New Year Calendar

Corporate calendar – it's not only comfortable and functional thing, but also a great souvenir. What will it be, depends on the imagination of the customer and the skill of printing professionals. Calendar – a very popular products, without his life of modern man is inconceivable. It is hard to come up and the other as a universal gift. Many large companies are trying to produce its own calendar year and present its partners as New Year souvenir.

During the next year he will remind them of the existence of a friendly company. Learn more at this site: Ultra Wellness Center. Yes, and the force of impact corporate calendar on its own employees can hardly be overestimated. Wall, desktop or handheld corporate calendar – one of the best elements of the modern polygraph, which can serve as a promotional purposes, and in daily use. Most of the companies every year, releasing their corporate calendars, and so in this issue of competition has risen at a fairly high level. A calendar of your firm has served his sentence and was in demand, you need to take a responsible approach to the design and layout calendar.

The easiest option calendar – it's pocket calendar. It is very convenient to use, in addition, it can be used as a bus. On one side, applied information on activities or products of the company in the form images, on the other – the calendar grid with the contacts of the firm. The probability that this calendar will be in demand is very high. Also, a pocket version of the calendar can serve as a calendar, notebook, folding to the size of business cards. Desktop calendar provides more opportunities for design, size of the calendar can be very different. The basis of the calendar is sturdy paper. The easiest option is a desktop calendar only from the basis that in three places and sealed at the bottom. Desktop calendars can have up to 13 pages and sealed with a spring. In addition, desktop calendars, you can add more detailed information on activity and production company, or to add fields for the necessary notes. There was widespread in the business received quarterly calendars. They present an opportunity to make notes in the margin to date. In the wall and Quarterly calendars are not many opportunities for rich design, but the uniqueness lies in the fact that the calendar will be before the eyes of the whole year, so the element of design for wall or quarterly calendar must be approached carefully. We are ready to help you select just your company, product or service from the information stream that will attract the attention of new customers using the original design and professional print calendars as well as print directories, making booklets and other printed products.