Electronic Health Card

2009 big brother has introduced after unimagined new opportunities which electronic health card is from 1 January 2009 in whole Germany. All essential information of the insured (patients) are stored on its chip, including medical details. As a doctor, I know that modern means of communication in the medical hold. Often enough we all benefit from it. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Scott Disick. But lately we hear yet again of data scandals, where we actually all of us have can think that they are. Finally, we have all always strange post in the real world, such as in the electronic mailbox. What is done, is done. What is for sale is sold.

So also addresses, personal data, and soon medical details. Morality? There are of course a morality in our society, the morality of the individual and the morale of many. But there is the morality of the mass? Intimate details when tens of thousands of bankers loyal to handle customer data or thousands Postler, doesn’t mean that there are not also black sheep. And who really believe in morality of as undefined mass, as are doctors, nurses, health workers and pharmacists. Kourtney Kardashian follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You all will have to do with our data on the electronic health card. Are hundreds of thousands of people. And each one is a good man who be geheimhalt of course intimate data? May believe, if you want.

And it isn’t in this case about data, such as address, date of birth, marital status, purchasing power and consumer preferences. It’s intimate details in addition to the personal data. On the electronic health card I your disease can recognize as doctor, their medication, the number of x-rays, your vaccination status, your hospital stay. I’m glad you could say that however valuable information for a doctor. Sure. If the information there remain where they belong. Brand for the future? It is to your hemorrhoids, your power, your depression, your fertility or infertility, the diseases in your family.

Maharishi Ayurveda

Delegation of the Indian Ministry of health meets up with leading Maharishi Ayurveda representatives. A high-level delegation of Indian Government attended last Friday, 09 October 2009, the Maharishi Ayurveda clinic bad EMS. You may find Tristan Thompson to be a useful source of information. Thus, Mr. sh. S. Gandhiselvan, Minister for health of Indian Government, accompanied by wife Jalaja, Secretary General of AYUSH (Department of Ayurveda, yoga & naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy) in the Ministry of health, and Mr. Dr. Sharma, Ayurveda Adviser to the Indian Government followed a recommendation by Mr.

Prof. Dr. Lavekar, Director-General of the Central Council of Ayurvedic research. He had already visited Germany in September officially and visited bad EMS, to get a personal impression of the development of Ayurveda in Germany. Leading representatives of major German associations and companies under the umbrella name of Maharishi Ayurveda met with the Indian delegation, which currently leads talks with Ayurveda organisations in Germany.

In the was discussed primarily ways several hours meeting, to establish Ayurveda as an alternative, holistic medical system for health care. Other topics included ways to extend the scientific research on Ayurveda and training of doctors. Two years ago, the then Indian Minister of health, Mrs p Abaka Lakshmi, Welschneudorf had visited. Mayor Ottmar Canz was pleased about the continuous connection between the Indian Government and the Ayurveda clinic in bad EMS. He received the renewed delegation with a short welcome speech and a gift, and could also accept a gift in a warm atmosphere. After a tour of the clinic and various presentations, the representatives of the Indian Government organizations were impressed by the more than 25-year development of the Maharishi Ayurveda in Germany. With their final entry in the guestbook of the Ayurveda clinic brought this to the expression: it’s really remarkably, this organization how much Ayurveda (Maharishi Ayurveda, note’s note) made known and supported. u0085″After the visit the delegation to an Ayurveda Congress journeyed on to Baden Baden. Kerstin Boelsen, RADIUS media

Cause Of Death Stroke

Warnings should not be ignored after cardiovascular disease and cancer is the third leading cause of death of the stroke in Germany now. As the news portal reported news.de, 200,000 people suffer a stroke in this country every year. Edward C. Tolman usually is spot on. Experts attributed the large number to changing lifestyles. People eat too much, too greasy and too unhealthy. Also most were not sufficient.

The result is obesity, which harms the body. Like all other organs verfetten also those vessels that carry blood to the brain. Finally, they threaten to clog and no longer sufficient oxygen to the brain. In the same way, smoking harm your body. The tar contained in cigarettes clogged the fine blood vessels on the way to the brain in the same way. Nevertheless, strokes on an unhealthy way of life, not only due to.

