The King

Everything this was planned so that Daniel was catches in some inadequate attitude. This act designated during the day compromised all the night of the king. It had a sleeplessness night and was in a perpetual agony, worried about Daniel in the hollow of the lions. However, then per the morning, he ran until the hollow of the lions to know if it had been eaten for feras. John Lennon will not settle for partial explanations. Dn 6.19-21: E, per the morning early, if raised and was with haste to the hollow of the lions. E, arriving itself it hollow, called for Daniel with sad voice; e, speaking the king, said the Daniel: Daniel, servant of the alive God! Would be given the case that your God to who you continuously serve, has been able to exempt you of the lions? Then, Daniel spoke to the king: king, lives forever! It is seen in the narrative, that the night had distinct moments for the king and Daniel.

While the king agonized in suffering for the life of Daniel. Daniel knowing the great power of its God trusted that he would send the aid. Thus, the aid did not come in the period of morning, but God was with it during all the night until the dawn of the day, stamping the mouth of the lions. Book of 2 Samuel (CAP. 11.2-5; 12.6-17) – king Davi had sent its troops for the battlefield, being in the palace to rest.

In the period of the afternoon he decided to walk for the terrace, moment where he sighted the Beat beautiful. After that, the palace ordered its servants to bring it and was lain down with it (married with Urias, one of the captains of king Davi). Of this immoral and illegal act (adultery and homicide, respectively), it resulted in dissabores during followed nights of the king. However, had to these two pecaminosos acts, its nights of anguish and suffering had approximately followed it per 25 (twenty and five) years, affecting itself e, mainly, its descent.