Torriente Diaz

no generation could endure what is happening in CUBA-many times I have said, that each people has what he DESERVES! and those who live in CUBA (that don’t even accept call them CUBANS) have what they deserve, because they have failed to defend your country and continue with the same after of 50 years! This to me is EMBARRASSING! Sometimes up to me abochorno say I am Cuban.-There are many articles that I have written about this.-some have raised WELTS! And not for that count EMAILS that I have received-those who have made a fortune here talking on the radio, as Perez-Roura, insulting, but I have them answered that the only thing that always han has been talking much crap, about FIDEL, but they have never had TROUSERS to be mounted on a ship to go to defend their homeland- and that the only thing that interests them are their concerns radio insulting Fidel, but 90 miles of distance.-(with these same words)-however also have received many other EMAILS of people who give me rightly., and felicitandome. Anyway, I am so disappointed in those who live in Cuba (which neither resemble the real CUBANS, – who have always had the pants very good jobs), which already I don’t care if they die of hunger and needs. That’s what they want, because that continue with their RUMBA! .-SO IS HOW THEY ARE HAPPY! I hope also many forgive my sincerity, if I hurt some feelings – but this is my way of being and of write-always say the TRUTHS, DUCTAL to whom you hurt.-Unfortunately, we also have to Venezuela, which go by the same road of Cuba., unless they form a real revolution.-for me it is inconceivable that at these heights, – still think that CHAVEZ will allow a referendum, that is honest, real and legal- as it is possible that certain countries are left blinded in this way art l-1 l – 2 l – 3 l – 4 l – 5 l – 6 l – 7 l – 8 l-9 Eva’s Torriente Diaz FEB. 12, 2009 Original author and source of the article.. Click Bill Frissell to learn more.