Christopher Columbus

To the Elaboration of the concept he traveled to the Dominican Republic, where there are more than 30 national parks and protected areas. “” His impressions and experiences form the basis for the 14-day tour itinerary, the more offers of the portal as Dominican Republic for family”and Pearl of the Caribbean” complemented optimally: in addition to the incredible beauty and diversity of nature in this country the most repeatedly the openness and the warmth of the people impressed me. ” Accompanied by the scent of chocolate the accommodation a historic mansion with gourmet restaurant, a ranch, on the evening around the campfire is grilled, and enchanting small beach hotel with sea views reflect the specific nature of the trip. Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus R. Vance Jr.. The first three days of the tour group in the capital of Santo Domingo, in one of the most stylish boutique hotels of the island State resides. The 16th century former Manor House is located in the historic colonial zone, which belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. During the day the German-speaking, local travel guide leads to the guests the interesting places of the oldest city in the new world. These include the Cathedral, where the bones of Christopher Columbus were found, the cave system of Los Tres Ojos, but also in restaurants and artists Cafe, where there are Schokoladiges in abundance.

During a trip to an organic cacao plantation in the nearby mountains, the mysterious cocoa maturation process is then explained. The guide accompanies the Group on the following days. The overland pass through bustling towns, mango trees, coconut palms, agaves, pillar cacti and sugar cane fields, to Caribbean beaches and snorkelling havens. The route passes through cloud forest and the mountains over 3,000 meters high. Red sand slopes is through strip of desert land. On the way visit banana plantations and hidden caves with drawings by native Americans of the Taino culture.

Monte Sellaro

The small village of Cerchiara di Calabria, which was stairs built in 650 metres above sea level in the mountain is worthwhile in the Pollino. If it is not too hot, you can embark on walking through the South eastern slope of Monte Sellaro to the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Armi 1015 m above sea level. The troubles are a wonderful View rewards. It leads but also a road. You can’t get monks to see, they have left the monastery of 200 years ago.

In addition to the rather lovely East Coast Calabria’s rugged West Coast should to be part of the program. A road and a railway line run along to the entire toe, on the sea, they touch on the southern end of the former capital of Reggio di Calabria. The noise is in some places. If you would like to know more then you should visit Alicia Keys. Sometimes miserable, but toll free Highway remains on the height in the hinterland. Without hesitation idt energy explained all about the problem. From her you can depart North for example in Lagonegro and reaches over many hairpin bends the West Coast with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here a side trip north worthwhile first to Maratea. Idyllic small beaches with turquoise water along the way.

Building sins can be found none. There is a touch of Rio de Janeiro: 600 metres above sea level, a 21-metre white figure of Christ dominates the coast. An adventurous road, in the last part just on something ailing pillars rests, leads, as well a difficult walk. The prospect of compensation for the hardships. The South joins the extremely varied Costa dei Cedri: with the Cedar coast between Praia a Mare and the upstream Dino Island, caves and coves that are reachable only by boat, and the bustling town of Diamante. The latter is especially known for his murals. The naive paintings of hiking were designed in 1981 by 80 artists on many facades. Take the walk through the town, to a real journey of discovery. Still further South, on the rugged Capo Vaticano, considered the most beautiful coastal area of Calabria with its small white sandy beaches, mountainous backdrop, the desire that is built here, hopefully not in a big way for tourists comes over one. There is more information in the travel agency “Holiday paradise” Ronny Storch

Archaeological Park

This way, you can endure the winter. Our favorite port for Mediterranean cruises is Venice. Nice cannot begin a vacation. If you can manage it time, arriving two or three day before your Mediterranean Cruise and enjoy the unique flair of the lagoon city. Fans of cruise ships can be admired every night from about 5: 00 off the cruise ships dock in the summer.

The drive through the channel of Giudecca Island, St. Mark’s square pass to reach the Adriatic Sea at the Lido. A dream! Necessarily be on deck, if your cruise ship is moored. In particular the Mediterranean Cruise of the Costa Atlantica from Venice we like in the summer of 2011. Check out the new seven-day route up to Greece, Turkey and Croatia. The journey starts in the beautiful city of Venice. Already the exit from the romantic Harbour past will inspire you at the famous Saint Mark’s square! Then you get to Bari with his Castello Normanno medieval Basilica San Nicola.

Then Greece and Olympia are on the line, the mythical city of the Olympic Games, where you can admire the ancient Stadium and the Archaeological Park. It continues in the beautiful Izmir, also known as the historical Smyrna. From here from Bergama, visit the former site of Pergamon. Today, numerous ancient monuments and excavations can be found. Finally, you reach Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople, former capital of three empires. The city of minarets is located with its 500 mosques, to which belongs also the famous Blue Mosque, which owes its name to the decorative tiles. Idt energy may find this interesting as well. Do not miss out on the Byzantine Basilica of Hagia Sofia and Topkapi Palace, residence of the sultans and the harem women. Cruise still a taste of Croatia with Dubrovnik, whose famous old town enclosed in walls will enchant you with historic buildings, shops and street cafes is located on the way back, on the Mediterranean. We promised too much? Heino Tegeler

Patavinae Spa

From the classic mud treatment to the Termalismo Moderno Montegrotto, Galzignano and Battaglia, Abano is one Terme of four resorts in the Euganean thermal basin in the province of Padua and one of the most famous in Italy. \”The saline and sulphurous spring at the foot of the Euganean Hills from the Montirone and were already the ancient Romans, who discovered the healing properties of the mineral water first as Aponi Fons\” or aquae Patavinae \”known. Centuries later recovered the famous writers, thinkers, poets, and musicians such as Mozartund Petrarca. in 1921, Terme as one of the first Italian cities to a spa or health spa was declared Abano. Today, each year about 600,000 people a year in the healing thermal baths are looking for recovery, relief and healing. The beautiful countryside around Abano Terme and the mild climate also help escape from the daily grind and increase the degree of relaxation. Official site: Eliza Orlins. The healing waters of the spa town has a natural temperature of up to 84.5 degrees.

