So Paulo

In a ticket of its book, express Michelet all its indignation concerning colon crucial that they bind to the humanity the war and the church, ' ' war, sanctity, two words contradictory; it seems that the sanctity is the accurate opposite of the war, that it is before the love and the peace ' ' (Michelet, p.69-1995). ' ' thus with abandoning for the church, it if delivered with all the confidence the God ' ' (Michelet, P. 123-1995). In its mentions ' ' poor person donzela' ' He in such a way stopped it to Michelet with ardor as if he was seeing all the suffering that it passed to reach its objective that was to free ' ' amada' ' France. It is through these personages who history if presents to each century, at each moment appears somebody that goes to receive the merit for having collaborated with some marcante fact. For history in it exists barriers, therefore we can bring something last it and to contextualizar it with the moment where we live. Being thus this analysis, it shows as these rescues had collaborated to elucidate the workmanships of the cited authors, and also in the form as they had been used had a value of cultural memory transcendente of the antiquity until medievo, being that these rescues had not lost its direction, but they had gained others of 20 Ed. So Paulo: Imaginary Ed.: You polish, 1995.>.