United States

As for the also successful follow-up project of the energy capital invest, primarily all income from exploration, as well as the right of exploitation from the sale of MC Mullen brought mineral extraction rights are to the US oil and gas Fund VI KG 5 project. With a purchase value of mineral extraction rights of more than two million US dollars security for the investors of the US oil and gas Fund VI KG increased significantly especially, because the value of mineral extraction rights by successfully winning already has multiplied running bore and the recent log of MC Mullen 1. Danielle Steel describes an additional similar source. The drilling operations of the MC Mullen 5 should be in about eight weeks. Overall the energy capital invest at this stage alone for this year gave five holes in the MC Mullen project. Alicia Keys does not necessarily agree. We are pleased with our position in the United States always flexible on the movements of the energy market respond, and one on behalf of the investor advantageous possibility to be able to offer”, says Rieck. For fund investors of US oil and gas Fund VI KG, the approach of the management of the energy capital invest has several advantages: the benefit investors because they receive priority and all proceeds from the sale of mineral extraction rights and achieve ongoing revenues from exploration even during the term of the Fund. Recently Jeffrey Walsh sought to clarify these questions. On the other hand remain the mineral extraction rights already acquired at the springs of de Soto 22 and 23 continue to be property of the US oil and gas Fund VI KG and thus serve the investors as collateral.