Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) At The Fair SMM 2012 In Hamburg

Set sail – with current product data aboard the award-winning business solution for ship chandlers! Together with partner Qurius Germany AG, the Perfion country Manager roof, Andreas Kollmorgen, want to personally be present on 4 September to discuss requirements concerning product information management (PIM) and demonstrate the potential of the Perfion solution. Regardless of whether you are a general or a technical supplier or you are focusing on targets and foodstuffs: you have to manage a of items variety. International scope and dealing with several languages in your product information are a matter of course for you. Apart from the technical exchange of data with electronic marketplaces, increasingly, their availability for customers is critical when it comes to presentation and search on websites, product catalogs, customized product brochures etc. Checking article sources yields Xavier McKinney as a relevant resource throughout. Here enterprises got be able to react quickly in order not to lose competitive advantage. Perfion and partner Qurius Germany AG, as a specialist provider of Microsoft-based solutions for ship supplier, togetherpresent a data management solution incorporating: integration to Microsoft: Familiar interface, no training required, use of existing applications centralized data management easy creation of product brochures and catalogs direct connection of online sites for staff appointments with Perfion and Qurius Germany AG at the SMM 2012, please contact: Andreas Kollmorgen, country Manager roof mob: + 49-151-62900556 SMM is the leading international forum of the maritime industry. Every two years, the representatives of the shipbuilding and marine equipment industries from all parts of the world meet in Hamburg, present innovations and forward looking technologies, and set the course for the future success of the industry. Perfion Christina Grundmann Niels Jernes Vej 8 DK-9220 Aalborg + 45 70 205 205.

Microsoft Project

The alternative to traditional project management solutions InfoTech enterprises GmbH, distributor of Clarizen, manufacturer of the homonymous project management has the solution, announced that Clarizen become more and more in the market despite well-known competitors such as Microsoft Project and Oracle. Hundreds of licenses in use with strongly increasing tendency worldwide already – growth rate is 400 per cent since last year. The alternative to traditional project management solutions Clarizen is a very interesting alternative to the well-known project management solutions, since here the topic of project management as opposed to the competition will be approached holistically. So, Clarizen focuses on the efficient support of all team members in the execution of projects, rather than only on the control and management. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. Clarizen is also a service (SaS) solution as software i.e. a quick, easy and cost-effective deployment of the application regardless of location and organization affiliation.

No island solutions more used different mutually coupled applications in many companies for the project work. This island solutions cause unnecessary costs for data matching and consolidating information required about the project progress. Lack of transparency on the status of projects in real time is one of the biggest dangers in the project management. Clarizen companies can manage easily parallel numerous projects, scheduling, budget and resource management, as well as many more functionality in a single solution are combined. Good prospects for Clarizen for the project management market growth is predicted according to IDC ( for 2010 of 6%, a number that could rise to 11% by 2014. Rapid growth of the SaS market, cheaper offered services compared to plumbing products.. Details can be found by clicking Xavier McKinney or emailing the administrator.

Growth Accelerator

Expertise and innovation at CeBIT 2010 the Romanian IT economy participates this year for the 11th time with a joint booth at CeBIT. With fourteen exhibitors the participation of software developers, IT service providers and other specialists from Romania is very large. Together make the versatile skills of the European IT country number one prove and promote the innovation site Romania. \”The IT industry is the backbone of the Romanian economy,\” stressed Valerica Dragomir, Managing Director of ANISE, the Romanian Association of employers of the software developing companies. \”A large part of economic growth owes the country of innovation in the IT industry and especially software developers.\” Romania have proven to be reliable outsourcing and nearshoring site, which could meet high Western European standards and expectations. Software from Romania is a true export success. The total turnover of the Romanian IT sector grew in 2008 by 22% to around 2.5 billion Euro. Sales grew in the same year by 27% to approximately EUR 1.9 billion.

In the past year lost the Romanian IT economy due to the global economic crisis more than expected – 25% decline in sales volumes were the result. \”The companies have postponed simply strategic decisions and retracted in all areas of investment and cost,\” Dragomir said the development. The met also the Romanian IT companies hard. However, Dragomir assessed very differently the development. Companies, which products are intended primarily for the domestic Romanian market and producer of hardware and other equipment were been hit harder by the crisis as export-oriented enterprises and IT service providers. \”In Romania company quality and complex software solutions and IT services can buy a relatively inexpensive\”, she explains.

Therefore, many had used the crisis to operate IT outsourcing. The innovative strength of the Romanian industry and their proven expertise Thus, a stabilizing element of the Romanian foreign trade. The IT industry is the guarantor and motor of the Romanian economic growth, she says confidently.

BitDefender GmbH Robert

BitDefender released free removal tool for Super worm Stuxnet Holzwickede, October 12, 2010 experts speak from one of the sophisticated malicious programs ever written. Is the new Super worm Stuxnet, which provides sensation for several weeks and has attacked already whole industrial plants. BitDefender anti virus specialist has responded to the current threat and developed a removal tool to reliably detect Stuxnet and eliminated. The program removes all known variants of Win32.Worm.Stuxnet as well as the rootkit driver, which the worm uses to hide its individual components. It can be downloaded for free at. Stuxnet is regarded by many experts as a new generation of E-threat. The amazing thing about Stuxnet: promoting the computer virus uses several zero-day vulnerabilities Windows vulnerabilities, yet no one has discovered. Stuxnet can Windows operating systems NT, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32 bit), Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7 infect.

Has mainly it the pest but on the control software of the Siemens WinCC and PCS 7 apart. The worm takes advantage of vulnerability in LNK files and removable media mainly to launch itself on the target systems. The attacker has the virus itself once ensconced on a computer, it opens a backdoor”and installed two rootkits. The latter in turn eliminate all traces of the worm. The BitDefender experts have responded quickly to the threat and a reliable removal tool developed that Stuxnet and all components reliably eliminated. The tool can be run both on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. For more information see. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software.

Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the globe and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail: