding is really superior to the level of noise generated in the activity of jateamento.

7- A small number of workers affirms to have problems of convivncia in the home with respect the auditory loss. This fact already was waited in view of the conclusion of item 4, that is I begin it to the activity, has not demonstrated that the workers have auditory losses had the exposition to the noises. This small number can be caused by some another type of problem In accordance with the measurements, can be verified that the noise levels sufficiently are raised arriving the values of peak of 121 dB (), in the activity of welding, with average around 107 dB (). Already in the activity of jateamento, the biggest measured value was of 121,5 dB (), with average around 97 dB (). Valley to stand out, one more time, that these values are not the average values of the sound pressure levels during all the daily day of the worker, of form that these are not applied for question of induced auditory loss for noise and yes they had been the average values only during certain interval of time of the hours of working, that is, only at those moments where all the equipment were on at the same time.