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In any case, if you want to add weight to his letter to the prefecture or the traffic police before he was to write, it is wise to read the Standard for the installation of signs and markings. Suddenly, the situation on your street is cases of egregious violations of gost. If so, be sure to refer to a letter to the regulations. Chances are good that the traffic police will agree to change the scheme of motion improved significantly. Guests can find a technical library or the Internet. But even if the traffic police agreed that the traffic situation needs change, you should not expect a quick solution to the problem. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Urban Treatment Associates on most websites.

Will be held at least a year (unless, of course, is not just forgotten builders of the sign), while the new draft will be prepared, approved and ready for implementation on the ground. Installation of traffic lights, designed, coordinated and approved in all instances, it may take even longer. Case is explained by fe Head Research Center of traffic, Sergei Popov, the cost of construction traffic light object consisting of several traffic lights and remote management, high enough – 1,5-2 mln. The city annually from the budget money to build approximately 50 new traffic signals and reconstruction of 100 old. If traffic in your area fell into the urban plan for this year is good – if not, have to wait for next year, and or longer.

Easier way to install the same in their yard or on the street an artificial road roughness (IDN), better known as "sleeping policeman". Urban treatment associates is the source for more interesting facts. Decided by a council, if the idn in the yard, or a board with District traffic police, if a speed bump be installed on the street. Any necessary approvals from the summit is not required. If the installation of idn in a particular location does not contradict the decision of the Government of Moscow of 2005 on the Approval of the application of technical regulations and the construction of artificial road irregularities in Moscow, it is sufficient to gather more like-minded people and to write the city council a few dozen letters. To enhance effect may be to contact your mp, or better yet share similar to time for local elections. Before them, the authorities have become more responsive to the needs of citizens.