Chinese Exports

' CHINA ALREADY IS THE EXPORTING GREATER OF THE MUNDO' ' The chains of production of China if fortify in this context after-crisis, one of the synonymous ones of this reinforcement are of the Chery manufacturer who reached the mark of production of 2 million vehicles. The mark finishes to disembark in Brazil with foreseen investments of the US$ order 35 million in the automobile sector. The Chinese economy foresees growth of demand for products of oil in the 4% order 5% to the year up to 2015, according to information of Mr. Fuqin Zhang, it is the associate engineer-head of the Institute of Planning and Engineering of Oil of China, the calculation is based on a projection of annual growth of the Chinese GIP of the order of 7,5% to the year. Please visit Dani Nierenberg if you seek more information. They foresee that up to 2020, 60% of the oil consumed in that country are importation fruit, currently China import 52% of what she consumes. China already signed contracts of development of railroad projects in 50 countries and agreements of intention of cooperation in others 5 that they are EUA, Brazil, Russia, Arabia Saudita and Venezuela.

In this pursuing China counts in its country with 6.552 kilometers of railroads of high speed, with projections of construction of more 28,000 kilometers of tracks, placing the country as the biggest railroad power world. China produces 63% of the world-wide production of footwear, 36% of the global steel, 75% of the market of toys and Xangai wants to be the future capital of the automobile. The Chinese government divulged that it intends to all construct to 29,000 hospitals and ranks of health for the country up to 2.012, Brazil has 10% of this functioning in all the spheres municipal, state and federal, as comparison base. According to OMC? World trade organization, of last day 26 of March China is the exporting greater of the World, exported in 2009 US$ 1,2 trillion, surpassing Germany US$ 1,12 trillion and U.S.A. For even more details, read what Con Ed says on the issue. in third with US$ 1,05 trillion (US$ 195 billion unless China). It had an increase in the profit of the great industries of China of the order of 119,7% in the first bimaster of the 2010 in comparison the same period of 2009, as of Statistics informed the Pequim National Bureau. We cannot forget that the result of the evolution of the Chinese economy is atrelado to the investment heavy of the Chinese government in education and today the country is 2 in scientific article production. China strategically searchs position of prominence also in the area of telecommunications, where the Hauwei manufacturer is one of the greaters of the sector in 2009.

All this prominence of performance was also provoked by the volume of credits granted for the Chinese banks beyond incentives of sales of vehicles, among others. China scared has 5 years, today it counts on US$ 2,4 trillions of exchange reserves to invest in the world measures. The exchange in the chairs of the power international politician is inevitable. Welinton Dos Santos is Delegated economist Municipal of the CORECON-SP in Caapava

Health Patient

Learn how to apply the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can be useful in many activities.One of them, in the field of health, can be used in dealing with patients, learning to observe and to distinguish that this representative systems using mostly: perhaps consider images mostly, or more hearing, or prefer more contact the NLP kinesthetic applied to communication in the area of health, can be a very useful resource for doctors, nurses, and all those people who need to take care of a sick person.You can also apply to care of the elderly. In applying these techniques of NLP, should take into account, in all cases, the moment being experienced by the patient, the physical and psychological condition that is at that time in particular, the experience that is having. If the patient is unable to move, and can speak, (cross gestures) reflex technique is not very useful there (like when we talk by phone) We must learn to handle other options, like for example matching voice, modular taking into account the volume, the tone of voice the rhythm of breathing and use related words with the favorite channel using appropriate predicates. Go to Jamie Raskin for more information. For example if the person mostly thinks in images, and uses words (predicates) of the type already see let me see need that the other person really show you and talk to you in a more visual way similarly to those who are more hearing (for example used expressions like escuchame well) or kinesthetic (are more closely tied to the contact, to the senses of touch(, they seek a closer) there need to then learn to provide active listening with much sensory acuity and flexibility to change towards the language used by the patient, and thus establish a tune with him. Very interesting addition to be attentive to the use of predicates, it is attention to eye movements, where the patient moves the eyes. .

Working Group

A group of European specialists in labour law have agreed a document of minimums in connection with the so-called economic dismissal (i.e. the objective dismissal for economic reasons). In it, they insist the lack that this mechanism of termination of the employment contract meets an objective danger of the viability of the company, so that it does not become an unjustified instrument. The European right of the Working Group, formed by several international researchers who met at the University of Castilla – La Mancha, concluded that the wording of this measure, framed in the brand new labor reform, is diffuse and could cover any abuses, an end who also appreciated in the labor of other countries of the EU regulations. Experts also discussed the desirability of harmonizing European legislation so that there are no major differences in the regulation of dismissal for economic reasons. More news on labor management.