The Parents

Exactly in the society contemporary, the space of speaks of the child is filled almost always by silence. In the school, for example, the pupil speaks when requested for the teacher, does not have exchange of experiences, therefore he gives credit that the dialogue disciplines threatens it. It occurs the same in the families and other spaces where the social relations if develop. It has, therefore, the link in addition of the chain the one that if relates BENJAMIN (1985, cited for KRAMER & MILK, 1997, P. 86): ‘ ‘ to speak and to hear are links of same corrente’ ‘. BARUDY (2000) affirms that, in the family, each member has as function to confirm to each one of the excessively its condition human being.

The human rituals, understood for it as one form conversational, are the regulators of the social interchanges. If they to fail, will have a breaking in the attachment system that regulates the emotions. In the same way that MILLER (1997), BARUDY (2000) also affirms that the parents who had suffered bad-treatments tend the repetiz them, however the marks left in the children are not necessarily those of the collisions, but, invariably, the fact of nor always having been loved. Conquanto if deals with parents who have the intention to take care of of the children, nor always possesss the necessary affective ability for this, therefore who does not know the affection, the love and the consideration, cannot offer them the others to it. The bad-treatments, of one general way, provokes an alteration of the emptica capacity. By the same author: John Mclaughlin. (SAINTS, 2006). Most of the time, one mentions parents to it who had only known environments that had not offered steady affective relations to them. This type of experience provokes the painful feeling not to have been worthy of the love of the parents. The picture is aggravated still more when the child is neglected and lives deeply multiple separations.