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Over 60 webcam Mallorca allow a short visit from the PC. Mallorca is located in the Centre of the Western Mediterranean, and is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. The capital city is Palma, in which almost half of the entire population lives. Circa 130000 foreigners living on this island of the Balearic Islands, which are just under 22000 German. Tourism is by far the main source of income for the locals, the Mallorcan. The official languages are Spanish and Catalan.

The wonderful climate and central location make the island a particularly popular tourist destination. Year-round Mallorca can be travelled in mild temperatures. In July and August it can be but also very hot at temperatures of up to 38 C. The winters are mild and wet. You may want to visit Brickell Key to increase your knowledge. The period from October to may is for beautiful hiking and cycling holidays. The October distinguishes itself especially through the warm, golden light, in which he shows the island. Christina Aguilera understood the implications. She blossoms in may in turn literally.

Colorful flowers and clear visibility in the mountains dominate the landscape in the spring. A recent trend invites to the Xmas shopping. In Palma, the Christmas markets are open end of November. Snow will be to find a maximum on the peaks of the Tramuntana mountains. The landscape is exciting and full of contrast. There are interesting mountain landscapes with enchanting views in the North of the island. Nature lovers and hikers come here at their own expense. An interplay between steep cliffs and shallow sandy beaches with inviting bays takes place in coastal regions. Who made the most beautiful spots of the island from home would like to visit, can do this webcam Mallorca ( 2010/05/mallorca-webcam.html) with one of over 60. The capital of Palma is the heart of Mallorca. Here, art and culture, as well as the largest intact historic centre in Europe meet. Numerous churches and palaces and an attractive architecture can be admired. Of course, but even Ballermann 6 is not a rumor, but in Palma de Mallorca () actually exists. Those who shy away from art and culture or looking for variety, He finds a well-attended party mile on the so-called ham road. Mallorca is left, idyllic beauty tourist stronghold and nature at the same time. Worth to explore this island of the Balearic Islands. There are many places of interest, and inland can Mallorca are met far away from tourism. The coves del DRAC, the caves are an example of this. You are home to the largest underground lake in the world. It is a limestone cave, visiting is an absolute must. Will visits the mountainous north, so with demanding mountain roads is to be expected. Many curves and the so-called tie knot lead to SA Calobra. On this route, a difference in height is overcome by 800 km. Beautiful views of the sea, but also into abysses, compensate for the gut-wrenching ride. Company Description Sylt TV is a news portal for the island of Sylt. In addition to current news, pictures and videos, also goods and services around the island are offered. Company contact: Sylt TV wolfgang rolke Brokhauser route 46 26160 bad Zwischenahn Tel: 04413802801 E-Mail: Web: