Engine Starting Eroblems

Difficulty in starting a hot engine usually indicates a high level of gasoline in the float chamber. Check and set the norm. Continue During path diagnostics engine suddenly stopped. All are very welcome! What – again! Sentry – all is lost! I told you etc. But not so scary. If the engine stopped immediately, without warning of its intention to ‘sneeze’ ‘Fire’ or outages – often the cause of ignition.

Need to carefully examine the entire chain of the ignition system or something break or breakdown, often or Loose connections, sometimes breaks the slider timer at careful consideration will be visible black dot – is the breakdown of plastic, the slider will have to replace the (must always lie in the glove compartment). It happens often breaks the resistance, which is installed on top runner, in this case on the road, you can simply insert between its ends cut copper wire, at the worst resistance to the foil wrapping from cigarettes, or chocolate (after removing it from the runner:). Inspect the slider is not difficult, if at the central high-voltage wire spark there, and the candlestick wires do not – blame the slider. If the engine is all still trying to somehow tell you the reason for their refusal (twitching sneeze ) the reason for the fuel system. For example carburetor float chamber is binding at a stop needle, usually under the hood smell of gasoline, sometimes even audible in the cabin. If the engine stalls in hot weather, a heavy road, or in traffic during peak hours, when account for more than a stand to go – then blame petrol pump: pump or suitable to him benzoprovod heats up petrol boils, forming steam tube.

Choosing Equipment Parts And Components

Choosing parts and components for their equipment, often pose the question: what to buy – the original or equivalent? How to correlate these two measures of price and quality? To begin with, that the original (genuine) spare parts guarantee for 100% quality and compliance with established standards. Original parts are marked trademark of the manufacturer, and can be purchased exclusively at the centers of its sales and service network. These parts should be durable, so they are made in strict accordance with the characteristics of materials under strict quality control. To the manufacturing company could provide the full scope of the warranty coverage and quality of repair of equipment from dealers in strict order requires Encourage consumers to use only original spare parts for servicing vehicles of the company. Genuine Parts manufactured by the OEMs and their subsidiaries, and independent subcontractors factories, commissioned and in accordance with the specifications of manufacturers.

Thus, the original item – this is the part that is installed on the machine during assembly, or for sale to the manufacturing company as a spare. It is packed in the original packaging, which usually is a hologram. Per package applied to the original code detail, given the right which is guaranteed an exact match when you install on your technique. It is these parts installed by the manufacturer of your machine at the plant during its assembly and recommended them for her service. However, note that sometimes the manufacturer's ordering parts to build their equipment from other producers. Naturally, to obtain the right to exercise the supply of parts for pipeline may only the best manufacturers. Buy parts directly from these 'best' – it's probably the only way to get the same quality for a lower price.

For example, the company N – basic provider (through its commodity groups) for many equipment manufacturers. Delivering to them their parts, as a rule, contain their original symbolism and codes, it can carry significant sales aftermarket parts (aftermarket). Only those same parts will be sold as early as its packaging. By purchasing items from that company, you can sometimes see traces of the removal from the surface of parts brand manufacturer's logo and / or the original code. And it is clear – to sell with symbols, for example Caterpillar, – means to violate a contract with the manufacturer. Goes something like the original, packed in non-original packaging. This is exactly the Alternatively, when you can save considerably without losing quality. However, only experts in the field of spare parts, A complete analysis of correspondences can install the original parts. Note that all Manufacturers Aftermarket, which the company operates "TvinAvto" – world-renowned brands and have a certificate of compliance with European quality.