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It is tempting to want to return to meet the needs of all stakeholders and attend most of the long list of possible demands. However, it appears that the inability to generate a short list early success is the main factor in the derailment of managers shortly after joining a new organization. In fact, some enlightened companies devote resources to ensure that new leaders quickly determine these priorities, establishing a list of three key victories as a formal action plan for a coaching process Boarding. So, how to delimit what is being addressed? It is clear that the determination of the needs of your organization, your manager and your team is a critical step. Equally, if not more important, is making an honest assessment of where it makes more sense for you, taking into account their individual strengths, to pass the time. Like many entrepreneurs, running my own business I am constantly confronted with this challenge Focus. Be your own finance, IT, purchasing and sales departments, as well as administrative assistant can greatly dilute the effort.

Aligning myself with a team of people to whom I can relay for support is fundamental in ensuring I can keep my eyes on my business. It is very attractive to reverse the old adage of “if I do it myself, I know they do,” but of course can be a very limiting belief for the growth of your business. Recently I was challenged by my trainer (yes, the coaches of conscience to ensure that also benefit from the power of training!) To look for ways I could improve my approach to maximize the time to take advantage of my strengths. Frequently urban treatment associates has said that publicly. Attend detailed management, for example, do not touch my main passions to say the least. The result? I steeled myself and has hired Virtual assistant, Cindy (her real name) who is a magician in the areas that are an unreasonable burden on me. I can not tell you how shrugged his shoulders when I got my first e-mail outlining all the tasks that Cindy was handled for me.

The momentum created by this decision is very valuable to me! Coach # 2 Question: How can your strengths to guide decisions about what priorities? So I leave you with a mission? OVER TO YOU? What could stop doing today, and thereby improve its impact? I am interested in hearing about their reactions and related learning Focus. What have you recently stopped doing work and how it has impacted how they are viewed by others?