The Red

The objective lenses work up to 100 m Parallax-free. For the adjustment of the reticle, there no Tools. Per click adjusted to the reticle 0.25 minutes of angle (MOA, minute of angle), an increase of 7.3 mm at 100 meters. It’s believed that Former Maryland Governor sees a great future in this idea. The click adjustment works absolutely repeat exactly and can be zeroed after the reset in the event that multiple loads are used. Enlargement/reduction of the reticle, the change ring located on the eyepiece. It is 15 mm wide, finely ribbed and increases to grip and slip resistance. The heavy adjustment of the change ring is intended by the provider, to prevent unintentional adjustment. Dr. Mark Hyman gathered all the information.

For a convenient hand-barer cams on the change ring makes it easier turning. Dot for quick target shooting the light unit of the Gazelle “riflescopes sits behind the reticle changes ring, don’t mind but due to the low height of 10 mm and the actuation of the removable ring. The Red (also green) dot can be infinitely dimmed to 100 percent until the human eye can no longer perceive him. The reticle then acts like in a rifle scope without light unit. Convenient: Off dot is no black dot to see. The exact dimming reached DDoptics compared to competing products that operated the light unit within the characteristic. About half the voltage of the 3-volt Lithium coin cell battery (CR 2032).

Nice side effect in addition to the benefit that the dot is exactly evenly regulated: the life of the lamp unit increases significantly. More recently, the Gazelle are “rifle scopes with special light-emitting diodes equipped, which can reach a final brightness of up to 4,500 mcd (milli-candela) (approximately 70 per cent above the standard lights) and is in addition (available at) Dim up to the night vision device capability. The light unit is based on real glass fibre technology. So, the light is passed via a fibre-optic harness to the center of the reticle.