Save Water?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), each person consumes on average at least 100 litres of water per day. The water consumption is significantly higher in developed nations. In Germany it is about 140 litres daily per capita consumption. Really surprise or shock you can anyone with these numbers so quickly. Water exists in abundance, so the general attitude is, sometimes even too much, as floods suggest us.

Also, the water covers at least 70% of the Earth’s surface. Water but is not equal to water, because salt water is not usable if left untreated. Only 2% of water are potentially can be used as drinking water. It shall be deducted in ice and snow-bound water. It leaves only 0.46% of the total. If we save water, it protects not only our purse strings, but we also actively contribute to protecting the environment. Because waste water must be cleaned extensively in wastewater treatment plants, to get it back so clean so that it has the usual drinking water quality. But saving water is fairly easy and the following tips on water saving us also not in the quality of our life limit.

Let’s start in the kitchen. A dishwasher is convenient and helps save even on the water. Because if, for example, 12 dining seats are washed by hand, 50 litres of water are needed. Dishwasher needed only 19 liters, clean for washing the same amount. To save water with the dishwasher really, he should be but also really getting full before starting. A preliminary wash cycle is unnecessary in most cases. The dishes will be cleaned properly in the austerity program. What is true for the dishwasher in the kitchen, also applies to the washing machine. Run only she, if she is really full, and take advantage of the savings program. It continues in the bathroom. Each now probably has a savings button on the flush of the toilet. If not, you should do so quickly. Because if you have old cisterns in your home, you spend one third of your water only for flushing the toilet. When you use the Save 30-50% water saving button, without compromising the hygiene including. Also, you should occasionally check your toilet cistern. The seals are leaking, may leak some litres of water per hour. You should think of the water consumption even when shaving and brushing your teeth. Run not the cock, but populate your toothbrush glass before cleaning and before shaving so much water into the basin, run as you really need. A bath is relaxing, but bear in mind that a full bath contains about 140 litres of water. In the shower, you consume, however, only 20 litres are only 14-17 liters of water per minute in a minute, using a flow volume limiter in the shower head. If you prefer a shower to a bath, you save so much precious wet. You can save water in the garden. Collect rainwater for watering your plants. And if it for a few days should be hot and sunny in the summer, must not always water your lawn. Even after a long time without rain or artificial irrigation is the Brown lawn green after a few days of rain again. Christian Jung