The processes of erudite history were definitively firmed, enunciating, the rules that the Positivismo would impose in century XIX. Page: 32-35. GIOVANNI BATTISTA VICO Giovanni Battista Vico was a species of precursor of the development of history in the periods that if had followed. According to it, History can be object of human knowledge, being process for which the human beings elaborate language systems, customs, laws, governments etc., History is, for Vico, the history of gnese and the development of the societies human beings and its institutions. Defending the cyclical character of the societies human beings, Vico it established that to a heroic period a classic period is followed. To this last one, a barbarous period is followed.

To know a society, this author considered the study of the language, the use of mythology, the use of the tradition and one better understanding of the human groups. Page: 35-37. The CENTURY OF the LIGHTS AND HISTORY century XVIII is marked by the movement that was known as Iluminismo and, that it considered, that the men of that time if they very became optimistical how much the power of the reason to know and to reorganize the world. Its basic claim was freedom. She was as if the humanity reached the majority, continuing to the movement that if she initiates in the Renaissance.

The involved philosophers with the new ideas had organized the publication of an immense workmanship, the Encyclopedia, whose verbetes is written by diverse authors, as, Voltaire, Diderot, among others. In the field politician, the right the holy ghost Dos Reis passed to be contested, formulating new teses on the origin of the power. In the economy, the intervention of the State passed contested Mr. and the liberal economists nailed the doctrine of laissez-passer, that is, the auto-regulation of the markets. ‘ ‘ The vision of history of century XVIII is less of a finished building, of well delimited contours, what of a force acting in all sentidos’ ‘ (Cassirer, 1997, P. 268-269). Page: 37-39. VOLTAIRE AND the MAGNIFYING OF the PERSPECTIVES OF Voltaire HISTORY were poet, philosopher and historian. Social politics was gone deep history and to create some historical workmanships. Voltaire understood that the object of history had to be the study of the reasons and the passions that guide the actions human beings. It valued the careful use of the documentation, intent the veracity of the descriptive facts, selecting events that considered excellent. It was worried about the clarity and concision of its texts and used the principles of the painting and the theater. For Voltaire history is not an invariant sort and the way of conceiving leagues the scientific movement in general to it. It nailed the necessity of a development of the science of the demography and economic history, but nor always it obtained to be faithful to the principles for he himself established. The critical scholar made possible security in the work with the documentation. The document notion also was extended. Freed of the religion, History consisted as science. Page: 39-41. Bibliographical references ALENCAR, Amlia Maria Garci’a. Reason At the time Modern Erudio. In. The History of History. Goinia-GO.: Ed.Universidade Catholic of Gois, 2005, pp.