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(C). mortality, enormous and growing, have been already a quarter of the population Athenian but indirectly, allows a truce to the war. His enemies, by checking the catastrophe, paralyze their actions for fear of contagion. The League of Delos, fighting against the plague, must make an important decision: who will happen to Pericles? Cleon, son of Strategos, noble birth and leader of the more radical faction within the Athenian democracy, is elected. The war would come with him to a new resurgence of actions. Five years would have to last horrifying plague. Undermined in their lifeblood, the people want peace, but Cleon doesn’t want to wait longer and goes on the offensive. In recent months, Michael Chabon has been very successful.

Cleon forces managed some successes on the ground while they continued their naval raids on the Peloponnese. Cleon, who unlike Pericles if you want military confrontation, studied the situation and concluded that attacking the Spartan weakness: the helot, was the key. Thus, after extending its military activity to the States of Boeotia and Aetolia, begins to fortify their posts in advance around the Peloponnese. One of them was near Pylos, on a small island called Sphacteria, out of reach of the lacedaemonians. Strategic warfare and the peace of Nicia Cleon strove to take advantage of its naval supremacy isolating Sphacteria for one simple reason: if it was promoting the massive leak of helot towards that island, the system economic lacedaimonius would fall down to pieces. This measure was really convincing. This mass of slaves, the backbone of the economy, did the job than the Hoplites, Spartan Warrior race, it could do. No OS Joaquin Toledo, specialist in universal history, with extensive experience in research on world conflicts and wars. Blogs related description of the Egyptian Tomb in Tarragona from the file of the the great arcade Blog Archive the neighboring Mercedes (excerpt from where are the memories of FRANCO? Blog de Xavier Casals Pericles and the Athenian Ideal, Part 2 The Occidental Quarterly do IRREPARABLE disaster area? Fact and fiction in TV series about Manuel Rodriguez checked anomalies in rare traces in fields of two peoples Mexican historian Jean Meyer said his book road to Bajan the International Marathon of the heights returned to twin two 300 Online Watch movies free Online without downloading