Surprised Fish

In novice anglers often have a situation where the fish does not want to get caught on a hook, while a colleague, just around the corner, caught one after another. And we have already assembled, its lure and fastened on his spinning exactly the same, but no fish. "What's your secret?" – Ask the newcomers and begin to suspect a competitor's secret methods of fishing, and even in their spells. But just ask yourself – "What kind of wiring I use?" Surprised widening eyes ask: "What is it?" Well, then let's deal! Throw the bait is small, it still needs to spend wisely (podmotat). If you think you are fairly evenly turning the handle of the coil – you are deeply mistaken. Fish and fearful suspicious, she would not miss everything.

Predators are used to feed other fish and your bait should be similar to one of them. It should entice the predator, appear attractive and appetizing. Observe as full of fish. Certainly not in a straight trajectory as torpedoes (except for attack or escape). There are several types of entries, each of which is better suited to a particular lure, in accordance with how they appear its own peculiarities. But we will focus on the basics. Speed wiring – a classic look. You throws the rope and wait for it touches the bottom, then you will feel a slight push nod spinning.

Take your time, waits for a short pause, as the predator is often lacking at this moment. If you touch the bottom of the strange happened: nod twitched a few times, do not be afraid to make cuttings. From the bottom of the bait and pick up a sharp jerk, keeping tension podmatyvayut line, and then allow it to slowly fall. Posting on the bottom. We provide the bait fall to the bottom and gently poddergivaya spinning about her to the shore. The main thing that our bait does not rise too high. This posting, we simulate feeding the fish, lift the cloud of haze and provoke a predator. The danger of the bottom entries in the high probability of hooks, so you need to know the bottom and be ready for trouble. Sick fish – the next type of wiring. Injured fish can not swim straight, they sink to the side and move in zigzags – an easy prey for predators. Try to simulate the movement of sick fish – expand the spinning to the right, then left. Throw the bait to the bottom, lift it up on a few inches and make again, as if exhausted, fall. It should flutter like a bird with a black wing. Fleeing fish. If a predator sees a fish that "escapes" his instinct that you need to catch up. Give the bait sink to the bottom, and then quickly, with a jerk, podmatyvaete, picking up from the bottom sludge. "Fish" should not be too long and slowly to fall, do not raise it close to the surface. Chaotic wiring. Based on the characteristics of pond, bait at the facility where possible concentrations of fish or an ambush predator. Round the water lilies, are led to the driftwood, diving into pits. Experiment and you may discover a better way to posting and learn feel the bottom and position the bait in the water.

Spitzer Discovers Saturn

The new zone extends across the entire Saturn system, and its orbit is tilted 27 degrees to the plane of the main rings of Saturn. Mass of a substance that forms a ring starts at a distance of about six million kilometers (3.7 million miles) from the planet and extends outward to about 12 million kilometers (7.4 million miles). To fill the entire volume of the ring, it would take about a billion-like planet Land, collected together. One of the most distant moons (satellites) of Saturn, Phoebe, drawn within the newly discovered rings, and, perhaps, is the source of the substance that makes up the ring. Ring rather sparse, consisting of scattered far apart the particles of ice and dust. Infrared sensors-eye telescope, Spitzer failed to recognize the brilliance of cold dust, temperature is only about 80 degrees Kelvin (minus 316 degrees Fahrenheit). This discovery may help solve the age-old riddle of one of Saturn’s moons.

Lapetus (Iapetus) has a strange look – one side of his bright, and the other – very dark, in accordance with the principle, which resembles yin-yang symbol. Astronomer Giovanni Cassini (Giovanni Cassini) first noticed this satellite in 1671, a few years later calculated that the satellite has a dark side, which is now called Cassini Regio (Cassini Regio) in his honor. Ultra- Saturn’s ring could be explained as Cassini Regio (Cassini Regio) has become so dark. The ring is drawn in the same direction as that of Phoebe, while Lapetus (Iapetus), and most of the other rings of Saturn’s moons are moving in the opposite side. According to scientists, some of the dark matter from pulverized long (outer) ring moves inward, toward the Lapetusu, crashing into an ice-covered surface of the satellite, just like the beetles cut into windshield. ‘Astronomers have long suspected a link between Saturn’s moon Phoebe distant and dark matter Lapetusa’ – said of Hamilton. ‘It provides a new ring missing link. ” Verbistser (Verbiscer) with colleagues used the infrared camera, mounted on Spitzer, work in the future (long wavelength) region of the spectrum, the so-called multi-band imaging photometer, to explore the space through small patch of sky in the distance from Saturn, capturing the region inside the orbit of Phoebe.

