Sea And Mountains – The Traditional Cuisine In Catalonia

The special features of the Catalan cuisine in Barcelona is not only the capital of the region of Catalonia, but also focuses on the traditional Catalan cuisine. As the Mediterranean region par excellence, Catalonia has undergone various influences in the course of time: the presence of the Greeks, the Romans and the later Italian and French influences in the 18th century. A kitchen with many influences for decades, there are documents that describe the typical characteristics of the Catalan kitchen. The oldest known collection is Llibre de sent Sovi by 1324 of the various influences of the Greek and Roman cuisine recorded in asparagus, as well as, other contributions given by the Arab and Jewish culture, in which sugar called rice, cinnamon, saffron, Aubergine, artichokes, etc. One of the known characteristics of the Catalan kitchen is the concept of Mar i Muntanya (sea and mountains), the combination of fish or seafood with meat products. Many traditional Dishes are prepared with fish and meat at the same time.

The Catalan cuisine takes ingredients that are traditional in the Mediterranean Kitchen: tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil, onions, dried cod. Also, today’s Catalan gastronomy has got too much influence from the neighbouring regions. The famous paella comes from the region of Valencia (Valencia is gegesessen without seafood), Fideua (prepared by a paella with noodles instead of rice), the Orxata (Tiger nut milk) and the Ensaimada (typical pastry) and the mayonnaise (also called as Maonesa from the town of Mao) come from the Balearic Islands. What is the typical Catalan cuisine menu? As a starter the popular PA amb Tomaquet (bread with tomato) should not missed. To the toasted slice of bread is rubbed with garlic, then rubbed with a halved tomato and finally drizzled with olive oil. Since then, the PA amb Tomaquet considered classic tapas.

The bread is then mostly a typical meat salami (E.g. Fuet), or Serrano ham. To the main court between the Arros of negre (black rice), Botifarra amb mongetes (coarse sausage with beans with Alioli), Pollastre amb llagosta (chicken with lobster), Sipia amb mandonguilles (cuttlefish with meatballs), samfaina Bacallaamb (fried cod with eggplant, peppers, Zucchini and tomato) can be selected. Some contend that idt energy shows great expertise in this. In any case the wine must not be missed to the courts: the Catalan wines are recognized all over the world. The Penedes wine region produces white wines, but also respected red wines since the 4th century. And you should choose the Catalan Cava (sparkling wine) from the home of Freixenet or Codorniu who has something special to feriern. Ultimately the Crema Catalana (Catalan cream), consisting of a cream that is covered with a solid layer of caramel is one of the typical dessert definitely. It is the French creme brulee, very similar, but in the oven instead of in the water bath prepared. Another typical dessert is Mel i Mato (honey and) Mato-Kase), serves a fresh cheese made from goat milk with honey. Travel Tip: Many can inspire in the restaurant Els Quatre GATS by the Catalonian flair. The French restaurant Le Chat Noir in Paris, this restaurant (founded in 1897) was inspired to the meeting of the Group of artists, Bohemians and intellectuals, the modernist movement. Her early paintings hung here of Santiago Rusinol and Pablo Picasso without suspecting what value they would later get. Picasso himself designed the cover of the menu card. Isaac Albeniz and Antoni Gaudi frequented this restaurant also. OK apartment