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Reading-pleasure aims to guarantee the formation of a critical reader and an efficient writer. However, to if living deeply the reality of the sobredita school, one perceives a great confusion in relation to the question of the limits of the ability and referring responsibilities to the promotion of the reading on the part of the family, school and library, what, when persisting in a general way, it will make with that the situation of the reading in Brazil remains the same one, that is, marginalizadora and discriminatory. Aiming at to surpass this moment of crisis of the reading in our country, expects that these institutions work of integrated form, objectifying to mitigate the reading while obligation to the step that if expands the reading of a pleasant form, that will have to flow of course between the children. In this perspective, the family, the school and the library will have an important paper in the partner-politician-cultural development of the individual. Relation to the family, its interest for the same ones is given credit that the first step for an efficient alfabetizao is to look for to place the child in contact with books, despertando. The parents can make this, supplying books simple and illustrated its children, giving chance it proper child to turn pages them, reading for they interesting histories, amused, in a language of easy understanding. The familiar quarrels on histories chores appear as another factor stimulant of the interest of the child.

Miranda Personage

The romance of Aluisio Azevedo, the Tenement house, makes use of the scientific theories in prominence at the time such as: The fatalismo the Darwinismo and the determinismo of Taine, that affirmed to be the individual product of the way where it lives, of the race and the historical moment. To read more click here: Dr. Greg Feinsinger. Concluding that everything is determined by biological variants.

The environment occupies a onipotncia position on individual and that ‘ ‘ This individual is integrant part of the natural order, and its body in such a way how much its spirit if develops and acts underneath of its total conditioning and inevitvel’ ‘. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who has experience with these questions. (COUTINHO, Afrnio, Introduction Literature in Brazil. 18 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Publishing company Bertrand Brazil. 2005. 181). According to Darwinismo, perfect an ideal society and is that one that has as base the competition between individuals, where only most apt survives. The narrative of the romance follows this theory when Romo tells the division in the tenement house Is making to be born another tenement house (the cat head) and when tells, later, the dispute between these tenement houses.

This theory is clear also in the dispute of being able between the Miranda Personage and the Romo Personage. Another marcante characteristic of the romance is the detailed description of the life in the tenement house, what of to the reader an idea of reality when nothing more is of what an illusion of what it seems real. The hatching narrative the reader for the frieza of the details gifts in it. Mainly for displaying mazelas, the vices and misery of a social group. In this in case that, the romance cause a intentional impact making one I appeal social fortssimo and involving the reader in a complicity. Where the objective, is to take it a feeling of moralizao of the occured actions in the romance, bringing them for reality of it.

Friedrich Pommerenke

That I answer every E-mail personally, has Word gets around quickly and that arrived at the readers very well. That was no strategic marketing idea by me. And why print out you your E-Mail address in your books? I find the idea of totally normal that you would like to receive a feedback from the readers. What was not common in the book area a long time. Many authors were sitting in their ivory towers and had no contact with their readers. The readers are but the most important people! We organise just a crime-writing contest on

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As a writing contest is a great way to try out and develop. Just because you get direct feedback to his text as a competition worth gold of course. How important is a professional editing? The editing is clearly very important! Earlier I thought it was always a better spelling correction service. Now I know how much it is worth, that someone reads the text, which still does not know the story and has a very different perspective than oneself. He can then point out any inconsistencies and the sense of the written questions asked especially clever. For example: Can the protagonist with this injury are going there at all? Even if I know, sure, it’s possible, I did the research Finally, me realises I there for the readers still unconvincing represented enough. If I submit my manuscripts in my Publisher I think it can not be often better.” And then I get back the text with 257 notes of the lecturer and realize that it’s still better. But that’s not bad. Feedback is always super. You might have to sort out some feedback, but generally it always helps further and it gets better from text to text. The second part of the Interviews, read our blog contact: Kristina Engels triboox GmbH & co. KG Steintorweg 4; 20099 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 63675600 E-Mail: about triboox: an interactive, Web-based literature portal with the aim of is triboox, to promote the development and marketing of new literature. offers the possibility to connect via the Internet, to share and develop their talent authors and literature fans. Authors offer a range of services to improve and market their manuscripts. You can free at set their texts to receive so feedback from the community, her work as an E-book and/or sell book and print it for personal use. Literature fans also have the opportunity to discover new texts of talent, to evaluate and to buy in the triboox Bookstore.