Astronomers have been suspicious of the fact that Phoebe can make movement in the belt of dust, and, quite naturally, when scientists first cast look at the data obtained by Spitzer, a cloud of dust appeared. The ring would be difficult to see with telescopes operating in the visible spectrum. The relatively small number of particles in the ring may not reflect the many visible light, especially outside of Saturn, where the sun set is rather weak. ‘The particles are at a great distance from each other, that if you were standing in the ring, then you would not understand this “- said Verbistser (Verbiscer). “By focusing their attention on the brilliance of cold dust, which consists of a ring, Spitzer has simplified the task of discovery.

Jazzy House

Name Wet imagination to attract a crowd of young Boys of the case of cubes. Jazzy House and the rhythm of lazy patterns and cocaine traffickers. During his practice came across and pearls. In the city of Samara at the entrance to the club, which is a cafe Cornflower, on board 5×5 feet wore a sign: disco, purely just dance! In Moscow, the stadium was the Water Club, which offers a whole series of parties: September 1 – The opening of hunting season and September 8 – Hunting season is open. And who would like to see organizers of a party Barmalei feat Dr. Aibolit, generally unclear. Inventing a name, go to the next point – the event program. As one friend of mine: I've seen everything! Tarzan and Kendimeny tired, everywhere the same.

However, for example, the London club Minystry of Sound plays a girl dj (Part-time cover girl). In the most crucial moment of his set it Bare your breasts, thus making a stir at danspole. Unfortunately, we have girls djs little (especially exterior of the model), and few of them agreed to show at the console all the wonders of the world. But you can go to the trick. Invite striptzershu, declaring it as a dj Mari or Juanna (and can be fused), while adding that she was from Amsterdam or Berlin (where the dj is more than ordinary people) put it to a turntable, turn the two-hour mix (any format) and wait for the reaction of the audience.

Christ Benedicente

Fabiane Rossi Date In this article considers a reading in the renascentista painting for the bias of two artists, Giovanni Bellini and Rafael Sanzio, evidencing its workmanships whose thematic and headings consist of ' ' Christ Benedicente' ' (The Blessing Christ). One expects, from this comparison enters the workmanships of Bellini and Rafael, to find characteristics with the period in common where they had been produced (Renaissance), but also the differences between them, thus searching to understand the poetical one of each artist, looking for to perceive the permanncias and the ruptures of both the artists stop with the thematic one portraied. Renaissance: an introduction In century XIV initiates a period of changes in the Europe: the form of politics-economic-social organization if modifies to the few for the mercantilism or daily pay-capitalism; it has the sprouting of the bourgeoisie as capital detainer; the acirramento of the mercantile contact with Asia and with it occurs together a great flow of people for the European continent. Allied to these changes, it is to transformation of the human ideals, in the form of the humanismo, occurring ' ' renascer' ' of the ideas on the life, the body, the social one. The term renaissance passed to be used to call this ' ' renascer' ' artistic and scientific occurred between centuries XIV and XVI, having as characteristic main the revalorizao of the thought and the art of the Classic Antiquity, the formation of a culture humanist, the rationality, the individualism and the scientific severity. The artists of this time if had guided for ideals of perfection, balance and favour, represented with the aid of the symmetry directions and ratio of the figures. He has the valuation of the man and the nature, in opposition to the holy ghost and to the supernatural one, concepts of the Average Age (Scholastic).

