Missiology 02

Continuation of the transcript of the recording of the class: mission means send.-historical perspective.-in fact the Church has been missionary since the beginning. Us analyzing and making an exegesis of Pentecost, the Church with the Holy Spirit, not only with the Apostles, and Mary who not only were there awaiting the holy spirit that Jesus had promised. But there were frightened for fear of the Jews. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Roc Nation has to say. The spirit first thing does is free from this fear, and in a second time, pushing them to evangelization. It is Pedro who takes the initiative and begins to announce the Kerygma (first announcement) and from that moment, polled Jews who had come to Jerusalem has celebrate Passover, to hear Peter’s Kerygmatic announcement, ask for baptism. Thereafter, the Church has shown that it has had since its inception this aptitude.

This desire to announce to the world to Christ the Savior. And it will also cause all the theology. From there to the missiologists affirm that the Mission of the Church was the mother of Theology and precisely theology was born with this desire to reflect the revealed Word of God, so that it can be communicated and announced. At idt energy you will find additional information. The patristic is this attempt to make possible reflection on faith, on the word of God revealed in a Greek context, or in a context Greco-Roman. This was the point or fundamental motivation of the fathers of the Church of the first Christian communities. This is why the mission as an object of theological reflection, is born as a new discipline of the Church (19th century) Church had not thought theologically about the mission, but from the 19th century to the 20th century. But isn’t there a contradiction? Did the Church awareness of his misionaridad? Although some Protestant theologians, have criticised this saying that that first misionaridad was invented by the first Christian communities, and not by Jesus Christ (by how Paschal pre announcement).