Dog Leashes

Wolters Terra leather series from natural nappa leather presents itself. Due to the natural material and the Unverwustbarkeit of a great popularity have dog leashes and collars made of leather. Learn more at this site: Joane Flansberry. Even better if used high-quality leather and ecological processing methods are used. Not to mention the high art of the craft, so the art is all those who process the pieces of leather to a longstanding commodity. It may not be saved to the material. Everyone can imagine a dog leash made of several leather pieces, not as supple feel, like a dog leash, which is made from a piece of leather. Wolters cat & dog brought a leather product range on the market with Terravita, which meets even the highest demands.

The cowhide used to the dog leads and dog collars can rightly organic leather”call, because it requires no chrome tannage. The tanning process is carried out exclusively with plant active ingredients, the coloring is free of Heavy metals. With these leather products, you do yourself and your four-legged friends and the environment a favor. The surface of the leather remains in its natural origin, that is to say, it is not artificially sealed. The leather breathes and preserved to its original character. The naturalness is reflected also in the slight color differences.

The leather in some places takes more in other places of less color pigments through the natural skin structure. The slightly different pigmentation is a quality characteristic of non-coated leather. Only extra long and error-free pieces of leather are used in the manufacture of dog leashes, because all running lines are made of one piece. A piece of leather is required for an adjustable leash more than 2 metres in length. You’d think that would be going on no cowhide! But the best is the moment when you hold a Terra leash or a Terra dog collar in his hand, feel it and smell. It will give you a pleasure to have this leather. What for the dog lover, comfortable handling, is an exceptional comfort for the dog. The dog magazine DOGS, Europe’s best dog magazine”Terra has awarded a seal of recommendation. The Terra leather series, there are flat and roughly sewn. The variety of colours ranges from 8 solid colors, such as nougat, chestnut, raspberry, cornflower or Apple to 4 two combinations such as E.g. kokus/chestnut. Hazel’s Petstore, Wolters cat & dog, Depot partner carries the full Terra of linen and collar range. Tanja Sahai