This to come back the look on itself exactly made to also resurge the studies in the fields of sciences human beings, as well as the aguamento of the spirit of comment of the man and the way where it lives (naturalismo). Others two marcantes characteristics had been the rationalism, that is, the certainty of that everything could be explained by the reason of the man and science; the individualism, reflecting the idea of that each one is responsible for the conduction of its life, in opposition to the effective estamentrio system in the Average Age. At this time it also has the alteration of ' ' for quem' ' if it makes art: previously the Church Catholic was configured as the main financier of the Art, but, from the Renaissance, who also assumes this role to finance artistic making is the patrons, sponsors of the Art, that if configured between the bourgeois ones, and in lesser it has broken the European governing and the clergy. This meant in an increasing valuation of the art, especially in the Italic Peninsula, cities as Venice, Florena and Genoa, that had had an expressive artistic and intellectual movement? what it made Italy to be known as the cradle of the Renaissance.

State Treasury

With all the possible titles to its salary, Augusto began to reform the institutions. The Senate was reduced to 600 members and the handling of the finances of the state was entrusted to him. The question is that means gens? Then: having itself discussed much on the nature and constitution of gens, we create useful to indicate of that the difficulty of the problem consists. Gens formed a body whose constitution was completely aristocratic, and thanks to their organization the patricios of Rome and the eupatridas ones of Athens perpetuated during long time their privileges. When it won the popular party I do not stop fighting with all forces that one institution, and if it had been able to sweep it, it is probable that we had not had left of she the smaller memory. But tapeworm as much life and was so ingrained in the customs, that were not possible to make it disappear absolutely.

According to ” Fustel de Coulanges” . In Colombia we can find a body aristocratic, in charge to exhaust the town of a net arbitrary way. They began with the excessive operation and nonin agreement in this way they have been in charge to eliminate the institutions that belonged to the town, with the purpose of to put under it and to humiliate it ” completely;. we know that to Augusto the legislative power was granted to him, abolished the elections and in its place I only create the consilium friendly princes, compound his. On a par, stopping I dedicate myself you order to reorganize them senatorial and equestrian (cavalry) of where Ivn to leave the magistrates provinces was originated in the senatorial order, while the administrators of the imperial finances solicitors were chosen of the equestrian order. that meant to stop for the Romans? It meant an imperial title granted by the family of the Roman patricios.

The family of gens whose meaning is (Clan) to case Romans were glimpsed by Augusto and fell in (anthropocentrism) or granted but to be able to (anthropomorphism) or simply they were apathetic? Very simple questions before the eyes of a historian. Those measures managed by Augusto cleaned of corruption the state. Which to seem is not objective. to case a terrestrial state can be cleaned of corruption? he is not much more sensible to say that in that one state the corruption I fall considerably? The deficit of the State Treasury I publish, administered by the Senate tapeworm that constantly to be corrected with the personal rents to stop. For which This it saw you forced to expand its private dominions. Of all ways, the impulse that August it gave to Rome was considerable. I construct districts (14 of which they conform the capital), development works you publish monumental, incentive the growth of the middle-class farmer by means of the earth distribution, assets agriculture, the crafts and the commerce. The architecture, the sculpture, engineering, the arts generally, reached their maximum brightness. Augusto d.C at the age of 76 years died in year 14, Augusto had left an empire unified and powerful, with an own language, the Latin, and cultural landlords that habrian to leave a perennial track against the other civilizations.

Tax Code

Direct costs in accordance with the legislation include: – cost of purchasing raw materials and (or) materials used in the production of goods (performance of works and services), and (or) form the basis of either being a necessary component in the production of goods (works, services) – the cost of acquisition of components subjected to installation, and (or) semi-exposed to additional processing of the taxpayer – the cost of labor personnel involved in the production of goods, works and services, as well as the amount of the unified social tax and the cost of mandatory pension insurance, going to finance the insurance and funded part of pension accrued on those amounts of labor costs – the amount of depreciation on fixed assets used in the manufacture of goods, works and services. Indirect includes all other expenditures, excluding non-operating (Article 265 of the Tax Code). The organization has the right establish a list of direct expenses other than the one provided for in Art. 318 of the Tax Code. This list needs to be fixed in accounting policy (Letters from the Russian Ministry of Finance 11.11.2008 03-03-06/1/621, from 10.04.2008 03-03-06/2/267, from 28.03.2008 03-03 – 06/1/207, from 27.08.2007 03-03-06/1/597). In practice, some organizations, a question arises: is it possible to identify all the costs as an indirect and thus abandon the direct costs? In our opinion, this should not be, because the Tax Code clearly states that charges should divided into direct and indirect. Therefore, if the organization will take into account all the expenses only as indirect, the principle of separation of the Tax Code, will be disrupted.