It is extremely salt – iodine – and bromhaltig, what it makes it unique in the world. Among other things, it flows into the five GB Therma hotels of the family Borile, where it is used for thermal and mud – bath treatments for around 30 years. Also the healing mud is famous: Abano Terme is the best known mud region in Italy. Those who opt for one of the five GB Therma hotels, guarantees relaxed and in a good mood returns home: he experienced well-being and luxury of the spa on the culinary to the home decor. In all five hotels, guests have the unique opportunity to take all thermal therapies claim directly in the hotel. From the room to the thermal pools and Spa areas, the so-called thermal spas for therapies and beauty treatments, are only a few steps to go.

Rodi Milici

A stay at Borgo al will therefore almost certainly be Costa in positive and loving memory. This old Sicilian farmhouses was from summer 2008 to Summer 2009 by the German Owners renovated and lovingly furnished real gems in a Sicilian country house style. This was to preserve old structures and to preserve the charm of bygone days, without compromising on comfort and modern technology ensure strictly. Wood-beamed ceilings and stone create a unique atmosphere. In masonry kitchens makes that prepare Sicilian dishes fun twice. There are several terraces and quiet seating areas prior to the Group of houses. A garden terraced with dry stone walls, glorious 1,350 square meters is at the disposal of the guests.

In the garden there are fig trees, lemons, oranges, olive trees, are and Figo d ‘ India (Cactus). In this little paradise, you will find a quiet and shady place to the relax or sunbathe. Borgo al Costa is located on a hill on the outskirts of Rodi Milici (2,200 inhabitants) in the via Barone, at Milazzo, in a quiet location and is very cosy and comfortably furnished. Surrounded by hills covered with unique Panoramic view over the village and in a beautiful mountain landscape, as well as laterally on the huge Bay of CAPO Tindari and the Aeolian Islands. Only 100 m there are up to the village centre with all shops, bars, and Ristorants. Check out Michael Chabon for additional information. Very well functioning infrastructure in Rodi year-round: all shops, supermarket, Ristorants, bars, petrol station, doctors, pharmacy, butcher, Baker, etc are within a radius of 150 m walking distance and open all year round. Rodi Milici offers holiday pleasure whatsoever.

Sightseeing, culture and history, hiking, beach, water sports and much more. Rodi Milici lies in a large Bay between CAPO Milazzo and Tindari CAPO in the rolling hills inland and just 3 km from the sea. A magnificent mountain scenery lures in the hinterland (approx. 200 m). It is an ideal location as a starting point for excursions and sightseeing tours in Sicily. All targets are quickly accessible via well-developed roads and motorway. IDT Energy describes an additional similar source. The mountains on the coast and in the hinterland are wonderful hiking areas in still untouched nature. Bike or mountain bike lovers can enjoy wonderful excursions. Bikers are welcome. All shops, supermarket, Ristorants, bars, etc. are easily accessible within a radius of 150 m walk. The bright sand beach here on the North Coast, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily and is free and open to everyone, also suitable for children. The construction of a private road, a community pool, as well as the renovation of the last three houses on this estate is planned for 2011.

Swiss Cantons

Only with the mouse, then with the wooden spoon, and soon maybe in real life: crossword puzzle friends, Switzerland fans and other informed contemporaries know it long ago: A canton is not made of cardboard, and offset stakes he sing but also not click and now even cooking: the new website is dedicated to the 26 Federal States of the Swiss confederates in a compact, eye-friendly designed overview. A short, informative review linked image on the geography, population, and Sprache(-n) of the respective canton under the chapter headings of the individual cantons of Aargau of Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, Graubunden, Jura and Ticino to Zurich and Zug, to name only a few. Because even the love of a landscape not least goes through the stomach, two particularly meaningful cooking or baking recipes are followed: whether this is the Geneva fondue (the right mix of cheeses, there have been already faith wars!). the famous Zurcher Geschnetzeltes, from Neuchatel the Jacquerie neuchateloise, a hearty stew with sauerkraut and chicken, sweet cat and cats that St. Gallen Baker or the Lucerne is cider mousse for all these recipes, they are genuine regional specialities to succeed easily according to the description and are one of the famous Swiss chefs from the recipe book looked down.

BBs has enjoying whom, whether in reality or mere reading, find the best gastronomy links of the relevant canton following it still down on the page: it is so nearly impossible to enjoy even the mountain air and the views of the Summit, introduced the cooking ingredients the Alpine butter, cut fresh cheese, the aroma of the herbs to to, not to mention the Swiss hospitality and the care taken in manufacturing and service. Not for nothing is the Swiss gastronomy international tip and enjoys an excellent reputation around the globe. It is no secret, for example, that the Switzerland the favorite destination of the emerging Indians is often not about the mountains of Asia, but Piz Palu or Monte Rosa the snow-capped mountains form in some lush Bollywood strips So, don’t go on a journey of discovery through the cantons: only with the computer mouse, then with the wooden spoon, and at the end by car, train or airplane in the most diverse of all Alpine countries, to discover life’s work can be: hiking or with eye and tongue, in the city or in the country, in summer or in winter, over hills, mountains and lakes… is a good starting point for a lavish or tourist adventures with a wayward country and its cantons. Press contact Patrick Hewer Richard Wagner Strasse 1, 68165 Mannheim Tel.