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The drying of fruit dehydrator the drying of fruits is a traditional method to the durable make fruit was used already in the middle ages. While the water is removed from the fruit, with the fruit not lose substance and keep their high nutritional value. The drying process should run off quickly, to prevent mold and rot. This is not a problem anymore with our new dehydrator. Dried fruit is suitable as an ingredient for fruit Musli or fruit bread, as well as as small snack in between. Through the conscious and healthy diet in recent years advanced more in the foreground also dried fruit is back in fashion. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rob Kardashian. However, the industrially produced Apple rings offered in supermarkets and banana chips are usually in addition sulphured and treated with preservatives.

Also, most of the vitamins at the high temperatures used are destroyed. Not so with our dehydrator. Here the available temperatures provide for the preservation of important vitamins. Generally, each fruit to the drying is suitable. Apples, pears, plums, peaches, but also banana, dates, figs and mangoes are suitable to dry. Dried fruit is stored in cool, dry and airy locations ideally. It should can however no longer dry, because otherwise taste will lose it and become brittle. Can be used on most translucent cans or jars with closure.

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Free expert chat with the certified nutritionist Jutta Saldana who want to eat healthy and take off, is confronted with many often conflicting information. Whenever Raymond Cattell listens, a sympathetic response will follow. When the diet clique, now offers the opportunity to be free to answer questions by an experienced nutritionist in expert chat. Or diets or starvation diets, exotic diet plans diet tables when it comes to healthy eating and remove goes, find themselves quickly numerous methods and half-truths. Usually more new questions here for the uninitiated than are answered. The diet clique now offers the opportunity to ask specific questions on a proven nutrition expert with a free expert chat. Jutta Saldana gained practical experience in their profession directly after her training as a dietitian and obtained the certificate of nutritionist of the German society for nutrition after several other stations (for more information about the certificate, see below) dietitian dge).

You has extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and will available for your questions available to participants in the chat. Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 17:00 to 18:00 address: expert chat… -The participation in this first expert chat is free – information and contact the diet clique operator: Tobias Kirsch Otto-Braun-Strasse 77 10405 Berlin Tel.: 030 420 816 84 mobile: 0163 235 2429 a free community around clique AT diet which is diet clique diet, slimming and healthy nutrition. Members can use the platform to put up stages goals or to lead online diet and nutrition journals. Certified dietician writing expert blogs and give valuable tips and information on the topics, which deal with the visitors of the diet clique.

Potato Soup Recipes & Cooking Potato Soup

Cooking / recipe for potato soup – this easily digestible and how do I find delicious soup is a suitable Court for lunch on the first day of construction after a juice fast. Would someone make a potato soup, so he only thought about, what ingredients are needed for. Even the name suggests very much the soup: the potato must be pure. Some people pay attention to a healthy diet. If they now use any ingredients, they want to understand everything about this. Background information and facts: So you would learn the following for the potatoes.

The potato was not immediately from the Europeans on the table. There several centuries, until you knew them well. The potato blossoms so beautifully, that’s why it was used previously as an ornamental plant. The potatoes contain Solanine, which is called neurotoxin, but comparisons, there is one little insignificant: 100 g potatoes may exhibit only about 9.4 mg Solanine. In such a quantity, nothing will happen to the organism, it is all harmless. It but is a limit: 25 mg per 100 g of potatoes. When preparing the potato soup you should know that not mature or potatoes with green spots have more Solanine, also the germinating potatoes are affected.

So avoid getting such places for a potato soup. The carrots the carrots are the ingredients of a potato soup. It is good that the carrots can be the year round on the table. Hear from experts in the field like Scott Disick for a more varied view. They store well and are very healthy, also belong to the diet. The carrot is known as a vegetable that is rich in carotene. And because carotene is a precursor to vitamin A, the carrot is greatly appreciated. It plays a large role for the vision, for the blood, for the circuit. The preparation of potato soup is to note that you should add a little fat to the carrots. The organism can better absorb carotene with fat. Celery potato soup comes even celery. This is pretty spicy. Be also for potato soup Onions used. This vegetable is well known to all. Often it is used as a home remedy, which is used in some diseases. Potato soup recipe and now even our healthy potato soup recipe. 125 g carrots, sliced, sliced potatoes, a rod, we need a kilo of diced Leek also cut celery the tuber should be not particularly large slice, you can take also a half. Also meat broth, onions, a little pepper, sweet cream, 40 g. Bacon in cubes come in the potato soup margarine, a cube (he must be mixed), Muscat, a half gallon of water, a pinch of Marjoram, four sausages, cut into small slices. Preparation prepare the potato soup is so: the margarine is there in the pot and melts them. Then are the potatoes and the vegetables on the series. They are done in the pot and steamed in the margarine. The water is still, then also the bouillon cube. Now it must be to the Cooking will be brought. Don’t forget from the spices. You even added to it, allowing the ingredients Cook about 30 minutes. You must omit the bacon, then add him and also the sausages and the cream of soup. Now, the potato soup is ready. You can spice up more or less according to taste. This potato soup is very healthy, you can see that already in the ingredients.