Italian Government

His colleague of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, said that the program of the BCE had to be an exception since if appellant becomes something they will end up being right those that, when the Euro was introduced, feared that organism worried the monetary stability less than than what the Bundesbank had done traditionally it. They go Rompuy it applauds the Italian measures On the other hand, the president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, greeted " rigurosas" financial measures adopted by the Government of Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, within the framework of a new plan of adjustment. " Support totally and greeting the opportune financial measures and rigurosas" impelled by Italy, it indicated Go Rompuy after to have maintained a telephone conversation with Berlusconi. " Those approved measures are crucial important not only for Italy but for all the eurozona" , it indicated. The Italian Government approved a new plan of adjustment of 45,500 million Euros with which he tries to reach the budgetary balance in 2013 and to calm the restlessness of the markets on the situation which they cross the public finances of the country. Rome will implant the call " contribution of solidaridad" , that it burdens with a 5% the wages that surpass the 90,000 Euros to the year, and with a 10% to which they exceed the 150,000, all of them deductible ones of the rent and with a duration of three years as of 2011. The Italian Government bet in addition by the suppression to the provinces of less than 300,000 inhabitants or 3,000 kilometers squared of surface. Source of the news: Berlin is against the creation of euro-bonds and the European Council applauds the adjustments of Italy.

Latin America

He is known by his magical realism in his form to write, its incredible imagination, – and by his radical political ideas. Its imagination does not have you limit, and all that have read their works, are faithful admirers for all the life. – One of its famous works but ” One hundred Anuses of Soledad” which it wrote in Buenos Aires in 1967, – it made winner of the Nobel prize de Literatura in 1982. -. – This book sold but of 8.000 copies in one week, – and after being translated to 24 languages, I get to sell 36 million copies in the course of 3 anuses.

This book also I gain several prizes, among them the Chianchiano Prize in Italy, and the Best foreign Book in France and Spain. – Its life always been has surrounded by Political Problems. – In 1981 it had to leave Colombia and to exile themselves in Mexico, since it was accused to finance the M-19, a Liberal group of Guerrillas in Colombia. 8’>Intel. Its friendship with Fidel Castro also has been source of strong criticisms, being accused of Communist, nevertheless, ” Gabo” , as many call to him, it is rather a existencialista that follows its own policy., without concerning the opinion to him of anybody. The test this in that it has a written book, which has not published, very frank and it last on the Cuban Revolution, and the life of that undergone town under the regime of Fidel Castro. – This book has declared that not sera published until the relations between Cuba and the United States returns to normality. Not even the same Fidel has managed to be able to read this book, which this kept under strict security..

These advisers once defined their work area contacted themselves with their potential clients, in places public or prevailed previously selected, the first contact tapeworm like purpose of breaking the ice, can occur an explanatory pamphlet, an invitation to char it informal or any other means that are considered apt to wake up the interest of the candidate, the objective is to manage to make specific an appointment, of preference in its house, and of being possible with the presence of all the family. A trained good adviser could get to have in his agenda enters 15 20 daily interviews. Once made specific the interview, the adviser comes by far tact, to present/display his plan of financial advising, leaving for the next visit a possible incursion in the problematic particular financier of the family. As he increases the confidence in his adviser, the family raises her difficulties and the adviser indicates to them as they are the aspects that in their opinion would have to improve to obtain better results in the relation income debits, will analyze with them the measures to take in order to adjust the negative aspects. When it requires it to the situation can offer to them a loan in favorable conditions to adjust credits already overcome and this way to improve its possibilities of obtaining surpluses in cash.

Once achieved immediate goal to organize the familiar finances, one worked in the surpluses that will arise through a budget balanced and directed to reach this intention, the primary objective generally is to obtain surpluses in the order of 10% of the familiar budget, to the purchase of a plan of saving and investments. In the financial markets of the call first world, the interest rates went up to around 1% to 1.5% annual, of way of which S.A. candidate offered itself to duplicate to him or to triple this indicator in its plan of investments surely was a fort incentive to obtain its acceptance.