Blutooth protocol gained popularity due to the prevalence of its practicality and functionality. And the average user simply does not want to know what data is at risk to his cell. Due to its high prevalence, the Bluetooth protocol has long interested hackers who have discovered and found in the minutes of various security holes. Bugs in the protocol Blyutuz can be critical or noncritical. Uncritical vulnerability in the protocol means that an error is detected, but the danger for mobile devices yet. Yet, because the technology of security holes is constantly growing. Critical vulnerability allows an attacker to gain control over a cell phone. This means that an attacker can damage all contact information, read the sms on your phone or send a sms to the number.

No good for mobile users in this. Why do protocol Blutooth so vulnerable? Obviously because the developers of technology – the Scandinavians. Phlegmatic people, and law, they do not take into account how inquisitive minds of other nations and did not expect that their development is late or early fall into hackers. Protocol Bluetoth the earliest versions had a lot of gaps in safety and with time they are finding more and more. Members even have classified the attack nBlutooth – devices – bluesnarfing, bluetracking and bluebugging. Bluebuging, say, gives opportunity to take control of your mobile phone and remotely dial the number you want on it. I think the consequences of such opportunities are unpredictable – from the trivial listen to the call (if the attacker got your number) to calls to premium number.