Plenipotentiary Minister

Tupa taneha hoop heta ro and rupi. Candelaria Tava 17, December 1810. Manuel Belgrano 3. The GUARANi and the second war world during the second world war and being Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Minister of Mexico in the Paraguay, Doctor Ernesto Soto Reyes, was published here a brochure entitled Manuel Avila Camacho President of United States Mexicans. Mexico in a State of war.

Mexico Marandekoime. Message to the Mexican Congress of the nation of the United States H.. Reply of the H. Congress to the presidential message. Decree that he declares state of war. Legation of Mexico. Asuncion, Paraguay 1942?. Decree by which it declares to MEXICO in State of war Manuel avila Camacho, constitutional President of the United States of Mexico, its inhabitants know: that in exercising the powers conferred on me by the fraction VIII of article 89 of the Constitution of the Republic and whereas I.

Obtaining of universal peace through mutual respect of States and of the primacy of legal norms in the coexistence of peoples is the ideal that has invariably regulated the conduct of Mexico in its international relations; II. that, in the current Warrior race, our country has refrained from any act of violence and has spared no effort to stay away from the conflict; III. that, despite such an attitude, the axis powers have committed repeated acts of aggression against our sovereignty and have neglected our fair repair demands; IV., exhausted diplomatic efforts, it is impossible not to recognize and to proclaim, without erosion of national honor and dignity of the motherland, the existence of a State of war imposed to Mexico by the hostilities of totalitarian governments; V. That, the Congress of the Union approved the 30th day of the month of may the law that empowers the Executive to declare a State of war from the date in which concluded the period indicated in the protest that our Chancery made last May 14 and that the assailants left without reply; I’ve had good issued this decree only article: United States Mexicans are, since on May 22, 1942, in a State of war with Germany, Italy and Japan.