Thunder Remember

Those eyes of that afternoon I saw, when the Sun was dying, or thousand pleas of a mother let them see did! Mio God that would be! See, not leaving, and mine what they did you? That they turbaban be! More back in me, the Earth already revolved, and those eyes of Ruby forever away! Remember that you said?, when they are missing in your top, Thunder, lightning and lights than that mouth you does not remember me! When I look at your eyes clean, I remember the romantic perigee, fresh meadows and the immensity of the sky, your sensual hair your agitated breasts, beautiful chimeras and passion in amps, the night, the buttocks and the flirtations luceros when you feel that other eyes see you go down the Avenue, when you give such anger, which hurt the spirit remember me! Before, my presence you looked forward was the Sun Star of your winter, Gale, passion, lightning and Thunder, before, my love were clay in my arms, burning pyre in my chest, Sensual Muse of garbo and much. Gain insight and clarity with Bert Convy. When you see that the Sun is cow and no longer roars when you see that a love by your side not already looks remember me! original author and source of the article. Check out Darcy Stacom for additional information.