Secretariat Property

Many people offer their properties themselves and put the title direct treatment but is it really cheaper? All of these are properties that are offered cheaper? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the direct treatment? The direct treatment allows the property owner to sell your property without the aid of a runner believing that with this they will attract more buyers because the House is cheaper (because the owner ideally waived the usual 5% Commission that takes a runner), but is save this amount really? In many places only the person who has permission to do so can sell properties and brokers are certified, so there is no much alternative – is should engage the services of these professionals. In some places, however, any individual can sell his house so they offer the direct treatment. The landlord must then advertise for if same your property in magazines, newspapers, flyers. Introduce to the environment to see which newspapers they have the best classified section, advertise on the Internet all the time competing with real estate that handled tens and in some cases up to hundreds of homes similar to yours. Advertising costs are increasing, one hundred dollars here, 200 there, three hundred beyond. The individual then has to ask Secretariat and summon people to the property that is being sold, can not always at the same time and will have to accept them all though 90% will be onlookers only they mingle in the property.

You will spend in gasolines and man-hours in coming to appointments, and many even do not go and prefer agendas where in one day show it 5 or 6 houses and not lose their day in view only an option. Of the remaining 10% finally begin negotiations, of which many are dropped. It is incredible how a good runner saves negotiations here, difficult to both attitudes parties softens them so that both are only met for final negotiations. The affective value that develops in a property, especially in a House where it has lived, it sometimes causes the bidder out of the market and ask for a small fortune because the building is full of memories; the place where he learned to walk the first child, family gatherings, the favourite place of the grandfather on the other hand the buyer is seeing leaks, the hands of paint missing him to an old House. It is not easy to reconcile these two viewpoints and here is a Lifesaver the corridor which seeks to understand both sides. Many negotiations fall off because the parts come together when there are still many points to be defined. Months later and several merit already elapsed, comes the time signature and the owner of the property is immersed in bureaucratic and legal procedures that will take you months circumvent, everything, so that finally the purchaser of the House tell you the total price must subtract 5% because it is direct treatment and should lower the final value of your House for the benefit of the buyer. Go to Ken Cron for more information. In conclusion we can say that it can sell a House and provide direct treatment, but by own experience say it’s best to have an expert by your side and to be responsible in doing what is good doing, removed one of problems and even the possibility of losing the sale of the House or apartment.