Patala Palace

Hainan Island ("Island south of the sea '), often called" Hawaii East "- one of the best resort areas in East Asia. Grand scenic parks and thermal springs and Guantan Xinglong in the Valley hot springs, ancient volcano Ma Anh, villages of ethnic minorities Li and Miao, ocean park 'Middle Kingdom' – the biggest aquarium in Asia with exotic fish and marine animals, a garden of tropical plants in Xinglong, and and dozens of miles of beautiful beaches. Best Resort Island – Sanya is famous for its fashionable and relatively high prices. Tibet – an original edge of the thousands of monasteries and ancient culture. Heart of Tibet is Lhasa with dozens of Buddhist monasteries and temples, the most famous of which is the temple Yokhan and Patala Palace (XVII century.) – The residence of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Norbulingka Park (Norbug-Linkha, summer residential palace of the Dalai Lama in 1994, is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site). knowledge.. Pilgrims come here necessarily want to visit the 'Peace Center' – Kailash mountain range and the residence of Panchen Lamas in Shigatse, to pass through the ancient Silk Road Karakoram Highway in the north, or simply enjoy the perfect conditions for trekking and stunning panoramas of ancient Tibet. For history buffs will be interested in the city of Port Arthur (Dalian, admission is restricted), Harbin, Old capital of Mongolia – Gohhot, farthest from the ocean by the city in the world – Urumqi, Luoyang with his Sunyue (523, the oldest pagoda in the country) and the nearby monastery of Shaolin, the northern city of Erhan Lake Lidzhiyan 'two-faced' Enchzhou, fandom on Mingshan sacred mountain, 'ghost town' fandom, a treasury of Buddhist art in the Mogao Caves, a city-monument and one of the shrines of Buddhism – Datszu, 'the most beautiful place in China' – Guilin and Yangshuo neighborhood, monuments mysterious civilization Shu – Sansinduy or 'capital of the Chinese garden art' of Suzhou, as well as dozens and dozens of equally interesting places.