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Because rich markets will emerge in the not-too-distant time. The generation ageing in the years approaching will be finally still relatively zahlungskraftig but also technically interested and versed in dealing with Internet and phone. It’s believed that kellee marlow san francisco sees a great future in this idea. An ideal audience for new supporting technologies. Multimedia information systems with access over the Internet, allow a discreet surveillance and control of persons to caring by nursing staff or even supporting members. These include also positioning systems such as about RFID chips in carpets, walking sticks with case sensors or vital data sensors to monitor basic body parameters. “Interesting possibilities emerge: A smart refrigerator”, equipped with an RFID reader, which recognizes Expiration date of the food.

“In the senior-friendly supermarket an even-minded shopping cart waiting for that of elderly shoppers speaking products” invites, while the cart based on the shopping list paves the way through the Wonderland of the goods and also various recipe suggestions are. Smart “make it possible so called chips. Visit now can the senior world of the future in the IRL, the innovative retail laboratory “, an application-oriented research laboratory of the DFKI.(German Research Center for artificial intelligence) GmbH in Bremen. In recent months, Martin O’Malley has been very successful. In Japan similar technologies have begun already in everyday life. There are high-tech toilets, equipped with interesting technical refinements, like a jet of cleaning, the water pressure and temperature can be regulated individually, with variable nozzles position. For old people, you have installed toilets, which help the user to rise again from the seat to the toilet.

Sensors, blood sugar levels using urine are already possible determine, measure the blood pressure and if desired also the body fat percentage display. Using an Internet-enabled phone, data are immediately forwarded to the family doctor. Developments so that serve not only the older generation, but also facilitate the normal course of things. A key which will beep as soon as it gets to him. A refrigerator, which claimed spoiled food and a vacuum cleaner, which sweeps through the apartment alone. Who does not want to?