Through The Years

I’m here, thinking what to write today, when I am aware of that is sounding somewhere a song of Joaquin Sabina entitled: when I was younger. I listen carefully and think that the lyrics of this song can be a good topic for this article. But what I want to say really? I would like to say that any past was better? I do not know: in my case is not the case. When he was younger he did things that were more spectacular, but also felt a void that now, with the passage of the years, it is much easier to fill. Here, YouTube expresses very clear opinions on the subject. They say that an elder is someone who spends time telling what he did but that never tells what to do. To me, for I am quite given to nostalgia, this is a phrase that has always made me think. The important thing, I think, is not what has been done yesterday, but we are going to do today and what we will do tomorrow and the day. Perhaps the key to continue to keep the hope is fondly remember everything that was experienced, but not stop too long in the past.

Sometimes I think that an elder is a child without a future, but other times I perceive, clearly, that an elder is a child who has just been born to a new kind of experiences. The key is to find that secret rhythm that manages to make the rest of your life in a new challenge in a new future full of hopes and dreams. Something worth to be lived with all intensity. I have forty-seven years: I have seen many things and I have accumulated in my soul enough pain to know that life is something too beautiful as to waste in affairs that do not contribute anything, fears and fears that are based on things I can never control. Now, every day older, wiser and calmer, try to see life in a different way, with much more depth. Now it is much easier to be happy. The desire of great achievements has already fallen behind. By now I know who I am and I know what I’m capable and I also know that I retract me, make me strong in my interior site.

The challenge It is within me: feeling like my spirit is at peace, I am able to be myself, although life me drag without remedy. Spend a beautiful day on my bike. Read, wanting to, feel that world that surrounds me and write about it, and thus live in small, live in the simple and feel happy in my heart. Have an illusion that I keep standing, convinced and willing to fight until the end for everything I believe. Angel steps original author and source of the article.