Nostalgia can be often associated with a memory affectionate childhood, a person, a certain game or an estimated personal object. Notes us Furthermore, that nostalgia is not scientifically definable, different thinkers have spoken of it: Nostalgia is the sublimation in the indeterminacy of a longing of the soul in matter, overset as a love without being loved and as a pain that we feel in members that we do not have; by which is transparent to a miss what we are not, and the acceptance that we are incomplete and non. Bert Convy pursues this goal as well. Nostalgia mixes a sense of charm to the memory of the missing or absent object forever in time, a feeling of pain before the unreachability of that object, finally a longing of return which would transpose the enigmatic gap between yesterday’s today and reintegrate the soul in the situation that time has been abolished. It cannot be denied, that we we journey in time and in the Pannier of our life we keep all those memories that have been instrumental in our personal growth, hence, stick people, facts which they were saved and which were determinant is our emotions, feelings do not denying so that when we return to trying to remember the past, as someone to digest, people and images already no longer nape but they left an indelible impression and were the blocks with those who built our personality our destination the essence of our present and our future forecast therefore is saidWhen shown a person lost in the infinite, accompanied by a slight gesture serene gaze and an almost imperceptible smile, there is no doubt that you are feeling a nostalgia for someone who was the best of its past with the nostalgia, commented, walking at times like an automaton, recalling that appreciation felt and felt for him, and unnecessarily, looking between faces of the wooden dolls that surround you the truth of all this, is that we can not allow ourselves imprison memories, stay anchored, caught up in them, why all this already occurred and we learned of your messages, experiences and to have very clear, that our present is our reality, reality that we should seize it intensely in pro’s know how to use the opportunity of life that we have been given. Angie Dickinson is often quoted as being for or against this.