The Portuguese

The Portuguese load hard against the associated Oddvar Moen. It underwent one lasts entrance of Leko by which they had to sew to him. The player was not expelled and yes Marcelo, to pretend penalti. The Portuguese of Real Madrid Christian Ronaldo hard criticized to the referee Oddvar Moen, at the end of the party of debut in Liga de Campeones before the Dynamo of Zagreb (0-1), indicating that his action " vergenza&quot has been one; , at the same time as it has taught a blood-stained ankle. Ronaldo showed thus its malaise by an entrance that suffered in the course of the encounter of Leko and affirmed in Telemadrid that, to the margin, was contentment by the result, but added that " hopefully there are no more arbitrations like ste" .

In the same sense, his teammate Karim Benzema assured that this player " he deserved roja" by the lack that the party committed throughout and that finished in Real Madrid in inferiority, after the expulsion of Marcelo by double yellow after simulating penalti. " The referee has been very bad because he has expelled a Marcelo and not to Leko" , the French declared, that he wishes that Christian Ronaldo, that received stitches in the right ankle after a kick, " pronto&quot recovers; , the forward in Telemadrid said. Benzema is outstanding " important victoria" of Real Madrid, after a party " difcil" in that the targets have had many occasions but have not arrived more goals. " Hopefully it is the year of the Madrid" , it added the forward. Karanka: " We go away contentments of Zagreb" In the same line, Aitor Karanka, first technician of Real Madrid when being sanctioned Jose Mourinho, indicated at the end of the party that went away " satisfecho" by the yield of its equipment, although it pointed his misfortune by an entrance that underwent Ronaldo Christian. " Coser&quot has had him; , it pointed Karanka, that said in addition with respect to the entrance to Leko to Christian without sanction, that " it is necessary to measure to all with the same rasero, is necessary to protect to all the jugadores". " If we are well, we do not have preocuparnos" , Karanka commented to define the state of spirit of the equipment. Source of the news: Ronaldo Christian: " The referee has been one vergenza"

Italian Government

His colleague of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, said that the program of the BCE had to be an exception since if appellant becomes something they will end up being right those that, when the Euro was introduced, feared that organism worried the monetary stability less than than what the Bundesbank had done traditionally it. They go Rompuy it applauds the Italian measures On the other hand, the president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, greeted " rigurosas" financial measures adopted by the Government of Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, within the framework of a new plan of adjustment. " Support totally and greeting the opportune financial measures and rigurosas" impelled by Italy, it indicated Go Rompuy after to have maintained a telephone conversation with Berlusconi. " Those approved measures are crucial important not only for Italy but for all the eurozona" , it indicated. The Italian Government approved a new plan of adjustment of 45,500 million Euros with which he tries to reach the budgetary balance in 2013 and to calm the restlessness of the markets on the situation which they cross the public finances of the country. Rome will implant the call " contribution of solidaridad" , that it burdens with a 5% the wages that surpass the 90,000 Euros to the year, and with a 10% to which they exceed the 150,000, all of them deductible ones of the rent and with a duration of three years as of 2011. The Italian Government bet in addition by the suppression to the provinces of less than 300,000 inhabitants or 3,000 kilometers squared of surface. Source of the news: Berlin is against the creation of euro-bonds and the European Council applauds the adjustments of Italy.