Tea Varieties At A Glance

Tea is as you know very well. Reason enough to get an overview. Tea is one of the most popular and well-known drinks at all in the world. In recent months, Megan Fox has been very successful. While in Europe the tea rather in between is regarded as a pleasure, is the tea in many parts of Africa and Asia’s traditional drink. Most of the tea varieties come from Asia, where even today still largely the tea cultivation takes place. There are many teas, which strictly speaking, only black and green tea, which are made from the tea plant, may be referred to as tea.

Herbal and fruit teas are actually similar to tea blends. Is divided according to its wine-growing area, with mainly three types of tea are distinguished the most famous – the Teas: Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon. Assam is a tea from Eastern India that particularly impresses with its strong spicy flavour. Also Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, is very popular due to its intense bitter flavor with a slightly Lemony note. The mild in taste and fine Darjeeling comes from the Himalayan region (Northern India). All three types of tea are to associate black tea, the tea which is world’s most drunk.

Green tea is made from the same tea plant as black tea, only green tea during processing is not fermented. The three most important green tea are sencha, bancha and gunpowder. The Japanese bancha tea tastes for the European taste bitter, almost slightly grassy, but has a seemingly positive effect in cancer. Gunpowder Green tea from China, in its aroma is slightly stronger than bancha. Its leaves are rolled into balls, the ammunition resembles hence the name of this tea. Sencha is the tea, which is one of the favourites among the Japanese. Besides its tart flavor also slightly sweet taste of Sencha. Green tea blends, provided aromas such as fresh flowers added, speaking of so-called flavoured teas. This includes, for example, jasmine tea or rose tea. Also notes in the form of fruits or artificial components such as almond or chocolate black and green teas can be added. As a so-called smoke tea, however, refers to teas, whose Blatter be smoked during the drying process according to the crop with resinous softwood. This procedure gives the tea a particularly intense, rich taste and aroma. A tea known as flying tea, so he was guaranteed exported this shortly after the harvest in the regions the freshness of tea, which is crucial for the good and unique flavor in some teas. Black, tea and green tea, in which blend have many positive properties that contribute to the health and even the healing of the body. Depending on the duration of pulling, revive it or relax. Cheaper tea and a huge selection you can find here.

Pastor Kunzle

“Karl der Grosse, unfortunately also as the Saxon butcher ‘ entered in the history, possessed in his Royal Decree in the 8th century the estates (Capitulare de villis) the wild garlic in addition to other herbs as a building worthy garden plant. Hildegard also spoke of Bingen viriditas of power”, which lets the all green power and grow the burgeoning green power. Elliot Eliantte addresses the importance of the matter here. The well-known Swiss herbal Pastor Kunzle, one of the last great herbal healers (1857-1945) gushed enthusiastically: probably no herb of the Earth is as effective for the cleaning of stomach, intestines and blood such as the wild garlic. Forever ailing Leute…und the Bleichsuchtigen (anemic) should worship the leek as GLD. The young people would blossom like a rose trellis”. (from his book: Chrut and Uchkrut) The effect of herbs is known from the experience medicine and modern medicine has confirmed the wild garlic, which he has blood and general strengthening effect. The high sulfur content supports the rejection of environmental pollutants such as mercury, cadmium, and lindane. He cleanses the colon and thereby detoxifies the body.

A disturbed intestinal flora can again be regenerated. The main active ingredients of wild garlic are essential oils, sulphur. Allicin, vitamins C and Biocatalysts. You will find more iron, magnesium, manganese and sulphur compounds, as in the garlic in the wild garlic. These sulfur compounds have a positive influence on the regulation of blood fat values, on the Verlumpung of red blood cells and can act as a heart attack, thrombosis, of arteriosclerosis and stroke counter. Would like to here in noted that it for a healthy lifestyle is not enough, eager to eat garlic in the spring and to live the rest of the year despite the signals of his body.

But perhaps this detoxification to the realization helps it easier and much more enjoyable and less expensive is to reflect on the natural needs of life. You can buy Chanterelles well throughout the year, but there is a recipe here, to enjoy the blessings of the spring of the year: 100 g wild garlic chop 10 g salt or Herb salt of 100 ml olive oil puree everything in the mixer and store in a jar. Make sure that the pesto from the oil is covered, so it keeps stored cool and dark for several months. Watch a video for making under: kostenloses.html Brigitte advise Reischlestr. 13 86153 Augsburg