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As provedoras de Servicos precisam adaptar suas Estrategias aos mercados locais Paderborn (Alemanha), 02 de agosto de 2011: to estudo recente realizado por analistas lideres preve to crescimento mundial no Numero de usuarios dos Servicos de pagamento por telefonia movel. To aumento geral de 38.2% em of Relacao a 2010 fara com que ele ultra passe a marca dos 141.1 milhoes. Devido a essa tendencia as Transferencias de dinheiro as recargas Pre pagas serao as maiores responsaveis pelo volume de Transferencias of nos mercados em desenvolvimento, onde a maioria because populacao constituida pelos “sem-banco”. A Orga systems, a primeira opcao para cobranca faturamento em tempo real, criou uma Solucao segura expansivel que permite que as operadoras de telefonia as Instituicoes financeiras oferecam Avancados Servicos financeiros moveis de pagamento em tempo real. Adaptacao of Estrategias as of exigencias do mercado local OS mercados em desenvolvimento possuem Condicoes favoraveis para os pagamentos por telefonia movel; alta penetracao de dispositivos of moveis a baixa penetracao de Servicos bancarios Sao tipicas.

Mesmo assim, as projecoes de crescimento nesses mercados nao Sao tao fortes como previstas a despeito that Condicoes beneficas para o pagamento por telefonia movel. A chave para a garantia do sucesso a longo prazo que as provedoras do of Servico precisam adaptar suas Estrategias as of exigencias do mercado local. O of un’investimento em of technologies financeiras moveis baseadas no tempo real que incluam uma ampla funcionalidade faz com que as operadoras superem tais desafios. ISSO permite que oferecam uma talk barata de distribuicao ampla obtenham as Servicos financeiros habilidades para proverem. O MMS (mobile money system) because oferece amplas Funcoes para gerir o de uma talk dia-a-dia ORGA Systems de Distribuicao de dinheiro movel em alta escala. O aumento because fidelidade do cliente o crescimento receitas O fato de os Servicos moveis para a movimentacao de dinheiro oferecerem alternativa corn conveniente aos sistemas tradicionais de pagamento no mundo representa to inovador fluxo de receitas para as Operadoras de REDES Moveis. Nos mercados em desenvolvimento, os celulares representam uma Solucao Economica para a transferencia de dinheiro por telefonia movel.

O un’incremento deste aspecto como os Servicos de pagamento of preencherao a lacuna para que os Usuarios tenham acesso aos Servicos financeiros “sem-banco”. O MMS as ORGA Systems proporciona o uso facil, Seguranca disponibilidade ao mesmo tempo, Garante a fidelidade do cliente o crescimento that receitas. Como as Transferencias de dinheiro as recargas Pre pagas serao as maiores responsaveis pelo volume de Transferencias, o MMS fornece a habilidade para a realizacao de transacoes of diversificadas a Integracao amesma plataforma com a qual as operadoras estejam trabalhando. * Orga systems a primeira opcao para of cobranca faturamento em tempo real A pasta de Faturamento convergentes de cobranca em tempo real da ORGA Systems lucrativos permite a realizacao de Negocios para Empresas de Telecomunicacoes, Instituicoes financeiras Moveis Fornecedores de Energia. OS produtos Servicos de consultoria as ORGA Systems foram concebidos para a vida em to mundo conectado: arquitetura expansivel, excelente desempenho, o corn baixo rating latency uma coerente centralidade nos clientes garantem to acesso confiavel a torment across tipo de servico movel da proxima Geracao. Corn de 40 clientes ao redor do mundo, servindo a corn de 350 milhoes de assinantes confiam na Orga systems seus obtem vantagens competitivas nos setores industriais: OPEX reduzido, tempo real para o produto chegar ao mercado, ROI of rapido acesso beneficiario a novas cadeias de valores. Contact: Orga Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Eva Heumann Head of corporate communication


Several sports betting daily in the Internet companies on the games of their favorite man. But not all customer concerns only the play instinct. The betting monopoly in Germany is tipped and the Bundesliga start again imminent. Several sports betting daily in the Internet companies on the games of their favorite man. But not all customer concerns only the play instinct. Some money safe – with sports betting on the Internet made possible by the high number of competing betting company constantly each other to outdo in betting odds and bonuses. This result in phenomena like “ARBS” and “Bonus slide”.

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It is important to assess the talent not only by What can do, but by what might to be performed by the company, if it is properly channeled. Train personnel: a survey by found that 58% of respondents considers crucial to continue or enter a company this gives you opportunities for professional growth, constant training can help your employees to grow professionally and therefore think twice before changing jobs. Remember that the salaries are no longer the only incentive: for increasingly more candidates, money and ostentatious additional benefits are no longer labor panacea. The offer of real benefits, such as a better balance between life and work, as well as more flexible labour practices, are increasingly more cherished. Establish evaluation methods: when you do make sure that staff understand how that will be evaluated and enhances information results thereof, for the benefit of the development of those involved.

To make the work stimulating: make sure that each employee count with a plan of challenges and at the end of the term ask them to assess the level of compliance and commitment to their work. Keep them informed: periodic reports on the impact of its work in the company, with the intention that perceive that their work contributes significantly in the success of the same share. These are some of the measures designed to develop the ability to manage the talent, which is to ensure, whatever the challenge facing your organization, key characters stay with you to face this challenge and overcome it. For this purpose, it is necessary to have well identified the talent within the company, what it does, what are your skills and what you can expect from them. It is important that every company cares about define their strategic, present and future needs, so that you can assess if personnel within the Organization has the features to cover them, once made, the results will soon arrive, concluded Arthur Rosales.