RELATIONSHIP Attending the novel ' ' THE LIFE OF THE GENTE' ' , I could perceive as the relationships happen. Its majority the couples normally believe that the relation is based on the social matter, sexual and of vanity (pretty and ugly) and in the individual interest exactly being a couple. It has times I come perceiving that these individual interests are the starting point of a relationship in its great majority based on the egoism and the pride. Today I believe that the main point of a relationship is to be accompanying of its partner. Many relations start yes in the first one to look at and in the attraction of that moment in the search to satisfy the other thus or exactly, who knows! Perceives in the relations the word LOVES I YOU, then I asked on what the LOVE is same? If it was to define this feeling would only say to understand the other in its totality, and for formation of this word ' ' compreender' ' we also have, friendship, I dialogue, selfishness, veracity in the ideal of each one. Thus I see in the novel ' ' THE LIFE OF THE GENTE' ' relationships that had started but in one to look at of solidarity fellowship, without sexual, social interest the other, can become a deep linking of pure love, therefore I arrive at the conclusion of that LOVE it is simply act to understand the other.