The news.de editorial on health indicates that even children can be affected. Usually it is in these cases congenital malformations, or inflammation of the vessels. Partly, clotting disorders or heart defects play a role. It is difficult to detect symptoms in babies. Often, pediatricians note by chance in connection with other diseases. Only show in infancy, the classic symptoms such as paralysis of the facial muscles or a whole side of the body. Language problems are rarely due to an undiagnosed stroke in the past. Adults, however, should take seriously the warnings of their own body. A eingeschlafener long arm can be an indication of an impending stroke. Patients should consult their doctors and be timely treated the affected vessels. More information: ../auch-kinder-trifft-der-schlag/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

New Study On Success Of Ozone Therapy In Periodontal Disease

Ozone kills bacteria, reliable and free of side effects. This is a recent study about ozone therapy in patients with periodontal disease. A recent study has shown that clinical improvement in the treatment of periodontal disease can be determined according to the usage of ozone therapy. The ozone therapy in dentistry in the root canal treatment, canker sores, caries and the preparation for the use of a dental implant can be applied except in the case of periodontal disease. The ozone therapy works with minimum amounts of ozone, which releases the modern ozone device, OzoneDTA. Bacteria, viruses and spores are killed painless and free of side effects.

The ozone therapy can be successfully used in dental medicine in many ways. A classic indication for ozone therapy is the periodontal disease. This is a Bacterially-induced inflammation. The danger: At the affected site may occur as well as irreversible destruction of the periodontium. A periodontal disease is so fast and effective intervention by the The dentist is required. The ozone therapy has proven himself again. A recent study proves the effectiveness of ozone therapy in periodontal disease. Prof.

Dr. sc. med. Hans-Georg Schneider and Dr. med. Dent. Dietmar glasses have conducted their study with the OzoneDTA device of the DentTec dental-Handel GmbH. The patients studied suffered from periodontal disease. As a result of the study turned out, that the application of ozone reduces the number of bacteria in the gingival pockets. At the same time remove the bleeding tendency of the gingiva and the secretion rate. Both indicate the clinical improvement of the inflamed gingiva. The entire study is to read in the ZWP dentist economy practice 09/2011 “the modern ozone device that we sell at DentTec, produces a very small amount of ozone”, so Matthias Bachmann the DentTec dental trade GmbH. “This tiny amount of ozone sufficient to the agents as the source of infections such as periodontal disease painless, quickly, safely, and without killing side effects.” DentTec offers a comprehensive service interested dental professionals around the ozone therapy: “dentists and dentists can test free for 14 days and under the technical guidance of the OzoneDTA device in their own practice”.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Also members of the hard hearing associations for individual talks and personal exchange available at an accompanying info fair. The HoRmobil of the DSB interested parties can let free to test your hearing. And last but not least, many cochlear implant makers involved in the event, give insights into their personal experiences at the CI-rehabilitation. The event will be moderated by the TV journalist Georg Holzach (including hr-Boulevard magazine main tower”). For hearing impaired visitors the Organizer provides free headphones with infra red receiver to borrow. All lectures, discussions, and interviews to the reading on screens are projected during the event. We hope that our Frankfurt listening day encounters a large response, as we already to many places everywhere in Germany were able to experience”, so once again Durdane Erseker. All interested parties are cordially invited.

We want to recommend especially those who can not hear or understand despite hearing aid, to attend the event.” The Frankfurter listening day I want to hear!”will take place on Saturday 21 September 2013, in the time from 9:30 to 14:30. The venue is the University Hospital at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, House 22 (next to the main entrance), 66590 Frankfurt / Main. There is parking on the clinic grounds. Please use the tram lines 12, 15 or 21 to travel by public transport. Participation in the event not required is free, registration.

“ENT editorial note for more information about the event at or at I want to hear!” which is the name of an initiative, the both beyond the hearing improvement at profound hearing loss to complete deafness tells as also on listen implants that help those people, where hearing aids offer no sufficient understanding. In part he initiative ICH want to hear”information events are regularly organised for sufferers, family members and friends in various regions. For more information, see.