Mariano Cabrero Barcena

The idiosyncrasies of each country is different: Madrid is not Paris or New York. Perhaps, what is good for the Netherlands is not for Spain. Source: Bill Frissell. The legality of certain toxic substances would accept Spanish society? I’m talking about Cannabis, to say the least. I think that they are doctors, legalistic, moralistic…, who, in short, have the last word. We must not forget for a moment, although not express it tacitly, our good friends the alcohol and tobacco are genuine drugs in our 21st century, finish to start. And is that cigarettes that are sold – to consume – are authenticated trash to our bodies (Incidentally, that 95% of what smoking has, without a doubt, are substances harmful to the human body: not only in the long term, but short.) Once nicotine enters our lungs never ever leaves.

And more: all have knowledge that smoking cigarettes – its nicotine and other components chemical-, are responsible for the sudden infant death -boys and girls – if their mothers consume cigarettes during pregnancy. Alcohol we can say as much, and possibly more serious, given that young people – girls and boys – ranging between 10 and 12 years and older, affluent enough, during all weekends consume alcohol – enough – so that even one of them, lost their consciences… Of course, causing the corresponding dislikes father and family members when they are called to hospitals and clinics where you’ve been treated as a consequence of his State of intoxication. Sad desolation!, because one is also is father and… We have finished speaking of legal drugs. And well known is that alcohol and tobacco are certainly authentic drugs, and they also kill. It is well known that smoking during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus that lives in the belly of the mothers – our daughters of Eve. And here we can include sudden infant death syndrome, associated to the multiple factors that are associated with the latter, and whose main cause of the same we must include nicotine.