Strong Door – To Door Not Open To Burglars!

HVAC/r service Gregor Hyrenbach inform there is about 140,000 slump with a damage total of approximately 500 million euros in Germany per year. This makes it one of the most important illegal activities burglary offences and shows how important is the burglary of your own home. Burglary professionals gain access to unprotected homes within seconds. Doors and Windows are clearly to their Favorites list, because often they need only not available due to faulty intruder protection, to grant entry to the burglar. The key service specialists by HTD Stuttgart open doors in real estate of any kind for many years legal. Starting from their practical experience, they explain thing to note is, keep a door really off burglars.

Security locks are actually hard to open. So burglars do % of all burglaries in 2-3! Much easier it is for them to take advantage of the often inadequate protection of other door elements, for example, by it the Castle PRY or lever out the door. Locks alone make so long no right doors. Rather, each individual part of the door mechanism that must be designed to resist intrusion methods possible. This starts with the selection of the door leaf.

Cheap doors consist under a top layer of plywood or other unstable materials, usually made of a honeycomb structure made of cardboard, paper or lightweight plastics. They can withstand consequently low forces. Should the door can’t be breached, the door leaf according to DIN 18103 must be made solid wood, metal or sturdy plastic. Strong glass doors comply with the DIN 52290 T3 specific, criteria for break-resistant glass. Door panels in solid wood construction are at a thickness of 40 up to 60 millimetres tall burglary protecting, particularly if they are made of laminated wood. The door leaf is an important element of burglary protection, however must be kept by a similarly secure door frame be. The door frame or in common parlance, the door frame that represents the anchoring of the door in the wall and offers the bars of the Palace Square. So that burglars have it hard at this point, massive door frames made of wood or metal whose Konstruktion of corresponding DIN matches are to guess. Also, the moving parts of the door must be particularly protected. Locks are with striking plates and hinges with Hintergreifhaken to be protected from intrusion techniques. A seriously intentioned burglary protection includes all Windows and exterior doors. So, it can be prevented that a burglar just penetrates through the unsecured window in the Interior of the building, if he fails at the front door. HTD Stuttgart’s key service specialists will gladly answer all questions.