Optimum Room Temperatures

3M prestige exterior sun protection films provide effective protection against Sun in a parallel almost transparent optics people feel in rooms, which are acting friendly, bright and daylight, creating a pleasant atmosphere. So a permanently high efficiency ensures while working in offices and other commercial premises. If in the summer, the ideal room temperature is exceeded by 23 degrees, the well-being, performance and the ability to concentrate significantly drop. Solar control films are an effective way to let the heat not even in the building. Classic films have a more or less strong Metallization with which you very effectively reflect the heat radiation from the Sun.

The most effective of these solar control films reject up to 80% of the heat radiation. -The heat radiation from the Sun is as effective by the Metallization and thus the mirror coating the foil reflects. It also a very effective reduction of glare is achieved, which is in particular at workstations of concern – however reduced also the daylight into the rooms. A completely metal-free protection against the heat of the Sun and at the same time an optimal light transmission is reached for the first time the prestige exterior sun protection films by 3 M. A special nano-technology-based process over 200 individual layers of thin films – layered consisting of alternately stacked acrylic and polyester -. There is sunscreen, which is completely metal-free by this technique of multilayer building a nearly clear and hardly on the window pane visible.

Tests have shown that e.g. with the prestige approximately 62% of solar energy can be assigned back 70 exterior and thus improves the room air and effectively reduce the cooling load of the building, allowing cost savings through lower energy consumption of air-conditioning systems. Prestige exterior Solar control films offer all advantages of conventional solar control films from 3 M – on the glare on computer workstations -.