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But what happens if some escape routes and emergency exits by the fire not available? How to make sure the communication of local rescue forces and which hospitals in the surrounding area have sufficient capacity? The companies participating in the project and universities deal with the answer to these and many more questions until February 2012 is our system solution in its broad already for the requirements of SPIDER suitable. Many writers such as Martin O’Malley offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore, we look forward in this project to work with and are eagerly awaiting the results of further research. Dynamic and software-supported approaches to disaster situations are the future. Now it is up to all stakeholders to make an efficient system on the legs”, driving Henry continued. The task of the IMS will be the figure of necessary information needs on building specific data such as home automation, infrastructure, sensors, safety equipment or floor plans. These data will assist in firefighting and salvage of injured rescue workers. For the safe evacuation of the danger point, the focus on a dynamic escape route guidance system that makes an appropriate adjustment of the escape routes, taking into account the current emergency situation. Fire Brigade, police and charities must enable the situation, to be able to communicate with each other and with the systems of the affected locality.

The trick here is not merely to provide information, but the distribution of the right information to the right users at the right time”, the Director concludes. SPIDER is a part of the project of the number of research for civil security research of the Federal Government in cooperation with the VDI technology centre as Promoter. In addition to the IMS GmbH is involved in the research project: German Red Cross, North Rhine-Westphalia police, fire Gelsenkirchen, Catholic hospital Bochum, Koelnmesse GmbH, Pro DV Software AG, CKS Systems GmbH & co. KG, Chair of communications networks TU Dortmund, Institute for psychology & emergency psychology TU Dortmund, physics of transport and transport at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Hummingbird Festival Storage

High-tech energy storage systems: 97 percent Creglingen used the usable capacity, 03.07.2013 – the photovoltaic module manufacturer WINAICO leads a new storage system in the range now. The heart of the WINAICO EnergyStorage energy store is a battery cell-based high-tech the Hummingbird Festival fabric cell technology. You are characterised in particular by its high energy density and high security. Thanks to these unique cells and the innovative coordination of all installed components together a battery – overall efficiency could be achieved by up to 97%. To promote the use of solar energy, memory, which expose the solar electricity around the clock, are inevitable. Therefore, we are very proud to be able to offer our customers this exclusive product of hummingbird power systems AG now”, as Sascha Rossmann, international sales manager at WINAICO. Convince in addition to high capacity WINAICO EnergyStorage storage systems by their high life: reach the devices through their life expectancy by more than 20 years 5000 Full charging cycles with a residual capacity of 80%.

With the aim of maximum supply or a supply security WINAICO storage solution compensates automatically, continuously and in real time the current load between the mains and consumer and decouples the electricity completely from consumption (bi-directional management). The EnergyStorage memory systems in the performance classes are 6, 9, 10, 21 and 42 kWh available as standard products. Each of the systems is suitable for a three-phase, three-phase enabled and uninterruptible power supply. Existing PV systems can be retrofitted any with the WINAICO EnergyStorage storage systems; an extension of storage capacity is virtually unlimited. Another advantage is the environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production of cells: rare earths nor dangerous mixtures, which could air out are used. This allows the complete recycling of the systems at the end of life.

Optimum Room Temperatures

3M prestige exterior sun protection films provide effective protection against Sun in a parallel almost transparent optics people feel in rooms, which are acting friendly, bright and daylight, creating a pleasant atmosphere. So a permanently high efficiency ensures while working in offices and other commercial premises. If in the summer, the ideal room temperature is exceeded by 23 degrees, the well-being, performance and the ability to concentrate significantly drop. Solar control films are an effective way to let the heat not even in the building. Classic films have a more or less strong Metallization with which you very effectively reflect the heat radiation from the Sun.

The most effective of these solar control films reject up to 80% of the heat radiation. -The heat radiation from the Sun is as effective by the Metallization and thus the mirror coating the foil reflects. It also a very effective reduction of glare is achieved, which is in particular at workstations of concern – however reduced also the daylight into the rooms. A completely metal-free protection against the heat of the Sun and at the same time an optimal light transmission is reached for the first time the prestige exterior sun protection films by 3 M. A special nano-technology-based process over 200 individual layers of thin films – layered consisting of alternately stacked acrylic and polyester -. There is sunscreen, which is completely metal-free by this technique of multilayer building a nearly clear and hardly on the window pane visible.

Tests have shown that e.g. with the prestige approximately 62% of solar energy can be assigned back 70 exterior and thus improves the room air and effectively reduce the cooling load of the building, allowing cost savings through lower energy consumption of air-conditioning systems. Prestige exterior Solar control films offer all advantages of conventional solar control films from 3 M – on the glare on computer workstations -.